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Zac CypertZac Cypert
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Dealer Ratings

Below you can learn more about this dealer by reading other customers' ratings and feedback. If you have connected with this dealer we would like to hear about your experience too. Please complete the "Rate Your VIP Experience" section at the bottom of the page.

Michael M.

Great experience.

Jason P

I went in and originally met with David Cuellar and outlined what I was looking for. He was very laid back and not aggressive. I was working within a budget and my wife had certain items she wanted when looking for a Tahoe. We looked at a 2017 Tahoe LT that had 4,000 miles on it.

After a couple of days to think over the original price that was quoted, we were able to meet in the middle on the price. This was 1 of the last 2 2017 models that were in stock.

The experience was excellent and David and Brandon went above and beyond.

Jason P

Robert R.

Aaron was very helpful. He took the time to be sure we understood all of the features and electronics. He found just the Tahoe we wanted. He was very pleasant and witty. This was the best car buying experience I have ever had and my first Car Pro experience. Thank You, Jerry.

P Proctor

I hate the very idea of being at an auto dealer I've been lied to and taken advantage of so many times that Id given up hope of ever being treated right by any car dealer. Id heard Jerry Reynolds (CarProUSA) talk on KTRH about Classic Chevy Sugar Land and the CarPro VIP guarantee and I allowed myself to believe there might be hope. I intended to put it to the test, fully expecting to walk out 15 minutes later disappointed. A few minutes after registering on CarPro, I started getting text messages that Id be welcomed when I got there they did exactly that. It didnt take long for Jason to find the right truck and he had to move other trucks out of the way to get to it. I got better pricing and extras than I had ever expected. It still took four hours, but it didnt feel like it. Brian, Robert, Rick and even Jeff Sebastian (Executive Manager) stopped to introduce themselves and check on my experience.
Less than 200 miles of driving the truck, I picked up a flat tire. I called just as they were closing up shop and my service guy (Mike) made sure I had the info I needed on my new truck to get the spare put on Jason and Mike sent pictures by phone because I had left my manual at home. They did this after hours. I took it in the next morning and they got it fixed and me back on the road. They proved that they take care of their customers. My expectation of a bad experience was thoroughly destroyed. I wont let down my guard as continue to work with this dealer, but I now have hope that it wont hurt when I do.


Car was ready for test drive upon arrival and drove home with car within an hour and half upon arrival. Was given free auto window tint with purchase and took car back the next day for install.

Robin A.

It was great. Looked at and drove anything I wanted. Informative. Quick and simple.

Donald Lalonde

We set up a Wednesday morning meeting with Michael Rollinson at Classic Chevrolet. He was one of the first to respond to my inquiry. We were interested in a 2017 or 2018 Equinox. Their pricing basically meant we would have to go with a certified 2018. Upon arrival Michael had two Equinoxs ready to look at. When I sat in the first one and recognized there was no lumbar support I asked him about it. He didnt know and checked on it. Found out not available on the model that fit our price range and he thought the Equinox used to have lumbar support until recently. Unfortunately, we couldnt go forward without the lumbar support and he understood. The redeeming grace was we were heading to Rosenberg afterwards so it was a huge big deal. Also got to look at an awesome $147,000 Corvette!!! Michael was great from angles. In all of this I had never thought lumbar support would be an issue.

Virginia (Ginger) Lacy

This is from Virginia (Ginger) Lacy. Last year about this time I drove 2 hours to purchase a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium from Jorge Lopez/Tomball Ford. You called Jorge when I was there. Jorge asked if I would talk to you on the phone. Which I did at that was so exciting. Almost as exciting as my pleasurable experience buying a car from Tomball Ford!

Well, I've been up to the same thing this year except with Classic Chevy. Have you ever heard of Brandon Sine and/or Jimmy Davison? Great people. Only problem is Jimmy likes to talk, but I like to talk more than him!!! So, we hit it off right away. So many common factors we have experienced in our lifetimes.

It was time for me to trade-in my 2006 Corvette with 39,200 miles on it; clean condition. Classic Chevy was very fair on my trade-in value and the cost of my new car. It is a beast. 2019 Corvette Grand Sport, ceramic white exterior and that tan interior color that starts with a K...Brandon ordered this vehicle for his wife. I felt bad that I bought her car. But, I only felt bad maybe 5 seconds. LOL!

Jerry, thanks again for your show. My husband and I listen to you all the time. Have a safe Memorial Day. My husband's name is Duane. Naval Academy graduate, US Navy Seal, Lt. Commander. I thank him every day for his service and I am so proud of him.

Virginia (Ginger) Lacy


Hello Mr. Reynolds,

I wanted to give you an update since I sent my review in this morning regarding the nail in the tire for the 2015 certified Camaro that we( daughter) purchased Saturday, and how Classic Chevrolet Sugarland is going above and beyond in order to make it right!!

I spoke with Brandon Sine about an hour ago and he told me that he would reimburse my daughter for the 2 tires that she purchased this morning even though only 1 had a nail in it. I appreciate that he would cover the cost of the additional expense for the second tire...that was very unexpected, and does a great deal to restore my confidence in the dealership!

My daughter just informed me, (as I am writing this) that she just got off the phone with Brandon, and he has decided to go ahead and replace all 4 tires....Now that was VERY UNEXPECTED!! Everyone I know will be informed how they worked to change my opinion of their integrity, and make things right!! Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland have now WOWED me, and I would happily change my rating from a 3 star this morning to a 5 star this afternoon!

I am so happy that I am a Car Pro listener, and I appreciate all the information and support from you and your team as well!!

