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Cale WoodCale Wood
General Sales Manager/Partner
(719) 299-0005
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Dealer Ratings

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George Stephens

Last December, I decided that I wanted to replace my C6 Corvette with a later model Mustang. After doing a lot of research, I decided that I wanted a 2015-16, 5.0, 6 speed, with the Premium and Performance packages. Being an avid listener of the CarPro show, and always hearing great things about Elk Grove Ford, I registered as a VIP and made the 75 mile drive to check out their stock. I hadn't driven a Mustang since I sold my first car (a '66 GT) in 1971. I test drove several of their Mustangs and although they had a large selection of new and used models, Johnny told me that they didn't have any in stock as I described above, but would let me know when they did. As I was walking out the door, Rachael caught me and asked me if I could wait 10 minutes-she thought she had something I would like. A few minutes later she pulled up in 2015 GT they had just taken in yesterday equipped as I was looking for . . .had only 14,000 miles, Navigation, and nice aftermarket exhaust and performance springs. All at a good price. SOLD! A great buying experience. I would definitely do business with them again. Courteous and professional.

Adrian and Alicia Webster

We ordered an Expedition from Elk Grove Ford. Rachel referred Mike Bhatia to help us. We had our VIP certificate. Mike sent us free tickets to the INTERNATIONAL CAR SHOW at Cal Expo, so we could see a new Expedition. He stayed in contact with us trying to find us an Expedition with everything we wanted, but could not, so he suggested we order one. Rachel sat down with Mike and us and helped us get the BEST "bang for our buck," which we REALLY appreciated. All of the people we worked with there were wonderful. We absolutely love our new car and will highly reccommend them......they have integrity, knowledge and are very personable. Mike patiently walked me through all the features, and told me to " call him any time " if we need help with anything.

Edwards Family

They worked with us and explained all the details. They filled our new car with gas!


My experience was excellent! Both Rachel and Johnny made making my selection and Lease a pleasant experience!

Keith H.

Did not play four square.


Thanks to Mike Bhatia, Rachel and Dave from finance, they treated us like VIPs. As soon as I mentioned CarPro USA (saw Jerrys cut out in the dealership), we were treated like a super VIPs.

We went to other Ford Dealership and came back to Elk Grove Ford. This is definitely the place if you are looking for a Ford and being a CarPro listener has its addvantage too.

Bonnie Cushing

5 star

Reed & Anita

I wanted to get back to you on our experience at Elk Grove Ford. We met with the sales rep named Luon Vongkhoune, and she quickly introduced us to Rachel Wood. It was a terrific experience and both my wife and I felt right at home. We did purchase a vehicle from them, it is being built and should be in our possession in 6 to 8 weeks.

Thanks again for directing us to Elk Grove Ford.

Reed & Anita

Jim and Cheryl Thompson

New Years day we purchased our second car from Elk Grove Ford even though it's a 100 mile round trip and we will do it again. Rachel and Cale definitely made us feel like family on both visits. They have a very nice and clean dealership with all friendly employees. It's our second Escape and we like it better then the 2015. Impressive vehicle and very impressive experience.
Jim and Cheryl

Kyle Urmanita

I was in the market for an F150 at the end of 2017. I emailed Elk Grove Ford and got a very quick response from Rachel Wood. I gave her a customized print out from the Ford website of all the options I was looking for. Within a few days she found a truck that was close to what I wanted. I did my due diligence and shopped around. Rachel then came back with a better price point. Unfortunately that truck sold before I was ready. She then found three more options for me, one of which I ended up purchasing for the same price. They got the truck transferred to the dealership and added a bed liner for me before I arrived to purchase the truck sight unseen. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

I did the whole deal over email and a few phone calls. Rachel was great about working around my hectic work schedule. Rachel came in on her off day, which happened to be Christmas Eve to make sure I was happy with the truck. She and Johnnie Perkins took great care of me. Johnnie walked me through the features of my truck and the paperwork. Overall time at the dealership was about 2 hours. It was by the most pleasant car buying experience I have had. I would recommend Elk Grove Ford to anyone.

