Classic GMC Carrollton

Classic GMC Carrollton
2700 N Interstate 35ECarrolltonTexas75007

Bucky Davis
General Sales Manager
(817) 349-6889
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Ken Swirczynski

Connected with BJ Worley at Classic GMC in Carrollton per the Car Pro recommendation. Set up a time to meet and I drove in from Gainesville (approx. 70 miles one way). All the staff at Classic great and there was never any sales pressure. Was able to purchase a GMC half ton Denali at a price more than four thousand dollars less than a local dealer had quoted me for the same truck. Best purchase experience in my 67 years of buying new vehicles. I highly recommend BJ and Classic to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

Andrew Wilson

Connected with BJ Worley last year via Jerry's recommendation, as I looking to trade in a lease that was ending soon, however after digging into my situation BJ recommended I hold off until I could get into my budget. Fast forward to Black Friday a few days ago, I reconnected with BJ and he was able to find the right vehicle for me and every discount that could apply to my deal. BJ is a great sales partner and I never once felt pressure at all. He made himself available to answer any questions or help along the way, and I'm happy to say I'm a beautiful new truck thanks to him. I was even able to get GAP insurance for next to nothing thanks to the finance team there (also low pressure, which I loved) and that's a huge relief for me. If you're in the market for a new truck, give BJ a call and he will give you a great car buying experience.

Rick Peters

I signed up for a CarPro VIP certificate via your website last week. Within 30 minutes, I received an email from BJ Worley of Classic of Carrollton. I explained what I was looking for (GMC Terrain SLE2) along with my pricing situation via email and again I received a quick response along with a price. This was *exactly* what I was hoping for as it avoided a trip to a dealership only to find an inflated price.

We set up a time for a test drive as my 6'5" frame fitting in the car was a potential concern. I met him around midday last Saturday. We chatted a bit and took a test drive in a similar vehicle as one exactly as I wanted wasn't on their lot. No problem. I fit in the SUV w/o a problem. Given that we decided to go ahead and trade for the model that I was interested in. He explained the potential delays in getting a "trade" accomplished and that I shouldn't panic if we don't hear immediately. Again, no problem.
About mid-week, I heard that "our" SUV was a go and was being transferred. We set up a day for me to come to finalize the deal. Since I wasn't trading a vehicle, I needed a way to get to the dealership. BJ made arrangements to come pick me. Awesome! When we arrived at the dealership, I was given the opportunity to look the car over before we got started. Once happy, I went with BJ to get the paperwork handled. Our initial dealings were done quite quickly. I had a question regarding the 3/36K warranty and that allowed me to go speak with the service department. Again, friendly folks. Additionally, with the purchase of the car, Classic provides 2 yrs. of maintenance. Nice.

From there I was passed onto the finance "guy", Todd. Even thought I already had my financing squared away, I let him see if he could better my deal. He was able to find a bit of an improvement so I went with them along with purchasing an extended warranty to carry the full coverage to 100,000 miles. That process took the longest amount of time but it was partially my fault as I was hemming and hawwing regarding if/what extended warranty to get. I wasn't pressured to buy anything but rather Todd explained what the benefits would be in case I missed something. Totally my decision, just be ready to make on. ;D

Once financing was complete, BJ gave me the run-down on the vehicle features. After that I was on the road in my new SUV. Overall, I'm very happy with the way that I was treated. Everyone was friendly and never did I feel pressured to make a decision.

BJ was one heck of a guy. We chatted about hobbies and other non-car stuff during a bit of downtime. He indicated that he's actually built up some hotrods so if you want some technical details of the cars that Classic sells, he can explain it to you. In my instance, I knew how Formula 1 engines' valves worked but didn't really understand the variable valve timing of GM production cars. He explained that. Pretty neat.

So after this long diatribe, you should be able to tell how I am completely happy with my experience with Classic of Carrollton and specifically BJ Worley. Should things change via any service issues, I will let you know but at this point I don't expect any.


John Kulak

I hadn't bought a new car since 1999. I found a 2014 Regal that my wife liked on line at the Classic Buick in Carrolton. Being closer to the Arlington store, I contacted Chris Sinku at Arlington. He offered to bring the car to Arlington for us to look at, but we opted to take the horrendous drive from Bedford to Carrolton to look at it. Test drove vehicle and decided that was the one!
I contacted Chris and he got back to me within an hour with the bottom line numbers that were FANTASTIC! I had already had the banking approval ahead of time, so I told him it was a deal, and to bring it down to Arlington.
He had the car down and ready on Friday, so we trotted over Friday afternoon to get it. When we got there, Chris introduced us to Nancy McCoy to finish up the details of finalizing deal. We were in and out in less than 2 1/2 hours (took a LONG time for her to go over all the new technology with us)what a difference between a 1999 and a 2014!!!
Tom Durant has really got a pair of FINE, FINE people here!! I was the AC Delco sales rep for over 13 years, to Tom Durant's Granbury store, so I basically knew what kind of people he employs. These two (Chris & Nancy) were WAY above any expectations I had.
I've been a Buick owner since 1961 and bought over 12 new ones, but this was the BEST buying experience I have EVER had.. If I had a dealership, I would be after these two to work for me!!
I listen to Jerry on the radio on occasion and am VERY glad I got the 'Car Pro' certificate. It sure 'shaved' some off the price I expected to pay!!
I have another Buick dealer closer, but they were not on Car Pro list, but sure glad I went to Classic..I will not mind the little bit of extra drive for service (although I can take to any Buick dealer) just to be able to say hello to Chris and Nancy.
Tom Durant has a dealership here that he can be proud of and two people that are SUPER!

John and Joy, Bedford,TX

Eric Smith

My Dad (85 years young) finally bought his first new truck in 20 years just before Christmas from Classic GMC in Carrollton. Now this was a 150 mile roundtrip, but it was well worth it.
Bucky Davis and his staff were phenomenal in taking care of him - no walking the lot to look at trucks. Bucky had the trucks brought around to us and even did a side by side comparison of two white trucks, just so we could see the difference in colors. I could not have been more pleased with the experience or the deal that Bucky offered to my Dad. In fact, when Mom is ready for her crossover SUV, we are going to make the 150 mile round trip back to visit Bucky.
Thanks again for all of your help. Now this is 4 vehicles we have purchased in the last few years with your help.

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