Have a blessed day!!
Linda Daniels

Original Review:

The experience was ok, but I now have questions about their integrity!! The car my daughter purchased was a certified 2015 Camaro. First, the picture that was posted had very nice black rims, but when we arrived they had replaced them with very basic silver rims, they did take a few hundred off the price because they had changed them. Also there was a tire sensor that was on in the vehicle when we test drove it, and they said no problem and they would "fix it"!!, but they only added air so the sensor would turn off, but it turns out there is a nail in tire that could not be repaired because it was up on the daughter is having to buy a new tire...just 2 days after owning the car. I now have questions about the credibility of their "Certified Vehicle"...I am a bit disappointed.

Linda Daniels

Roy Hollan

I filled out the car pro VIP form stating the vehicle l I was looking for and what I had to trade. I was soon contacted be Brian Jack on behalf of Branden Sine. I set up an appointment with Brian and when I arrived he had the exact car I wanted pulled up front. He took the keys to my trade and sent me on a test drive, when i returned and told him I wanted the 2017 camaro convertible he had picked out for me he immediately showed me the numbers they had worked out which was about 3000.00 less than the best deal I had previously found. I Arrived at the dealership at 9:00am and was out with my new car before 10:30am, I WILL NEVER BUY A CAR AGAIN WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE CAR PRO!!! ClassicChevrolet Sugarland is the BEST!

Dale K.

I bought a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado from Classic Chevrolet. It was truly the best car buying experience ever. Terry Sinclair was very helpful and completed the sale in record time at an amazing price, thanks to your show. Thanks for the help.

Harold Bullock

Looking for a 1500 Chevy PU LTZ Z71 Green

Mike Mansell

We brought a van at Classic Chevrolet, your Houston CarPro dealer. This was the most pleasant car buying experience that we have ever had and we are in our 60s. Al the way from the outstanding salesman, Gabriel Booker and Finance Director Kerry Marsh to the sales manager Brandon Sine. The dealership was a pleasure and worth driving past other dealers to get there.

Clayton buck

This is a "traditional" dealership, so you need to negotiate for the best deal...but as Jerry says, you'll pay more at those "no haggle" places! That said, there was no "high pressure" or questionable tactics, the folks I dealt with were friendly and courteous, and I ended up buying a pre owned car at a great price!

Don Rishe

Happy with the no hassle deal I received when I purchased my 2015 Colorado in May of 2015.

Matthew Steinbach


John Weldon

It was the best car buying experience that I have ever had. There was no pressure, everyone involved was very respectful to my needs. I'd recommend Classic Chevrolet to anyone interested in buying a Chevy. I dealt with Jimmy Davison and Mark Kolon; both were very helpful.

Kelley Kimbrough

Love the show

Gerald & Teresa Bell

My wife and I were in the market for a 2015 Traverse 2LT. After sending an email, Mark Kolon emailed me back and I told him what I was looking for. He got back to me and said no one in the city had the black on black I was looking for but he could trade for one from another dealer. He then said if the car wasn't everything he promised when I get to the dealership I didn't have to purchase it. A couple days later Mark contacted me and indicated he would have the care that evening. I told him we would there by 9am the next morning. We arrived the next morning about 9:30 and was met at the door by Bob and when I told him I was looking for Mr. Kolon he said you must be Mr. Bell. From there on the entire experience excelent. We were in by 9:30 and on our way out the dealership by 11:45 and that's only because Bob spent about 25 minutes explaining everything on the car and how to work it. Classic Chevrolet has great customer service.

Mike and Sara Adkison

Jerry, wanted to tell you about my experience with Classic Chevy of Sugar Land. Had been looking for an Equinox for my daughter. She was really looking at used ones until last Thursday when I saw Mac Haik had new LS's for 21,385 and LT's for 23,045. All of which were $4,000 off MSRP. After I found that I went back to Classic site and found that they (or Chevy) had posted 5 LT's for 23,051 so I called Lisa the sales associate I had been talking to and she said it was probably a mistake because it was 15% off and $1,000 off as well and they never combine those offers. She said she would call me Friday to confirm the price. She called and said that it was a mistake and the price would be 24,051. I said ok and told her about Mac Haik. That didn't change anything. Tx my daughter and told her we were going to Mac Haik when she got off work. Then I decided to e-mail Mark the GM who was on the Car Pro Certificate you sent me. He immediately said he would honor the price if we came in that day and apologized for the mistake. We went over that afternoon and the ones that were on that sale were not exactly what she was looking. If she liked the color of the exterior the color of seats were awful. We had dicited to go to Mac Haik when Lisa ask what color were you wanting. She pulled up the one they had and but it was about 24,500 because it had a little more extras on it. We said no and Lisa talked to her mgr and he said he would go 23,900. My daughter thought about it and I said you have a budget you need to stick to. Let's go to Mac Haik, they show to have many LT's and the color you want at the sale price of 23,045. Lisa said well let me go tell my mgr. I said ok and we got up and were headed to my car when she came running out and said he would sell her that car for 23,000 so we would not go to Mac Haik. Wound up with a great car at a great price. THANK YOU AND CLASSIC!

Only thing, thought the whole process took too long. Got there at 4PM and didn't leave till 9. I know we looked at 2 or 3 but even had to wait almost an hour on the fiance person.

Overall got the Car she wanted at a Good Price.