Paul Harney

My wife and I walked into walked into Elk Grove Ford knowing what we wanted. We explained it to the guy at the door that we already test drove every 7 Passenger Mid Size SUV on the market and none had compared to the Explorer Limited. I said We know what car we want we just need to know our options are new vs used and so forth. I mention that I listen to your Show as well as recommendation from a local am morning show and he said you need to talk to Rachel.
Rachel came out I explained to her the same thing she sat us down ran some numbers and had her assistant go look for a used model that me our specs.
Within 2 hours of pulling up my wife was driving off in our used 2017 Ford Explorer Limited in exactly the color she wanted. this was by far the best car buying experience Either of us had ever had. Rachel and her Team were phenomenal.

Pat Fountaine

Hello Jerry! A long time listener, recently working with three of your Certified Car Pro Dealers representing 3 brands here in Northern California. One experience was good, another darn good and Elk Grove Ford OUTSTANDING! Let me say for various reasons I never saw myself again driving a Ford. I now proudly own a new Explorer Platinum Edition! The experience through Johnnie Perkins (Rachel Ward's #1 assistant) was phenomenal! I sent in a VIP Certificate and Rachel emailed me within 5 minutes. She explained Johnnie would be in in touch and within 10 minutes my phone rang. He listened as I explained my desires and asked a couple questions. We met the next day NO PRESSURE! Johnnie made it a point to introduce me to Cale and Rachel individually. Impressive! The dealership is first class as was the purchase process ....Equitable and Fair to all - WHAT A CONCEPT!

Eribes de Flores Paulette

Hello Jerry,

We wanted to let you know about our experience purchasing our new Ford Explorer from Elk Grove Ford. We followed your recommendation and printed the Car Pro certificate before we drove to the dealership. We live in El Dorado Hills so it was a bit of a drive going to Elk Grove. We made an appointment with Rachel Woods and she was so gracious and welcoming to us. Johnnie Perkins, who works closely with her, brought us some coffee and joined the conversation. He then brought an Explorer for us to drive. Rachel came out to evaluate the trade in value for our Ford 150 as a possible trade in. After we finished with our test drive Jonnie brought us 3 different options for the purchase. We thanked both Rachel and Jonnie and drove home to discuss the options. When we decided we emailed Jonnie and he found the exact car we wanted. That Monday we drove to the dealership and purchased the car. The entire experience was so great. We had purchased two vehicles through the Car Pro program and though they were good experiences, this our third purchase experience, was by far the best. We feel we got a fair deal without any price haggling. We would recommend Elk Grove Ford and the Car Pro program to anyone.

Paulette Eribes de Flores

Randy and Marilyn Stoops

Hello Jerry,
We wanted to share our experience leasing a Ford Edge through Elk Grove Ford. You promised Rachel Wood and her team would treat us well. Your promise was almost correct, they were EXCEPTIONAL. From the moment we walked in and on every return visit, Rachel and her team made sure we had their attention and took all the time necessary to answer our questions and find the vehicle that we wanted. We were never rushed or pushed into any decision or choice we made, and there were many. We know of three other Ford dealerships closer to our home, but the extra time driving was made up by the outstanding service we received. We are so happy to be VIP customers and will recommend Rachel Wood and Elk Grove Ford to family and friends
Randy and Marilyn Stoops

Eric and Justin Hill

Hi Jerry and Kevin, my name is Eric. Thursday, I went shopping for a new car with my son Justin. He has been on his job for four months has no credit history. Our first stop we went to look at a 2013 VW Passat SE that was on sale for $13,999 with 35,000 miles. Great car. Looked great, I was sold but he was not quite there yet. So I told him let's go see the deals that are going on at Elk Grove Ford. So we downloaded your VIP certificate and after walking the lot the salesman said, let's go inside - It was about 103 by then - and I'll check my inventory. So we sat down and he gave us two bottles of water and when he came back Rachel Wood was with him and she introduced herself as the owner. He checked his inventory and came back with the perfect car. Now the dilemma was he's 20 years old with no credit history and had only been on his job for four months. I was not co-signing but I was there to guide him along the way. He needed a car and he can afford $300 a month. I had a 2003 Ford Expedition with 241,000 miles on it, it's still running great but it looks its age. Ford had $1000 trade-in assistance and he had $2000 as a down payment. Now here is the shocking news; because he's going to college I believe this helps a new car buyer with no credit history and they were able to sell him a New 2017 ford fusion with 0% interest. His payments are 309 for 72 months. I could not say anything my mouth was wide open and all we could do was say thank you Jesus. I had told my son never to tell yourself no, let someone else do it, and because we went ahead and looked he got an unbelievable deal having no credit history and got 0% financing. I want to thank you Kevin Cale and Rachel Wood at Elkgrove Ford. Thanks again, Yours truly, Eric and Justin.

