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Mazda Of Elk Grove
8588 Laguna Grove Dr.Elk GroveCalifornia95757

Grant SalgeGrant Salge
General Sales Manager
(510) 210-0367
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Dealer Ratings

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One of the easiest, fastest, most enjoyable car buying experience in the past 10 years! Friendly and efficient staff, plus a GREAT deal on a new 2018 CX-5. Awesome dealership!

Andrew Slutzky

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been leasing cars for many years and my experience with the Elk Grove Mazda Dealership was by far the best experience I've ever had. Period. They are experts, straight-forward, funny and honest.

I reached out to Grant Salge via email about trading in my Mazda3 for a Mazda6 Touring. I told him the residual value, my goal to pay nothing down, my budgeted monthly payment, my credit score, the unused miles, my ideal leasing terms, the Carmax valuation etc...

Grant applied the Car Pro VIP Experience discount and Mazda loyalty discount. This was all handled extremely professionally over email. There was no haggling.

When I went into the dealership, I was accompanied by Juan. Not only is he a subject-matter expert, but he's one helluva storyteller! The terms negotiated over email with Grant carried over into my conversations with Juan. After two test drives, I was sold on the Mazda6 Touring.

You can definitely tell the difference between a Car Pro VIP sponsored dealership (i.e., Elk Grove Mazda) versus one that isn't (i.e., Roseville Mazda). No haggling. No games. Superior service.

For the record, I should mention that I personally live in San Francisco. The long dealership trip was worth the experience!

All the best,
Andrew Slutzky

Shelly Taliani

Car buying was a completely different experience at this dealer than Ive experienced in past years at others. (For the good !) ALL the staff were very friendly and professional. They allowed all the time we needed to look at different models and features of the cars. Very friendly and I can truly say NO sales pressure at all. Our sales reps Juan and Nick were really nice guys to work with. I purchased a Mazda 3 grand touring and got a better price on a vehicle with more features than on a lower model we were considering. Thx Car Pro for your dealer relationships! Luv my new car!

Amelia Rose E.

I was in the market for a new car for quite some time. I first heard about Mazda of Elk Grove through the
Car Pro website. Then I started researching reviews and customer experiences at this dealership. Though I lived 2.5 hours away, I knew I wanted my first car buying experience to be here. I first started talking to Garrett in February. I told him what I was looking for and when I wanted to buy. He told me to let him know when I wanted to buy and he would get the car for me. He did not make me feel pressured to buy and understood my timeline. When I was ready I texted him and we did most of the dealing through phone and email. He got me the car I wanted and at a fair price. Only spent about 1.5 hours at the dealership and most of it was in the financing office. I will definitely consider this dealership again the next time I am ready to buy a car!

Richard Moreno

I just purchased my 4th Mazda from the good folks at Elk Grove Mazda. This time a Mazda 3s.
Grant gave me a great deal, Garrett showed me all the features on the car. The same finance guy
that I bought the Mazda 6 also closed this deal.
These are real good folks. Maybe that's why I keep going back there. I don't bother with other dealers, Why? these guy are straight shooters.....Thanks guys.


This is the second car i have purchased from this dealer. I worked with the same guy Ron K. I like this dealership. not just because they're a carpro dealer, because of my dealings with Ron K. He goes out of his way to get you the best deal possible. he makes this dealer look good, really good. i had a trade-in, MX5 plus a 2010 altima which i sold outright to elk grove mazda. he gave me a fair price on the trade-in, a Mazda mx5. Ron did everything possible to lesson the sting of my stupidity of trading a car in that's only 3 months old, but I really like the Mazda 6. He got me more than i expected for the altima, plus he drove 70miles to pick up the Altima from my house. My next purchase will be with
this dealership. Mostly due to Ron K. This boy ain't nothin' from the hog farm....he's prime cut.
Thanks Jerry for making me aware
of this dealership.


I'm new to the area. listened to the Car Pro show on KSTS. Was looking for a Miata. I called John Driebe at Elk Grove Mazda. he set me up with Joe Vo, who set me up with Ron K (Joe was off the day I planned to go there) Talked to Ron about getting a silver or white mx5 Miata club. I also checked Autowest and Maita. They both had the two colors but they weren't Car Pro dealers. The
guy at autowest offered 1500 bucks off MSRP and would beat any dealers price. I called Ron K, he said he had a white Mx5 Miata Club. I was Leaning toward the Car Pro dealer over the other 2 non-Car Pro dealers. The next day I went to Elk Grove Mazda. I met Ron and he took me to the car. It was in this booth with mirrors on both sides. The car was spotless and looked better that I had thought. Drove it and was impressed how forgiving the suspension was, and the rigid the chassis.
(last one i drove was the 1999 Miata) When we got back I told Ron the guy at Autowest would knock 1500 off the sticker. Ron said "we can do that". Then we headed back inside the dealership and I bought it. There was a slight problem. the Miata would not fit in the trunk of my Altima (which has been relegated to duty vehicle Status) So Ron followed me to the bank so I could give them a cashiers check for the car. Then he followed
me home (almost 35 miles) then we headed back to the dealership. he was driving the 2013 Altima. I figured I've got 35 miles to check this thing out. (I have a 2010 coupe). Next thing Ron and I are talking Motorcycles, cars and welding TIG, MIG and ARC(Boy's got skill). Next thing we're back (didn't pay any attention to the 2013 Altima, darn) Next thing I'm driving away in the Mx5 feeling pretty good about the folks I bought it from.

This was the easiest car buying experience and far and away the best I've had. This is my 29th brand new car(started in '73) Ive had plenty of experience with car dealers, and this dealership is first class. It's nice to work with 1 person(Ron) who can make the decisions. John Driebe came over to meet me when I first got there and thanked me for listening to the Car Pro show and he was very nice. The folks there are very nice and NOT patronizing. It was low key and no pressure to buy anything.
Bottom line:
Elk Grove Mazda is a first class dealership.
I'm thinking the service will be too. When my Altima needed service I took it to a Car Pro dealer, Elk Grove Nissan. Worked for me.

I'm waiting for the new Altima Coupe. When it comes out I'll call John and say that Carpro guy said to call you......They roll out the red carpet for Carpro listeners, they really do.

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