Tommy Jacobs

Let me start by Ill never buy another Chevrolet anywhere else. I have done business at this facility for years, going back to Pharis , and was never disappointed with the service, but the way I was treated by Mark and Bob Cook the salesman he put me with was extra special. I contacted Mark and told him what I was looking for, after doing some looking on their website I gave him some stock numbers and set up an appointment. I went in on a Saturday looked at the vehicles, drove one around, kicked some tires and Bob did some searching on the dealer sites for alike vehicles. After 3 to 4 hours we made some modifications to the vehicle they had and we had a deal, Everybody Happy. Now the best part, did I mention my trade, 2005 Dodge 3500 dually, they made an offer, I thought low and would sell the truck myself , they re-evaluated it and we agreed on a price they could live with and I wouldnt have the hassle of selling the truck. Everybody Happy not through yet, since the modifications on my new truck were going to take a bit I continued to drive my trade in till the expected delivery date the following Thursday or Friday. Did I mention I live in Fulshear and office in Pasadena, 140 miles round trip. On my commute home Wednesday afternoon zooming around the beltway, one of the seals on the fuel system failed and left me on the side of the road. I called AAA and they came and took me and my truck to Classic. After arriving I contacted Bob and told him what had happened. Thinking great Im going to be out money for the repairs and since the new vehicle wasnt ready, rental fees also. Well in comes Mark to the service department, says they are taking care of the repairs and giving me a loaner till I pick up my truck, back flip in the service department. Then I realize, uh oh, since Ive been very busy at work, I havent had a chance to remove my fifth wheel hitch or tool box in preparation for the trade. I relay the information to Mark, he says dont worry about it we will help you do it here when your truck is ready. Well here is where they didnt do what they said they would do, they did more when I arrived the hitch had been removed and tool box unbolted and was ready to be slid over into the new truck when I backed up to it. Now I knew they had done all this because Bob called me and asked permission for them to go ahead and unhook everything. After one of the service guys helped me transfer everything I drove away smiling, glad to be a talk radio and Car Pro Listener. I hope they didnt make that much of a difference, I think they probably treat all customers like that.


Kirt Morrison

Just need to sing the praises of Classic Chevy in Sugar Land. Went in Monday expecting to look at used trucks because of my budget. I instead drove out in a new 2015 4 door truck. Randy Garrison and Jay went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. There was no pressure to buy. It was a very relaxed environment. The guys at Classic are the BEST!!!

Jim Sikes

Took your advice and went to Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland to take a look at a Chevy Cruze Diesel. I get GM employee pricing through my father in law, who is retired, I wasn't trading in anything and I wasn't financing, so there aren't a lot of places for the dealership to make money. Sometimes, that makes for short attention span at a dealer, but that wasn't the case at Classic. Mark Kolon met me when I came in, we discussed what I needed. He turned me over to a great and experienced sales person, Bob King. Bob listened to what I needed, showed me several different equipment packages and we test drove a car that was exactly the color and equipment I was looking for. This was late on a Friday evening, prior to Labor Day. I told him I wanted my wife to drive it, we could not get back up there till Labor Day. He held onto the keys for that car. We showed up, my wife, son and a family friend all rode and drove in the car, Bob was very patient. At the end, I sent them on their way and purchased the car right then. During the process, Mark checked in a couple of times to make sure everything was going ok, then came out and told me thanks as I was leaving with the car. Great experience. By the way, the Cruze Diesel is a wonderful car, we've got about 2000 miles on it so far and getting combined gas mileage of between 37 and 40 mpg. Very happy with Classic and the Cruze! Thanks!


As you know, I picked up my Corvette from Classic Chevrolet yesterday. I was
encouraged to "take it easy" for the first 500-1000 miles. I'm not sure what
that means in Corvette speak. Does 85 mph @ 1800 rpms in 5th gear count?
Anyway, first impressions are that it's quite a ride. The neighborhood was
appropriately impressed with the exhaust notes as well.

I want to thank you for steering me (oops - bad pun) to Mark Kolon and Classic.
It's a bit of a trek from The Woodlands to Sugarland but Mark and his team took
good care of me. The entire transaction was professionally handled.

I look forward to a road trip north in the near future and a visit to the

All the best.


Robert Jarrett

I listen to Jerry's Car Pro show on weekends. When I decided to buy a new Silverado, I took Jerry's advice and contacted Mark Kolon and identified myself as a Car Pro show listener. I told him what I was looking for and I was invited to come in for a test drive. Mark greeted me and introduced me to Kevin McGraw and told me Kevin would take great care of me. I had picked out a couple of trucks on-line and Kevin worked to get those out for me to look at. I took a test drive in a new 2014 Silverado crew cab 4x4 that was very nicely equipped and I really liked it. I was interested in a couple more trucks and Kevin worked very hard to find exactly what I wanted. I bought the first truck I drove and I was never pressured to make a decision or pushed to purchase add-ons that I did not want. I have bought a number of new vehicles in my time and this was, without exception, the best car buying experience I have ever had.
A special thanks to Kevin McGraw for being professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

George Walker


First of all let me start by saying thank you for the service that you provide. Your website and radio show have helped to better educate me and my wife on the vehicles that we are looking at and to connect us with a dealer that we cannot say enough about.
I emailed Mark Kolon, after getting a response for the inquiry on the website. I told him that I would be there around 6 PM, and he told me to come on. I later found out that the dealership closes at 6, yet he encouraged me to still make the eighty mile drive.
Upon arrival, we were met by Randy Garrison, who then proceeded to introduce us to Mark. The overall atmosphere and the genuine attitudes of the staff made us feel at ease right off of the bat. We spent about an hour and a half looking at vehicles in the inventory, and finally test driving a 2014 Equinox LTZ. To say the least my wife fell in love with the vehicle.
A little over an hour and a half later we were driving off in the new Equinox. At no time during the process did my wife throw her hands in the air and say let's go home. The staff did an outstanding job of not pushing, and continually let us know that they were there to make the experience as relaxed as possible.
I will recommend Classic Chevy to all of my friends and family, and we plan to go back in about two years to purchase a Cruze for my daughter's graduation gift.
Thank you to Randy, Mark, and Mitch for making this the absolute best car buying experience, and gaining a lifetime customer.