Diana & John Boyles

Rachel and Tony were a breath of fresh air. They couldn't do enough for us. We're looking at a 2014 Ford Edge. This was our first stop. Our second stop was not a car pro referral and was a disappointment.. this is the best way to buy a car.
Appreciate the service!

Alex Harvey

I was in the market for a F-250 Super Duty and on your advice I went to Elk Grove Ford. I've been looking around for awhile and found one at Carmax a 2016 used with 14,000 miles on it . the asking price of 37,000 dollars. I was about to pull the trigger on it when I gave Elk Grove a try. I meet Cale and told him what I found and not only did he find me a brand new truck for the same price but he got me one exactly the way I wanted it . And he had to get it from another dealer. The next day when I went back to get my new vehicle the truck wasn't ready because the one of the detail guys called in sick so to top off my great experience with the Wood family Rachel gave me some money and told me to go get some lunch letting me use one of there loner cars while they finished up on my truck. Thanks for the great advice

Keith Snook

Just purchased a 2016 Edge! E-mailed through this site and got a quick response from Cale Wood. I was handed off the John Luna. John and I e-mailed back and forth for a couple weeks.
My wife and I went into another local dealership to look at the Mercury. What a massive disappointment. Typical bad story dealership experience.
When we went into Elk Grove Ford, we dealt with John Luna and Mike Bhatia. Our experience was priceless. No hassle, no pressure, no haggling, just a straight-forward Car Pro purchase. They did not have a car with the interior color we wanted (no black in Sacramento, thank you). They located a car in the Bay Area that matched all the features we wanted. I received a call and an e-mail from Mike at 1:27 the following day that the car was there. We went in at 3:00 and drove home that same afternoon (NOT hours and hours later).
I cannot thank John, Mike and the Wood family enough for this wonderful experience!

Pete Reynen

I emailed Cale that I was interested in finding an F150 and Rachel responded within minutes asking me to call her with details. I responded that we'd be down in a few minutes in person. She greeted us immediately and made us feel at home. I told her what I was looking for and that I had a desire to check out Chevy and Dodge's offering in this class as well. But I was most interested in a crew cab Eco Boost. She said they didn't have exactly what I was looking for but would do a trade and bring one in, "but test drive this one so you can see how the Eco Boost is for power." It happened to be a used 2013 Limited. It was gorgeous! I loved driving it but insisted (not for long) that it was out of my budget. The more we talked, they made it easier to accept the higher priced truck. They gave me a fair price for my trade in vehicles and got me decent financing on the new truck. A camper was to be available as it came in with the trade in but we found during the transaction, it had already been sold separately. So they offered to do a spray in bedliner at no cost. The windshield had cracked just before we test drove it and they arranged to have that replaced as well. Total time: just over 3 hours. I think that's the fastest I've ever bought a vehicle before. Overall very pleasant experience!! Rachel is fantastic! Roshan did a terrific job too. Thanks all!

John Barnhart

Searched multiple dealers for a moderately rare version of the Ford F150. Cale Wood and the entire staff at Elk Grove Ford were fantastic to deal with. Pricing and service were excellent. No hassle, expedient, new car purchase experience. Outstanding dealership !

