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Steve DeanSteve Dean
General Manager
(713) 322-5038
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Dealer Ratings

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John Gouge

In August, My daughter's lease on 2015 Civic was up. Started shopping around with Car Pro dealers. Daughter wanted something different to drive - I mentioned Mazda to her. Talked to Steve Dean and worked out a great deal on 2018 Mazda 3 Touring. Everything worked out on phone. Everyone at Greenway was great to work with. Steve Dean was great to work with. I passed two other Mazda dealers to get to Greenway
PS- All my lease cars Honda (4) and Mazda (1) are CarPro dealers

Isabel S.

I was very satisfied with all the aspects of this deal.


Very helpful, very tolerant. A good sport. A good deal.

Donald Lalonde

Quickly received a call from Steve Dean Greenway Mazda Friday, even though he was not in the dealership. We discussed our needs and he quickly called back to discuss a loaner CX-5 that fit our price needs. He agreed to pull this car out of his loaner fleet early to give us a Mazda option. We ultimately didnt visit his location due to distance and that the CX-5 is very close to the Escape which was a brand-new vehicle for less money. I thought Steve did an outstanding job and was sorry we couldnt move forward with him.

Geoff Hollick

We had couple of test drives at other dealers, but never found the CX 5 we wanted.

Greenway was by far not the closest Mazda dealer to us but their available inventory offered the best lineup of available CX 5's my wife was looking for in early April 2018.

General Manager Steve Dean greeted us then set us loose on Thomas, our sales contact at Greenway, who had a LOT of product knowledge and spent considerable time with us showing the ins-and-outs of the car.

Steve, to my surprise, pulled some strings at the last minute to get us an even sweeter deal for us!

All in all it was a pleasant experience with all the people we met there.

I remember it was around 5 am on a Thursday when I submitted the request to CarPro and I had it in hand shortly after, so we went there later that day and drove away exactly one week later.

Gary Delander

Leased a CX-5 from Greenway Mazda on Thursday, March 15th, and are very happy with the entire experience. We did a test drive on the 14th and returned on the 15th to make the purchase.

We were met by GM Steve Dean who is a true gentleman. He greeted us and got the process started then passed us on to Craig Whitlock, a young Sales Consultant who took us out for a test drive and was very helpful. After the test drive Craig introduced us to Sales Manager Steve Hwang who worked up the numbers and stayed very involved throughout the process. We left the dealership with a good feeling but wanted to sleep on it as well as look at a Subaru the next day. More on the Subaru experience in a follow-up e-mail.

We returned on the 15th after deciding the Mazda was the better choice and as it was Craig's day off, we were referred to Sales Consultant David Chu. David handled all the details very well and Steve Hwang was also closely involved. Normally, I would be put off by the number of people involved but in this case, they were all extremely helpful and made for a very pleasant experience. Even the Finance guy (I did not get his card so do not have his name) was a pleasure. I have rarely met Finance people in any business who had much personality or a sense of humor. This guy was a riot.

All in all, it was a great experience and totally stress-free. I would highly recommend Greenway Mazda to anyone.

One final note, We purchased the AWD version as we might make infrequent runs to WI or CO and wanted the AWD capability if needed. I read a bit about the system before going to Greenway and it seemed to have a lot of good points. Have you done a review of the Mazda AWD system or would you have any info or advice about it?


Gary Delander

Dan Walker

Mr. Dean met us when we arrived at his dealership and was very friendly. He talked to us to help us decide what model Mazda we were interested in buying or leasing. He took us through the leasing process and we decided that was best for our current situation.

Mr. Dean had Craig Whitlock show us the different cars and when we settled on the CX5 Sport, he laid out the differences and we took him for a ride to demo the car. Craig got us filling out the paperwork and Mr. Dean helped to explain all the final and little details of what was and was not. He gave us his price which was excellent and we did not have to haggle which was nice for a change. The entire process was non-adversarial.

I believe it was Jerry in the finance department who helped set the lease up. That went without a hitch and we were on our way home. I called Craig a couple of times to ask questions and he helped me each time as if I was his best friend. All-in-all, it was the nicest car-buying experience of my life.


I contacted Steve through the VIP program and cannot say how pleased I was with the experience. Steve called me back very quickly and referred me to his son Steve Jr since he was at the doctor. Steve Jr was very personable and easy to work with-even though I was interested in a used truck!! I will return to Greenway when I buy my next car.

