Park Place Lexus Plano

Park Place Lexus Plano
6785 Dallas ParkwayPlanoTexas75024

Chris BrunnerChris Brunner
General Manager
(949) 373-5929
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Peter H.

Went to Park Place Lexus and revived a VIP treatment from GM Chris and his team Don Mitchell. Very informative and went above and beyond to get the car that my wife wanted. A perfect ES 350 with all the bells and whistles and color choice from exterior to interior. Wife is very happy and they gave us an excellent deal with the current rebate. CARPRO listener received VIP service and pricing. Thanks CarPro.

Loyal listener Peter

Larry Krasner

I am very sorry to report that my VIP experience at Park Place Lexus Plano was a big disappointment. I have been doing business with PP since 2000. I purchased two Lexus cars on lease from them in 2015. Those two purchases were just like you advertise, fair, pleasant, great customer service and so on. Last week was a big difference. To cut to the chase, the salesperson I had acted like he could have cared less if I purchased a car or walked out. He was pleasant, answered my questions, and took me on a test drive of a NX300. I have been driving a ES350 since 2000, but wanted a change and liked this new 2018. The problem began with his price, which I did not think was a VIP price. He never printed out a pricing sheet which shows all of the prices, discounts and rebates. He merely said this is their price and did not seemed interested in showing me how he got to that number. When I pressed him on that, he said the price was $150 over invoice. From my research before coming to the dealership, I knew this was in the ballpark, but since he did not seem to want to show me the details, I was not convinced this was the best price. My trust in the process was declining. All that being said, as my son and I asked a few more questions, he seemed to become annoyed and became abrupt and condescending.

I set up a meeting with him the next afternoon to come back with my wife for her to look at the car. I asked him if it would be possible to take the car home overnight and he responded no. I walked out with the intention to return. However, my son convinced me to look elsewhere. So the next day I went to see an Audi at Audi Dallas and to Sewell Lexus. I received the VIP treatment at Audi Dallas with flying colors. Dealership and salesman could not have been nicer. I then went down the street to Sewell. I had never been to a Sewell dealership before and was curious how they stacked up with PP and the VIP program. They were everything that my salesman at PP was not. Not only did they beat the VIP price by over $700 on a one-pay lease, but they offered the car to take home for a day without me even asking. I purchased the car from Sewell and PP lost a 17-year-old customer. My wife has a RX350 lease expiring in May, 2018. I will give PP another chance with her car because I love my service advisor and the dealership. I considered going back to PP and asking for another salesman, but I was so mad by then I decided to look elsewhere. When I canceled the meeting the next day with the PP salesman, he responded thanks for letting him know and happy holidays. He never asked if there was anything wrong, is there anything else he could do and never a follow up phone call or email. He just did not care.

Dealer Response 12/27/17:

I checked with the sales representative and he had a very different story. He said he priced him and went thru the numbers with the client, the client stated he would be back the next day with his wife but called that morning and canceled. Sales rep contacted the client on the 24th and they said they would come in after Christmas. Im sorry! The sales rep was the same person the client had purchased from years back!

Chris Brunner
General Manager
Park Place Lexus Plano

Thomas R Jones

Jerry, I contacted you back in 2013 when I was considering my first Lexus purchase. You were very helpful to me and directed me to speak with Chris Brunner at Park Place Lexus. I did so and began the nicest, friendliest, most professional and enjoyable car buying experience of my entire life! Chris and his staff, were simply extraordinary to my wife and I! We were given a very fair deal with a complete absence of the usual car salesman BS and pressure, etc. We have bought a lot of cars in our lives, but never before then a Lexus or having had the pleasure of dealing with such great people as you suggested to us. We bought that first 2014 Lexus, then bought its replacement in 2016 and its replacement this week with a 2018. We traded in or sold, a total of 5 cars to them in the process of these sales. Chris and his staff and this dealership, are incredible and we are delighted in every way and want to thank you for sending us to him! We have and will continue to, recommend them to friends and associates at every opportunity. Thank you sincerely for your advice and guidance!
Tom Jones


Afternoon Sir
Just wanted to let you know that Chris, Herb, and Andrew at Park Place were the absolute best to deal with!!!

I got a 2010 HS250 hybrid Premium... fully on black with only 15K miles on it

The car is spectacular...heck, it's smarter than I am!!

Thank you sir!

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