Tim Miller

When looking for a used diesel pickup to tow my new fifth wheel RV, I visited Cale at Elk Grove Ford. Although he didn't have anything that met my needs on the lot, he said he'd look around for something. I received an e-mail within 4 - 5 days showing a truck that Cale had located in another state. We discussed the features, price and once he checked it out further with the dealership, he brought the truck in. It was a very easy process, and it's evident that Elk Grove Ford and Cale Wood care a great deal about their customers by making the buying experience easy and painless. I am a very satisfied buyer and will likely continue to do business with Cale and his team. Thank you Jerry, Kevin, and the rest of the Car Pro USA group!

Dennis C.

I just purchased a new 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium (my realistic dream car) from Rachel at Elk Grove Ford. Hands down this was the best car buying experience I ever had. I called the dealership and spoke to Rachel who took the time to get to know me first. I told her my situation of trading cars too often but really wanted a Fusion. She was very understanding wanted to make sure this was going to be a car that I would keep a lot longer then I had been. She gave me a very good price on the car and even got me large rebates that ate up all my negative equity. I got my Fusion with all available options so there would be no regrets later as I would like to & need to keep this car for quite some time. Rachel mentioned the car had some water spots that need to be professionally treated and since I took delivery after closing I could just bring it in the following weekend and they would take car of it,even offering a loaner while they have my car. They really go above and beyond for customer service. Just can't give enough props to Rachel. She is easy to talk to, made me feel like a member of the family, and proudly represents the Car Pro values.

I just have to say I am in love with my car & Elk Grove Ford. I would without hesitation recommend them to all my friends and family. I give them 5.5 out of 5 stars.

Lachelle Cobb

Rachel at Elk Grove Ford and I e-mailed back and forth for a week. She was nothing but patient with my husband and myself. We went out there on Monday 11/17/14. She had the Ford Flex waiting for us to test drive.

I had warned Rachel that we were on the fence about purchasing. She answered all our questions and concerns. Between Rachel and Trevor it was the easiest car buying experience we have had to date.

We would recommend Elk Grove Ford all day long.

Nancy Solomon

Went to Elk Grove Ford and dealt with Rachel Wood. Being a salesperson myself, I couldn't get over the professionalism and speed of the deal. We had gone to another Ford dealer closer to home but it was worth the 45-60 minute drive. I would only buy a Ford from their dealership. Thank you Car Pro Guys!


Worked with Internet Sales Manager Mike and owner Rachael at Elk Grove Ford. They were not at all pushy. They were upfront, honest, and just plain good to work with. They were completely responsive to our wants and bent over backwards to accomodate my wife and I. We ended up buying a 2014 Ford Escape and we totally recommend Elk Grove Ford.

Chuck & Patty Shaw

Dear Jerry,

For over a year Ive been a Car Pro listener for the combination of its entertainment value and prep for the purchase a couple of new vehicles. With my brides Jeep Cherokee over 200k and my X-Type Jaguar at almost 190k, it was time.

The Jeep was replaced with an Outback a year ago. Unfortunately Maita Subaru, your local Car Pro Dealer, didnt have the inventory we wanted and had to go to market to find it. We purchased the vehicle at AutoNation, got a great price and the story ends there.

The Jag was a different story - its a true road car and I drive quite a bit for a living. While many dont have good stories to tell about the X-Type, this one was a gem with only a starter, water pump and radiator being replace over its service life and looked like it had 60,000 miles vs. its +/- 190,000. That and a 3 liter Ford engine from Sandusky, OH that generally put most 3 series Mercedes and 5 series BMWs in their place. Only my first car, a 66 Mustang, provided a similar owners experience.

So I listened on the radio to the former car dealer from Texas on what to buy and narrowed the field to a Passat or maybe on a longshot, a Mustang. I did go back to Matia to try a Legacy that wasnt a fit. Id driven Passats and shared your opinion that it was likely one of the best road mannered vehicles at its price point.

Combined with the interest to test drive the Mustang and see functional resurrection of Elk Grove Ford by the Woods family (which was previously a standing vacant edifice of the financial collapse) we decided to drive the 20 miles to Elk Grove. Note your Car Pro VW dealer is a stones through from our home. It too is an intriguing story being the last facility Cal Worthington built before his passing.

I called Cale to set an appointment, asked a few key questions regarding the Mustang (which he had the product knowledge to answer) and headed down to Elk Grove. Little did I know it was my last drive in the Jag.