George Walker

Cindy & James

Just an FYI ,

Will be picking up the new Traverse from Classic on Monday . My bride cannot stop talking about them . Mark and Q were the
best .

Thanks again , Cindy & James

Stephen H.

A mighty thank you to you and Classic Chevrolet! I called a few months ago to the show regarding a Dodge Charger with battery saver mode that kept coming up. Chrysler could not trace the issue. Finally, we took a ride to Classic Chevrolet to just look. Unfortunately, they had just closed. That didn't stop them from helping us. We were in a bad position having the Charger for only 9 months and we were buried in it. As soon as we let them know we were listeners, the GSM Mark came out to assist. He gave us a super sales associate and they worked hard to get us into a base model Silverado work truck. Shortly after our test drive, we were pleased to meet the owner. We explained our situation and he willingly jumped in to help our deal. Long story short, we are the proud owners of a 2014 Silverado, Texas Edition! We have never had such a relaxing and comfortable experience....anywhere! Thank you!


I work in a credit union and deal with many dealers, when deciding on where to buy my personal vehicle I wanted to make one call, one visit and get one price. No games, no long waits. I listen to the radio show when I can and remembered "the Car Pro Show". I looked it up and went through Classic Chevrolet in Houston. I had a specific request, they had something that would work and the price was right. one visit to look at it, slept on it, committed the next day. Randy and Mark are just good regular guys helping folks in a simple and easy way.

Jenny Carlson

Mark was fantastic! This was the easiest car buying experience I've ever had, even though I had little time. Mark found a way to marry my financial needs and my desires for a specific style vehicle. Once we got to the dealership, he had Thurman help us and it was clear he had put us with an experienced person. The best part was everything was straight forward, no tricks, no back and forth, no hours upon hours of negotiation, none of the tricks most dealers have a reputation for. - And we got a fantastic deal! They were ready for us when we got there so we didn't waste any time. In contrast I had stopped at another Chevy dealer earlier in the day and I left feeling like I'd just been sleezed. Then after going to Classic Chevy - what a HUGE contrast. I was treated with respect, given straight facts based upon my needs and finances, and given the bottom line on the price. Not to mention Mark gracefully handled my "piece of junk" trade-in. There is no way to described not only the professionalism I experienced, but how I felt during the process. And that was because of their sensitivity and treating me with kindness and respect. I felt like they were on MY side! My husband is having their shop re-paint his Chevy truck. I would without hesitation tell you to go see Classic Chevy for anything car related even repairs, etc. Tell them you are a Car Pro listener and WATCH the MAGIC happen!!!!

gina graff

as you recommended, i went to classic chevrolet in sugar land and met with general manager mark kolon. he not only greeted me within minutes, he took the time to ask insightful questions about me and my driving habits and then had sales associate randy garrison find me the perfect color with the perfect amenities chevy equinox. randy took the time to go over every inch of that car with me, so when i left, i was perfectly comfortable in my new car. i wish i could give mark and randy, and the rest of the classic staff, a 10 on your ratings scale. absolutely awesome team of friendly, expert, helpful people in that showroom. when it's again time for a new car, i know where i will be going, and i strongly suggest other cars buyers get to classic chevrolet as soon as they can. exceptional service, wonderful people.

John Hart

Mark Kolan of Classic Chevrolet and his crew treated my daughter and I royally. I took her in to buy her first "New" car and was looking to purchase a Chevrolet Spark. Mark turned us over to Jorge (Sorry, lost his card for his last name) who took us on an extensive test drive and worked with us on the details of the deal. We were able to work the financing around to a point where it was affordable to my daughter and she was even able to afford the extended warranty due to the deal we got. I would have no hesitation in recommending Classic Chevrolet to anyone in and around Houston who is looking for a Chevy. Now, if I could just win that car they are giving away...

L Glass

The buying experience that I had with Mark Kolon and Randy Garrison at Classic Chevrolet was remarkable. I had looked at many dealerships before deciding on Classic. Everyone, and I mean everyone, that I encountered at that location spoke, smiled and was friendly. It was a laid back atmosphere and you could tell they all really enjoyed their jobs. It was a non-pressure purchase. I was introduced to all areas of the dealership that I would potentially have contact and was given thorough review of my new car before I left. I am thrilled to have seen their name on your site and can assure you that I will make future purchases with them.

Sam Lynch

Have been shopping online for about a month. Decided on a late model Silverado. Found several CPO at Classic. One e-mail to the dealer, mentioned Jerry's Referral and immediately was contacted by used car manager, followed shortly by the general manager. I was put in contact with Luke who quoted me three vehicles. The quotes were all very reasonable. Went to the dealership, made deal, got trade in appraised and though I was underwater in the trade it was very fair and higher than the other 2 I had been given online from other dealers.
Bottom line, I have a great 2010 Z71!
No pressure at any time, and they didn't hold my keys hostage during the deal. After some equipment additions I picked it up today. Oh, I forgot to mention one of the items I wanted checked was the tire balance. Though all 5 tires looked great, one wouldn't balance so without even a second thought I got a new set of tires!
Thanks to my salesman Luke and thanks to The Car Pro for sending me to Classic Chevy Sugarland!!

N Marton

Jerry, took your advice and saw the folks over at Classic Chevrolet. Got the Car Pro discount and experience. My situation was challenging as I had negative equity on my trade but those guys showed me what they could do and I got a spectacular deal! Thank you for your show and recommending these guys. Professional and ethical throughout the whole experience. I worked with Michael Cottrell and Mark Kolon. These guys are the real deal!