Cliff Mabry

So, Steve Dean saved my bacon today. I bought an MX/5 from him a month ago only to find that the small car and my already challenged spine could not coexist. Steve guided me to a CX-5 without a major financial hit. Jerry and Steve actually talked about my predicament after I first called Steve. I cant thank them enough. I also appreciated Jerrys telling me of a similar experience hed had. Made me feel less like an idiot. Once again, thanks, Jerry, for sending me to Steve Dean and Greenway Mazda.

Alan lucks a

See above


I contacted this dealer to get pricing and they added an accessory option from the dealer of $999. I asked them to take it off, they would not. The package included tire warranty which I can get for $100 at discount tire, roadside assistance, first year maintenance (Oil change and inspection) window tint and wheel locks, and the topper nitrogen in my tires for life. The MX-5 is not a car where nitrogen in the tires would even make a difference on the street.

- Car Pro Dealer Response:

Good morning Nat,

This is Steve Dean, General Manager for Greenway Mazda. Please accept my apology for the situation when you came in looking at the Mazda Miata. I would certainly like to remedy the situation if at all possible. Did you by chance ask for me when you came to the dealership? I personally take care of all of our Car Pro customers and was unaware of your visit. I make the process very easy and have many Car Pro customers that come in on a regular basis. My best contact number is my cell 713-724-8985. I hope you will give me an opportunity to assist in any way I can. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help with your vehicle purchase.

Have a great weekend!

Steve Dean
Greenway Mazda
General Manager/Operating Partner
832-356-1000 Main
Have a Great Day!


I called and talked to a sales person, being that you are a bit of distance from me I asked him if you could match a deal I got from a closer dealer and he said you could not. Then when I got the S plan price there was $999 accessories package tacked on to the deal. I ask him to take that out he said he couldn't. I am at a dealer right now because they are doing the deal as promised and not adding accessories packages.


- Car Pro Dealer Response:

I am very sorry for any confusion or misunderstandings, it sounds like you are getting a great deal. I am sorry we didnt work it out for you. please let me know if there is anything I can ever assist with in the future and please contact me directly.

Have a great weekend!

Steve Dean

Steven T

I've been coming to Greenway Mazda for service ever since they took over from the prior ownership. When it was time to get a new car, I gave them a shot, of course. Well, I had a very good buying experience and I love the car. I worked with Benny in sales but I've also come to know Angelica in service who has been very helpful. I've also met the GM, Steven Dean, a few times and he has always made me feel welcome and appreciated.

Tom McBride


I purchased a new Mazda3 2.5 at Greenway Mazda on 12/29/16, and my experience couldn't have been better. I've tried to call in to the show the last two Saturdays to report first-hand, but couldn't get through, so I'm opting to do this email. I had my Car Pro credentials at the door, but I don't know that it mattered. Steve Dean met me straight away and assured me that he would take care of any problems or answer any questions that I had. But my salesman, Bernie Brown, took care of everything, so there wasn't a lot Steve had to do. Steve did show me his pricing book, including his invoice for the models I was interested in, and I have every confidence that he was being straight up with me on the numbers. In the end, I got the car I wanted at a more than reasonable price, and I even opted for the 9-year extended warranty and a 48,000 mile maintenance package; the maintenance package price included 15 oil changes, and I know that I would be hard-pressed to buy the oil and filters for what I paid if were to do the job myself. And that doesn't take into consideration the other maintenance items that will be covered in 48K miles, so I think I got a really good deal. The best part was that no one tried to up-sell me on the gimmicky dealer add-ons, which I appreciated. Thank you for recommending Greenway Mazda!

Tom McBride

Scott Naab

Jerry I just want to tell you on the awesome experience I had at Green way Mazda with Steve Dean and his team. I was looking to trade in my 2013 Ford Edge for a CX5 but the negative equity is to great so Steve said in good conscience he couldn't let me do the deal. He then asked me to come back when I had the time so he could look at the lease agreement I had on the Edge to see if there was anyway easier way to get out of it but unfortunately I was unable to. Even though I didn't purchase at this time I will be back when the negative equity is not a factor and purchase from him.This was the best experience I have ever had a a car dealership I want to thank you and Steve for all the help. He went above and beyond in delivering excellent customer service even though I didn't purchase now I will be back tell everyone I know where to purchase a Mazda.

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