We arrived on the lot driving past a gauntlet of Fusions, noted a full dealer inventory being momentarily envious of the entity providing the flooring financing. The sales team knew the drill, a Car Pro customer arrived, find Cale - the process begins.

Understand its now 2:00 pm on a Saturday. The lots filled like the last store opened on Christmas Eve - its busy. Cale arrives, we exchange pleasantries, discuss that the former failed dealership that almost became a Carmax location with almost 70,000 sf of interior space, thats now out of room. How do you not like this guy?

Cale turns us over to his trusted associate Ken Waite. Im momentarily skeptical but latter learn through the process that if Kens possibly a Catholic, hes canonized by the end of the day. We drive a white base model 6 speed manual Mustang with other than black interior (fear of black interior cars in Sacramento). We try an automatic that lacks personality and go back to the 6 speed.

While aware of the pitfalls that comes being a road warrior with a manual transmission, Im actually enjoying driving the car. If we can make a deal, the Mustang is going home with us. Ken discusses our wants, including a possible trade-in for the Jag and goes to discuss the same with Cale.

Cale presents a clean, no nonsense proposal, $1,235 off sticker plus the $3,000 Ford rebate = $19,100. The least expensive deal Id seen on the web $18,500 was from a Midwest owner with lower transportation cost. The part I still require counseling for is the trade in for the Jag.

Deals done, Ken sends the car to detail with the warning that Id prefer to wait for a good vs. mediocre quick detail. This and the stated personal preference for root canal without novacane vs. 10 minutes in a dealers finance office. Were off to clean out the Jag then see the ingot silver metallic base 6 speed manual Mustang with black interior - a very handsome vehicle.

Remember, Ive placed black interiors on the no buy list. Ken let us know this car was available. He sees the look in my eye and tells us to drive it. We drive it so long we put buy gas. Its the one. We go back to see the white Mustang is detailed as requested, gassed, and finance is ready for us.

With a genuine smile Ken advises us not to worry, warns it will take some time to detail the car and draft new paperwork as California DMV is touchy about proper VIN numbers.

Remember over at the Woods dealership its still Christmas eve busy. We have to go to the back of the line but still Ken keeps an eye on every detail. At around 7:00 PM were with David Ramirez in finance. Thanks to Ken he knows of my aversion to the process and actually makes it civilized. Jerry, not to make light of the quality of Davids work, consider it like you driving a Yugo and enjoying the experience.

At the end of the day Ken meets us with the detail and fueled car. Hes detailing the wheels a second time as some Armor All spun off to the rims after he personally fueled the car and he wants a perfect delivery. We walk through how to operate the electronics, which on a base Mustang, is a fairly short lesson. At the end of the day, he is a Saint.

So Jerry, thanks to you and Kevin for an enjoyable, entertaining and informative show. The car business does require some showmanship which some do well and many dont.

Cale, while I wont play poker with you unless all the proceeds go to charity. You and your family have done an excellent job not only bringing a failed dealership back to life, but for creating an economic juggernaut. If the service is as good as as the sale you have a customer for life.

Ken, simply stated, for all that was noted above. THANKS

With personal regards,
Chuck & Patty Shaw

Eric Rhea


I'd like to report another great experience at Elk Grove Ford.

I had narrowed my vehicle choice to either a CPO Acura TL or new Ford Fusion Titanium. Elk Grove Ford is a bit of a drive for me, so I stated my car buying process at a couple of dealers closer to home.

My local Ford (who shall remain nameless) dealer pulled a bait-and-switch on me, sending me a quote for 'any Fusion Titanium on the lot' Of course when I got there, the quote didn't apply to any pre-installed options... those would be extra.

The Acura dealer wasn't much better. I test drove a great TL, in the right price range. I told the sales guy that I really liked the car, but I absolutely, categorically would not be buying that day and made it very clear that I would be taking my time. I told him 2 to 4 weeks and he said he understood. I did tell him I'd like to get some preliminary numbers, just so I could know for sure my monthly payments and money down would be realistic. That's when the fun began. I had done my research so I knew ballpark where I ought to be. They actually wrote me a really great offer; good enough that I actually considered moving up my time frame to buy. I told him I'd need a day to think it over. They then spent the next two hours bringing different people at the dealership out and asking me what it would take to get me to buy now. I finally got fed up and left. The funny thing is, after thinking about the deal and a bit more research online, I would have gone in the next morning and signed the paperwork if it was not for their pressure tactics.