Hi Jerry, I'm a regular listener and always enjoy your Saturday morning show. On Sunday our aged Tahoe finally bite the dust and on Monday we realized a replacement vehicle was necessary. We usually buy used cars, and my wife visited two Carmax sites to select one. Seeing their cost & mileage for a GMC Terrain or Chevy Equinox, my thinking was that we probably could do better, so I went to your site and found your recommended Chevy dealer, Mark Kolon at Classic Chevy Sugarland. We were surprised & pleased by the CarPro price Mark quoted. A new 2013 vehicle was cheaper than a used Carmax vehicle with roughly 20,000 miles or more! Yesterday my wife test drove a new Equinox and bought it the same day. I was entirely comfortable with the whole process because I knew we were dealing with a Car Pro dealer. She described the service from them as oustanding, except ional, superb. As a Car Pro listener, we were treated like royalty. Thank you, Jerry, for making this happen.
Cypress, TX

Bill Davis

We purchased a new 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 this past weekend. We had called and exchanged emails with Bob Reed prior to going to the dealership. When we got there Bob had the truck queued up and we were test driving a short time later. Bob went over and above our expectations in helping us understand how to use the trucks communication capability. Overall, we had a good experience and recommend Classic Chevrolet and Bob Reed very highly.


Jerry and Kevin,
Classic chevy has done it again. I emailed last saturday to get my vip cert and to quickly describe my situation with less than perefect credit do to the surendering of a car a little over a year ago. I had a trade that i thought had equity. Mark kolon emailed back quite fast and said come on let me see that trade. I met monday morning early as promised. I must admit the dealership is plane-jane, not even a doughnut to greet me. I would learn in a few hours that the nice extras cost and that cost comes out of your new vehicle. I was glad to give up my waiting comforts to get the deal i did. I told them what i wanted, took a bit to match my request. The fourth try later i found my brand new texas edition extended cab truck. Classic chevy folks work as a team to get you the BEST deal and that they did. Thanks to all of them and to kevin and jerry for strait talk and honest answers.

Hope & Rey G

We would like to thank you for the referral to Classic Chevy Sugarland. After going to different dealerships we went with your suggestion about purchasing a Tahoe at Classic Chevy and it was a great referral. I never look forward to going car shopping. I really dislike the whole bargaining routine and having to go back and forth. This was a totally different experience. Thanks again and I highly recommend anyone to go to Classic Chevy.


Classic Chevrolet was FANTASTIC! Met with Mark Kolon, he placed me with a wonderful sales representative, Kevin McGraw. Told them my situation and what i wanted...they tried and explained it wasn't going to fit my needs for financial reasons and showed me a few options if i wanted. They ended up placing me in a 2013 equinox. they truly made a Chevy customer out of me! I could not be more satisfied.


Things have been rather busy. I wanted to let you know my friend purchased the 2012 Cruz you checked out for me. We met with Matt, the Internet Manager, one day and picked up vehicle the next.

We will drive each others vehicles since I have so far to drive each day. My Toyota Highlander will go a much shorter route each day unless I have to carry something large.

I have told numerous people about your show and what you have done for me twice now.

May God Bless You,

Mario and Ruth Escamilla

Jerry -

I sent you an email last week regarding my '06 Equinox that was being considered "totaled" by my insurance company. I sent you an email after your Feb16 CarPro show and asked you what vehicle should I consider looking at. I was leaning towards a KIA, Hyundai, and "maybe" considering an Equinox...maybe. Well you replied quickly and you were emphatic: "Mario, definitely consider the 2013 Equinox! It gets 32mpg highway! Go to Classic Chevrolet Sugarland and tell 'em Jerry sent you!"... I wasn't sure about another Equinox. I told my wife your suggestion to re-consider an Equinox, but we thought about it thru the week... We also looked at consumer reports.

Early Friday evening after supper, we checked out a CarMax close by to look at comparable SUVs. My wife and I are in different fields of customer service & we were "extremely" disappointed with the rep that worked with us. While walking us to the SUV section, the Carmax rep was 10, 12 feet ahead of us just texting on his phone and not really caring and pointed in a direction saying "here are the SUVs." NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! No interest in wanting to sell a vehicle. Terribly disappointed/shocked with the Carmax experience, we walked away.

Soon after, I emailed Don K. and Gen. Mgr Mark Kolon of Classic Chevy and told them my story. I got a quick reply from Mark Kolon and was invited to meet with him the next day: Saturday. "Mid morning" my wife and I arrive at Classic Chevrolet Sugarland with our Car Pro VIP Certificate and met with Gen. Mgr Mark Kolon. He said he wanted us to have a great experience with Classic and introduced us to Bob Cook and Bob REALLY knew how to take care of us!

We looked at the '13 Equinox and '12 and '13 Traverse models. Well, mid afternoon we drove off in a Tungsten Grey 2013 Equinox LT! Wow! A very nice ride!

My wife and I are VERY happy with the service we received, overall, by the crew at Classic Chevy Sugarland!

If you're looking for great customer service, go to Classic Chevy Sugarland & ask for Bob Cook!

-Happy Equinox owners again! -Mario and Ruth Escamilla, Houston!

Doug Holmes

Outstanding service from the whole group at Classic Chevy Sugarland - from the owner-Don and general manager-Mark .. Bought new v6 Camaro and 2 months later, took it back for v8. Very happy with my new SS and thanks to Don and Mark for working with me. Mark is always available and very helpful. Don is very approachable and runs a first class operation. My sales rep (Joe Machacek ) is outstanding -very laid back, easy to work with and always helpful with my needs from sales to help with service needs. Can't say enough good things about Joe. Eric -finance manager; very nice guy, makes the financing so easy. Service reps- Mike Messner and Mike Jones are easy to work with, take good care of your service needs. Everyone at Classic Sugarland makes you feel like a friend and not a number. Thanks to all for making this dealership a great place to do business with.