That's when I decided to visit Elk Grove Ford. I arrived at the dealer and showed a salesman (Dave Matta) my Car Pro Certificate and he wasted no time showing me inside where I met with co-owner Rachel Wood. She took the time to ask me what I was looking for and my price / payment range. When I told her that I was not looking to buy for 2 to 4 week, she said it didn't matter if I wasn't going to buy for a year.. they were there to help.

There was absolutely no pressure to buy now, or even to take a test drive. They were happy to work with me at my own pace... I can't tell you how great that was.

Rachel was kind enough to work with me over email for the next two weeks and even searched the inventory of other dealerships she could trade with to locate the exact car I wanted. She even provided me with pdf's of window stickers and exact price quotes over email, so by the time I went back into the dealer, I knew exactly what to expect.

I finally ended up buying a Fusion Titanium that the traded from another dealer. Rachel and her team worked very hard to get me the car I wanted and in the payment range I could afford. I even took the car back in for a minor repair, and was given a loaner. To get that kind of service, you normally need to move into a Lexus or Mercedes.

I highly recommend Elk Grove Ford. Take the time and drive the extra distance... it's well worth it!


Best car buying experience the process was very smooth overall experience was nothing less than rewarding.
I'm very satisfied, and would recommend Elk Grove Ford to anyone.

Jim Goodnow

Hi Guys, Great show!
I recently purchased a new F150 at Elk Grove Ford as a Car Pro Show referral. I dealt with Cale Wood. It was a flawless experience! I was given a great deal on my new truck and a fair trade in on my car. I will definitely return for my next vehicle.
Shortly after buying my truck my girlfriend was looking for a convertible. I saw a nice used convertible on Cale's lot. I called him and told him I wanted to bring her down to look at it. When we arrived he had it waiting right out front. After driving the car my girlfriend loved it! She just went to look at the car, but after driving it she loved it. Cale gave her a great deal on it, so a short time later she drove it home! Now she has her dream car.


Jerry, I was not a believer, I unfortunately did not start my truck purchase research with the Car Pro. I first went to my non car pro dealers nearby and received poor deals and in one case scrupulous selling behavior. So, I switched to Car Pro to see what would happen. Everything you said would happen is exactly the way it went. I received an Email from owner, Cale Wood at Elk Grove Ford, no pressure, no sales tactics, he sent me some information. I called him on Tuesday, he met me personally, answered all my questions, VIP treatment. I asked for a ho haggle best he could price, and also best he could for my trade in. His Car Pro deal beat everyone else significantly. I am now the new owner of a F350 and this was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I will use Car Pro next time first, and I recommend to anyone looking for a Ford, Cale Wood and Dwane Gaines along with Car Pro is the place to start. Thanks Jerry.

Chris Hatch

We just purchased a new Ford Edge at Elk Grove Ford thru the preferred dealer car pro program. It was the best car buying experience ever. Everything you said about Cayle and his crew is spot on. Your promises were more than expected. Thank you. C

Shawn Catlin

Had a truly VIP experience with Elk Grove Ford. Cale Wood set me up with Mike Bhatia, Internet sales director. I was able to set the pace of the deal all the way. Told Mike what I wanted and what I was willing to pay. He found the vehicle and had a driver sent that day to pick it up. Due to time constraints, was not able to pick it up that night. Returned the following week to pick up my 2014 Fusion Titanium. Paid less than what I was expecting. I met Cale and his wife Rachel, both had told me if there are any concerns to get with them personally. They and all at the dealership made me feel very comfortable.