I wanted to share my positive experience with the guys over at Classic Chevrolet this weekend. Mark, Angelo, and "Double R" proved to be a very efficient group of professionals that I enjoyed doing business with.

I sent Classic Chevrolet an email on Friday via the CarPro site. Within 15 minutes of my email, Mark called me and thanked me for my interest. He assured me he would do everything in his power to make my experience enjoyable. An hour later, I was in the dealership. Forty minutes after my arrival, I had completed a test drive and had some real numbers in my hand. Angelo Maglio was a real standout. This man knows his stuff! I didn't know salesmen could move that fast. We were able to wrap up the deal on Saturday morning without a hitch.

Many Thanks,

Michael Cain

Service writer, Mike Misner continously takes care of myself and my 2011 Tahoe LTZ. He will correct a problem that will not be noticed by the average person. Needless to say I am a meticulous guy and Mr. Misner at Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland, Texas, is one of the best out there. Very knowledgeable about the vehicles that go through his service bay.
Purchasing my Tahoe was also an easy transaction. Sad to say my salesman has since retired.

Jerry & Judy E.

My wife and I stopped by Classic Chevrolet on Friday afternoon (1/18) and visited with Adrian Armstead. He was very professional and accomodating, working with us to make sure we had just the right truck (Silverado Texas Edition - Crew Cab 1500). We drove the truck and we loved it. Adrian uncovered incentives we didn't even know were out there. He introduced us to Don Kerstetter, who even though it was after 6pm on a Friday, stayed and visited with us for a while. Needless to say, Saturday morning we drove home in a beautiful truck after having a wonderful car buying experience.

Thank you for recommending Classic Chevrolet.

Nick Bizic

Jerry just wanted to comment I had a very good experience at Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land, TX today. Was listening to your show and decided to drive past the local Ford dealer and visit Classic based on your radio recommendation. The service we received was great and we ended up with a no hassle sales experience and a 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 Texas Edition. Many thanks - just using your name upon arrival was a big plus and our salesperson (Duke) was professional, courteous and patient. All the best.

Danny and Gail Mikeska

Drove home in my 2013 Camaro from Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland. It is beautiful! Thanks so much for your help. We were met immediately and had a great car buying experience beginning with Romi and Mark and then Mitchell and Kelberth. We will definitely buy there again and recommend others to do the same. Thanks again - we enjoy your show and appreciate the service you provide for those in the market for a new vehicle.
Merry Christmas!

Fulton Davenport

It was just like you talk about to your listeners. I had my doubts but after going through the buying experience... there is no better way than the Car Pro way.
We have not purchased a new car in over 10 years. I hear you talk about technology, safety and fuel efficiency on current automobiles and that December was a great car buying time.
I contacted the dealer trough the carprousa website. I received a confirmation email very shortly after that. I explained what I was interested in and time I could come in and look at cars. Sales man and Manager met us and away we go looking at cars.
We picked up our 2013 Suburban the next morning and I just kept saying to my self there is no way this could have gone more easy and handled with such professionalism.

Thank you to you and and HUGE thank you each and every staff member who helped us with a new family car at Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land. They exceeded every expectation that we had about purchasing a new car.

Now we are going to go talk to Tomball Ford about a new Truck or SUV for me since my 1999 Montero has died.

thank you

Michael Fontenot

I want to share my experience on buying a new Silverado Texas Edition truck form Classic Chevrolet Sugarland.
I was ready to trade in my Z71 Colorado for a bigger truck so I went to and printed out the VIP certificate for Classic Chevy.
The other dealer was located between my house and work which made it convenient for me because I work a lot of hours.
I looked at their Silverados Texas Edition and they gave me a price on the truck and my trade in. In the meantime, Mark Kolon emailed me and
Asked what kind of truck I was looking for so I gave Mark the information and the information that the other dealer gave me. Mark said that the numbers didnt look right from the other dealer.

I told him that for a few hundred dollars, I wasnt going to drive 40 minutes thru heavy traffic in Houston. Mark emailed back and said I can understand as you and I live in the same zip code but I think $500 would be worth a 40 minute drive to me, that equates to $667 an hour.
When can we set up a day?

I took the time and went to Classic Chevrolet (I heard Jerrys famous saying on the radio ringing in my head it will be worth the drive trust me) and WOW what an experience.
I found out from Mark that the other dealer was selling me a XLT Silverado rather than a LT Texas Edition Silverado.
Additionally, for a few hundred dollars more, I upgraded my truck with leather seats, automatic start and rear camera.
The owner (Don Kerstetter) came out and spoke with me for about 10 minutes and gave me his business card with his cell # on it (which I think he is crazy putting his cell # on the card) and said call me any time if you have any issues.
Lastly, I met one of the Car Pro associates and he spoke with me for about 5 minutes. Also, he gave me a Car Pro hat and coffee mug. I want to thank the Bob Cook, Mark Kolon and the Car Pro team for the treatment I received at Classic Chevrolet.

Truett Dossman

Just purchased a 2012 Silverado crew cab. Great experience - Mark Kolon and his staff made it a very easy process.