Larry Morris

I contacted the dealership through the CarPro certification program. The General Sales Manager, Cale Wood, responded within an hour. He asked a few pertenant questions and requested, Mike Bhatia, the intenet sales manager send me information and a quote.
His e-mail intested me and I visited the dealership 2 days later. I am now the proud driver of a new C-Max Hybrid
This was the best buying experience I have ever had.


i just purchased a 2014 ford escape from one of your certified car pro dealers. it was the nicest car buying experience i have ever had. i showed them my VIP certificate and was truly treated like a very important person! i will defineately direct all my friends to your website for your great advice and to elk grove ford for a better than better car buying experience!!!!


i just wanted to let you know, that your approved dealer at Elk Grove Ford was a pleasure to do business with! they gave me a great deal on a 2013 escape and gave me a more then fair trade in on my 2005 Malibu. Thanks for your help!

Genie Holleman

This is to Elk Grove Ford and to Rachel and Cale -- I am Chrissie Love's Mom and I met Rachel when I came in with Chrissie and her two girls Friday to discuss her winning the SUV for Super Mom contest. I just want to tell you "Thank You" - many times over - for being part of this contest and for bending over backward to help put them into a new vehicle. Chrissie - along with the whole family - had her life literally turned upside-down last year when Emily was diagnosed with leukemia - and then when their van decided to die several months ago, that
was just one more really big stresser. We have managed to cobble together rides and borrowed vehicles for her during the interim but it has been
hard. Jason drove their new van from the dealership today to our home - and it is beautiful - and it drives nice(!) - Chrissie let me drive it, so I
know! Thank you so so much for doing this for them.
Sincerely, Genie

Bob Atwell

Just a quick note to mention the prompt, precise, and personal attention to detail at Elk Grove Ford. You see the big guy right here in Roseville, I would never grace their threshold "again". The folks at Folsom Lake Ford were asleep at the switch. So I called Cale spoke with him on the phone, e-mailed a couple times told him what we wanted and approx. where I needed to be payment wise. So you know the rest of the story, but fyi we purchased not only one vehicle, but two. A 2013 Escape & Fusion both with the 1.6 EcoBoost motors. Needless to say when you speak with Cale next time tell him Bob & Shirley Atwell are very thankful for the personalized service we received. Thanks to you for your Show and Newsletter. They are great!

Sincerely Bob Atwell

Elona Owens

My husband and I visited Elk Grove Ford on Saturday. We were interested in the Ford Focus. We met with Cale Woods and he hooked us up with Trevor who was very knowledgeable about the Focus.After we took our test drive we sat down with both Cale and Trevor to work out a deal. They were very fair and no pressure what so ever. Our car buying experience was the best we have ever had. We would definately recommend Elk Grove Ford and do business with them in the future.
Thank you for the referral.

Bill Breitenbach

Cale Wood and John Luna were the best. I will be buying from them again in the near future. The rest of Cale's staff were also very helpful and profesional. I again can't say enough good about John Luna.

Aaron Stout

Hi, I just bought a new Cmax From Elk grove ford. Kale and his wife Racheal took good care of me. We made the deal over the phone. It was the most painless car deal I ever had. They found the car I wanted and traded for it and had it ready for me when I was able to get there at 8PM. Since it was dark I didn't see a small problem with the Fender. I live 90 miles from Elk Grove Ford so They are going to send a driver out to pick up my car so I don't have to drive out there. I had a great experiance thank you for your recommendation.


Elk Grove Ford, OMG, buying a new F250 was a totally unreal experience. I was listening to your show Saturday morning when the owner of Elk Grove Ford came on the air and said he had Super Crews for $11,000 off MSRP. I thought this is to good to be true so I called the dealership, the operator transfered me to the owner "Kale", I asked him if this discount applied to the diesel, he replied that it was for the F150,
I said bummer, I wanted a F250, he said tell me what you want and I'll make it work.
I had flashbacks of this long drawn out process to get a really small if any discount from my past buying trips to other dealers.
Not the case here, He had the exact truck on his lot that I described, he made me a deal like no other dealer ever did ($10,000 off MSRP), he sent the truck to me at my work place some 70 miles away so I could see and drive it and it was a done deal that day within 30 minutes after I arrived at the dealership after I got off work. THIS DEALERSHIP IS THE BEST no hassle, no bull, strait shooters.

Karen Goff

What a fantastic experience I had at Elk Grove Ford! I recently took delivery of a 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium and had a truly different kind of car-buying experience!!

As soon as we walked up, it was obvious we were going to be treated well, and a Car Pro referral was obviously something that meant a lot to the staff. The salesman Tommy was so courteous and knowledgeable, and he was able to answer all of my questions easily. You could tell he really believed in what he was selling and was happy to show it to us. (I had been to another rival dealership and had been disappointed because I knew far more than the salesman about the car, which was disappointing). After showing me the car and talking about the different models and changes depending on year, Tommy let me test drive it.

I was so pleasantly surprised that he let us take the car out by ourselves (rather than riding along, hassling and pressuring the whole time like most places). He actually said, "You have plenty of gas, so take your time. Go ahead and take it around the city, but make sure you get on the freeway. Don't come back until you feel comfortable with it and have fun!" I was shocked. The test drive was fantastic and I really got to know the car a bit, so when I came back, I was ready to deal.

Since Ford had quite a few excellent incentives going on, I was interested in seeing if an upgrade in model would be possible for me financially. Well, with the Car Pro price and the Ford Labor Day incentives (and my excellent credit), I was able to upgrade to the Premium, which got me suspension upgrades, Pirellis, leather interior, gorgeous rims, spoiler, etc. I was thrilled!!! Tommy also worked hard to get a color I wanted and make sure it was a manual transmission (the one thing I was not willing to compromise on). He also didn't bat an eye about having to get it from a dealership 2 hours away, something else a rival dealership did to me: made a big stink about having to drive across town for the car I wanted.

I have never before walked out of a dealership feeling like I got everything I wanted at a price I was happy with, but this time I did!! Tommy really impressed me: he was so courteous and he worked with me the whole time to make sure I was happy without ever trying to trick me or belittle me with sleazy sales tactics. What a gentleman.

Best of all: I LOVE my car!! It's exactly what I wanted and I've been so happy with it's performance and looks. I know I will be happy with it for years to come.

Thank you Car Pro and thank you Tommy and the staff at Elk Grove Ford!! Karen Goff

Robert Bittner

I drove 90 minutes to get to Elk Grove Ford. I bought a 2013 Mustang GT, and it is fabulous! Everyone at Elk Grove Ford was a consummate professional (Cale Wood, Mike Bhatia and Bryan Goldfarb) exceeded my highest expectations and treated me just like an old friend. I've never had a better car buying experience. Outstanding!

Barbara G.

I have listened to and enjoyed your talk show on KFBK even when my husband and I were not contemplating purchasing a new car. Once we decided on the Edge, my husband contacted you via e-mail and the rest is history! We were put in touch with Elk Grove Ford and brought home our new vehicle the next day. EVERYONE we have dealt with at Elk Grove Ford have truly been wonderful and made us feel like VIPs---just as you promised!!! There are three gentlemen we want to specifically recognize for their professional and friendly service: Cale Wood, John Luna and Ron Wolf. They answered any questions we had and made our recent auto purchase a pleasure.

Before contacting you and Elk Grove Ford we spent numerous hours on the Internet getting educated about the Edge and the approximate cost for the features we wanted. Our last Ford purchase was a certified pre-owned 2002 Ford Explorer and our original intention was to purchase another certified pre-owned Ford. Based on our research we feel we benefited from another one of your promises, getting the best price available and we ended up with not just a new car but a 2013! We love it.

Thank you so much for your expertise and assistance in our recent auto purchase. In our opinion, Elk Grove Ford is very deserving of being a member of your Car Pro Team.


Barbara G.


jerry- want to thank you for referring me and my son Art to elk grove ford. Cale Wood and Mike Bhatia gave us superior red carpet treatment and excellent service and e purchasing a 2013 ford explorer. i will recommend family and friends to elk grove ford. thanks again.


Greg M.

Hi Jerry, I took your advise and purchased a new truck from Cale Wood at Elk Grove Ford. I really was pleased with my buying experience. The truck is great. Cale and Mike made me feel like I made
the right choice on Lariat model and I felt I received a fair price. Look forward to years of great service with Elk Grove Ford.

Thanks! Greg M.

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