Misty Beasley


You referred my to Mark at Classic Chevrolet on Monday to buy a Chevrolet Traverse. My husband and I were torn between the Traverse and the Pathfinder. Mark contacted me almost immediately and was very helpful and down to earth (not like most car salesman that I had dealt with up to that point). We went to Robbins Chevrolet on Saturday just to take a look at both the Traverse and the Pathfinder at the same dealer and give them a chance to match what Mark had already told me. When we went there the experience there was like most car delears, high pressure. We told them what Mark had offered and they were bashing his Traverse saying that it wasn't what they were offering. We walked out telling them that we would go to lunch and think about it. They tried to pressure us to take the car, my guess is so we would have to bring it back. We didn'tthough, we went straight to Classic and were greated by Mark and Romi. From Mark to Romi to Eric the entire buying experience was positive and GREAT. A relaxed environment without pressure and without haggling. During our time there I received 3 calls and 3 texts from Robbins about us coming back. Not a professional way to run a business in my opinion. Classic on the other hand, has a great customer service attitude. I'm glad we stopped at Robbins so we could know we were making the right choice with the Traverse but Classic will be our first stop the next time. Thanks for the referral!! Classic Chevrolet really does sell the right cars to buyers rather than shove them down peoples throats to move units.

Elmon Deeds

Thanks for referring us to Classic Chevolet. It's a good 50 miles from our home, but worth the drive. We presented your Certificate and was immediately greeted by Mark Kolon ( General Sales Manager). He got us with Bob Cook (Sales Consultant) and the next day we were driving out with our new 2013 Tahoe. Sure glad I listen to your radio show. We got a no hassle deal.

Michelle Kahlig

I just bought a new 2013 Chevy Spark and i LOVE it!! I had the best experience at Classic Chevy with Debbie Roberts. This was my very first new car purchase and it was seriously stressful. I went to several places looking at several cars. It was exhausting and frustrating. At Classic Debbie did not try to sell me anything different unlike other dealers that tried to push me into a more expensive car or different car than I wanted. Instead she found me EXACTLY what I was looking for. She had great knowledge about the car and listened to what I was looking for. She helped me make my decision with her honesty and knowledge. Mitch, the finance manager was awesome! He explained everything so that I knew exactly what it was and what I was signing. I will NEVER buy another car anywhere else. I got a really good deal and I love this car so much!!! I left there feeling as though we were family now. Thank you, Debbie Roberts for helping me get my dream car!!!!!!


Hi Jerry,

I purchased my new 2012 Sonic Hatchback with the assistance from Leonard Powers, Internet Sales Consultant at Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland, Tx. My experience was fabulous. I never thought that purchasing a new car would be a such a positive experience. The staff were great and patient with me, but most of all they were kind and courteous and not pushy.

Many thanks to Leonard P,( Mark K. -General Sales Manager) Bob R, (Eric J. -Finance Manager) and Erica(courtesy Thank You call).

Jerry, thank you for the CarPro program and for referring me to Classic Chevrolet.

Missouri City, TX

Russ Turner

1st things 1st; need to say I do like the show You and Kevin do here in Houston. It is the reason that I went to Classic Chevrolet.
Thank so much they are everything you said. Luke had sent all the listing and made the special car pro show offer on each. He took care of sending a car out to Katy to pick me up. Jason the driver was very nice and had good things to say about Classic and he just started the good feeeling. Luke had the three HHR's outside for me to look at and everyone there at Classic made it a very positive experience. There were a lot of pitfalls on the way but they took care of each one. Needless to say I bought the car, left and have told many many many people about the positive car purchase that was made that day.
Thanks again to you and Kevin for the great show. To Don Kerstetter for running such a great dealership. To Luke for working so hard to make this a great experience. They were all you every said they were and more.

Russ Turner

Bob Martinez

Mr. Reynolds,
I wanted to let you know that we purchased the car you recommended for my Grandson at Classic Chevrolet. We had a tremendously positive purchase experience at Classic. They were extremely professional, service oriented, and fair. We were very pleased with the staff that handled our purchase. They would not let us drive the car out of the lot our until we were completely satisfied with the car. They even took it back for more detail work when they found something they were not happy with. Of course we did not even notice the defect. They also explained all the safety work they performed to the car. This was very important to us as grandparents as our grandson would be driving this car to college. I would highly recommend Classic to any parent or grand-parent looking for a safe and reliable car for their kids or grand kids.

Special thanks to Luke Sablica who keep us informed throughout the purchase process. He treated us fairly and professionally.

Thank you for the recommendation.
Bob Martinez
Katy, Texas

Kristin Early

Thank you SO MUCH, Jerry, for your insight and tangible help on my recent car decision. I could not have been happier with the attention, care and service I received from Mark Kolon, General Sales Mgr, and his staff at Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land. Our Sales Consultant, Duke Sandefur, was excellent, also, as was the Finance Mgr (Eric). I drove away with a beautiful 2012 Chevy Malibu which is absolutely PERFECT for me and my elderly father, who lives with me. Comfortable, gorgeous, easy to drive and handle, great price - I felt I was well taken care of at this dealership and will never go anywhere else! Thanks for all you do to help those of us who are NOT car savvy educate ourselves before going into the process. Thank you to Mark for his patience and incredibly efficient help! Very happy customer...

Tristram Lawther

Nice people but definitely not a good deal. They charged me over $1000 over sticker price and gave me $1500 less than the lowest price shown for my trade in. I hope their service department is better...

Car Pro Asked the GSM of Classic Chevy for their side of the story:
I found the deal for Ms Lawther. She bought a Tahoe from us with an MSRP of $54960 and she did get the Car Pro Preferred Price of $51847.09 minus the $1750 in rebates good at the time for a net sale price of $50097.09. Her Murano had a value to us of $15000. It had current damage to both the front and rear bumpers along with an accident report on carfax.
We dealer traded this car for her but did not charge her anything for the service because it was local and did not really cost us anything to go get it. She did get the Car Pro Price even on a car not in stock.
I am concerned that she feels this way; obviously we did not do a proper job of explaining this to her.
We thought she was happy as she gave us no indication to the contrary.

Mark Kolon
General Sales Manager
Classic Chevy Sugar Land
13115 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478
BAC 256692 Dealer Code 30638

Support America, Buy American.

Mike W.

I love your show! After hearing you promote Classic Chevrolet I decided to contact them for a SUV for my wife. I went to the internet first since I had good service from Champion Chevrolet thru the internet buying a 1500 silverado and a Equinox in 2006. I contacted them and was quick to get a response from the internet manager saying someone would contact me very soon. Three days later I had to contact the manager again to get a response. To cut to the chase, there is a management problem in internet sales and they are losing business.

Dealer Response:
Mr Webster,
I understand we did not do a good job of communicating with you about a used Chevy Captiva and I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize that we did not do a good job for you. I will offer no excuses as to what happened on our end, I can only apologize and follow up to make sure we fix the situation on our end.
I would love the opportunity to earn your business. If I can help you directly please do not hesitate to call or email me.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mark Kolon
General Sales Manager
Classic Chevy Sugar Land
13115 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Kristin Early

Thanks so much for recommending this car and this dealer to me! I couldn't be more thrilled with my 2012 Chevy Malibu. Everyone at Classic Chevrolet was wonderfully friendly and attentive, and Mark Kolon (Gen. Sales Mgr.) stayed personally involved from the start of the process to the finish line. I was so impressed with Car Pro from listening on the radio. Now I am more impressed than ever. I felt well informed before I went in, I felt well cared for while I was there, and I absolutely LOVE my new car. THANK YOU!

Happy Costumer

My son and I went to Classic Chevrolet on June 13 after having visited two other Chevrolet dealerships. Walked in and told the receptionist we were Jerry Reynolds listeners. We were introduced to Gerald Gussett and were blown away by the professionalism and quality of service. We almost could not believe our ears because we had not been treated so courteously in many years. Gerald showed us a video, then built our Silverado, found one on the lot exactly like we wanted, gave us a great price, then took us out on the lot to find the truck. We then went for a test drive. We are singing the praises of Classic Chevrolet!


Hi Jerry,

This past Friday I bought a new 2012 Malibu from Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land. I love it!! I went to Classic on your suggestion and they did not let you down. The service from the salesman, Bob Cook, was excellent and the price was fantastic. Bob got me a total of $7000 off the list price of the car!!! I could not be more pleased with Classic Chevrolet. I just wanted to thank you for sending me there.

Joseph in Sugar Land

Marcus R.

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your dealership, Don. My wife and I was at your place (Classic Chevrolet Sugarland) Saturday looking at 3/4 ton truck. Sale associate Bruce Albright was a pleasure to work with. I truly like the no hassle approach. We have not purchased a truck yet. But we will be back when we get ready to buy. Make sure you let Bruce know that we appreciate his time.

Marcus R.
Brazoria, Texas


I wanted to get back with you and to let you know what car my son finally decided on and how our car shopping experience was.

We went to Classic Chevrolet and we did purchase a 2012 Sonic that day. The people at Classic were very nice and very professional. We were in and out in about 3 hours. I can honestly say, that was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Thanks so much for the recommendation and my son loves his car.




I thought I would report back. My husband and I met at Classic Chevrolet last night. Met Mark and he turned us over to Bob Cook. Bottom line is I drove home in a new Equinox! I am a happy camper. They gave us more than expected on my Saturn Vue, so we felt like we got a good deal. It took longer than we expected(not as long as some of our previous experiences), but I think that had to do with working out the payoff of our loan, etc. The people there are as wonderful as you saidwe talked about you a lot. Thank you for your show. I've always been sold on it, now even more so.


Cliff and Myra C.

Dear Jerry,

You always make such kind remarks about Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland, Texas and always refer people to them when they are in the market for a new Chevrolet. About 6 months ago my husband and I were in the market for a new car and we emailed you about the Enclave and the Traverse. We purchased the Enclave from Weisner in Conroe, which is where you referred us. Our daughter, who is a single mom and a school teacher with 2 teenage children, was in need of a new car. She liked the Traverse. Last Monday, President's Day, we took her to Classic Chevrolet and purchased her a new car. It was an awesome experience. Angelo Maglio was the Sales consultant, and the General Sales Manager, Mark Kolon came out and welcomed us and introduced himself to us. We were treated with the utmost of respect by everyone, even by Mitch Ericson, the Financial Manager. We explained to them that our daughter had gone through a really bad divorce and had ended up with some difficulties with her credit history. Through much work we have cleared that up for her. We wanted to pay for half of the car value and finance the remaining balance in her name so that she could start rebuilding her credit history. We could not have asked for more understanding from anyone than what we received at Classic.

They asked us why we had chosen them and we told them that we listen to your show on the radio as we are driving to and from soccer games/tournaments for our grandson. They spoke so highly of you and all that you do for them by sending customers their way.

Thank you for your kind advice.
Cliff and Myra C.
and our daughter, Tiffany M.

Mike G

Thank you so much for directing me to Classic Chevrolet. Mark and Don took great care of my 88 year old father in law, put him in a great lease for a Chevy Cruze. Being a retiree from GM, I have bought a few cars in my time, and this experience was the best. They took the time to listen to my father in law, and Carlos in finance was great! That was the fastest I have ever got out of paperwork central!!! My wife is currently driving a Cadillac SRX, but we get an Equinox next time around!!!

Thanks again!

Mike G

Aj C.


I just got home and showed off my new truck to wife and kids. We are very happy with purchase and I am extremely happy with the service you, Gary Richards and your finance director provided for me.

This has been a pleasurable experience and I will tell my friends about
Classic (Classic Chevrolet, Sugarland, TX). You have a customer for life.

Best Regards,

Aj C.

Darin W

Thanks for the recommendation. I bought my new Tahoe last Monday. Don and Mark [of Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland, TX] were great. Thanks again.

Darin W

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