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Rusty Wallis Honda
12277 Shiloh RoadDallasTexas75228

Jim BeesonJim Beeson
Sales Director
(214) 216-6016
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Dealer Ratings

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Ken F.

The folks at Rusty Wallis did their best to make this buying experience a pleasant and productive one. I am happy with the deal we reached.

Lloyd Ivy

On 2-26-2018 I met Jim Beeson at Rusty Wallis Honda To get more information on a 2018 Honda Ridgeline RLT-T that I had seen at the Dallas Auto show. I made it clear during the phone conversation to establish the appointment that I was a Jerry Reynolds listener and was not interested in buying at this time but wanted more info to see if that was a vehicle I would be interested in buying at the end of the year. Jim could not have been more helpful and thorough in explaining every detail of the vehicle to me before and after a test drive. I asked and was not pushed to get some idea in the difference for a trade. After some back and forth Bill Hunt gave me an outstanding offer for my vehicle but the price difference quickly put a damper on any trade ideas I had but on a lark I asked about a lease. Bill came up with a lease I was totally happy with. Jim and Bill made the transaction as pleasant as could be and were very helpful and now I am a new 2018 Ridgeline owner and happy to be one.

rsgates, Fort Worth

I initially contacted Rusty Wallis Honda through the Car Pro Show website and got a quote which was the best of the dealers I compared. Unlike most (but not all) of the other Honda dealers, they didn't play pricing games. I wanted an Accord Touring of a certain color that they didn't have in stock and they found it for me. The price they initially quoted me was what I paid. Joseph, my salesman, was fair with me throughout and treated me well. That is all I could ask for when buying a new car. Very good experience.

Walt Goodman

3yrs ago, I did the car pro experience with my son. He was moving to Dallas for Med school, so needed to lease him a car. Experience was OK. There was a no down payment lease special, which the salesman was unaware until I educated him. So, we did go back and fourth with these idiotic terms until they found the Honda lease special.
Well, 3 yrs later, we returned to hand in car and lease another one for him. I did not redo the process online, maybe my mistake, but I figured once a carPro client, always a carPro client with this dealership. It was nothing of the sort.
They posted on their website a $2300 down plus applicable fees to get a 3yr term for $189 a month. Our salesman goes to the sales manager (you know the process) and comes back with 48 month for $410 a month. My response, " this is the same crap you did 3 years, honor what you advertise, I would be buying the vehicle at that cost." We went back and forth some more. Here was the final cash down and the "fees."

$2300 down payment
$1400 sales tax at 6.25%
$600 destination
$700 all other fees, which included $189 first months lease payment.

$5000 total

Then, we get into the finance office and looking thru the numbers I see sales tax listed 1.2% ... My response "what is this, we were told 6.25% at the sales desk?" Manny was oblivious. So, they bring in a fella named Jason, who was nothing but confrontational. Mind you, he's a business manager. His reply, we are a business and have to make money, we don't make any money on these Honda lease deals and don't know what is published on our website. I look at my Med school son and we're just shaking our heads. I wanted to know what made up that $5000 figure since I now know was given wrong info whether deliberate or unintentional.

Then, a fifth figure came in, who I now know is your carPro interface, Bill Hunt, but forgot at the time. I repeated the situation to him and commented "this is the carPro experience?" Bill, I admit, was calm and did apologize for the misinformation. He sat down, look at the numbers on the screen and said they are accurate for this deal considering there were dealer add-ons. However, we all know that a cargo cover mat didn't cost the dealership $395, as well as the other add-ons...

I felt like walking out and just giving the Civic back, but time was limited, I was in town for the holiday weekend helping my son out.

So, there you have it.

I appreciate Bill Hunt's demeanor and effort, although I did not get a thorough explanation on what that $5000 was composed of.
As for Jason Volk I see he has a business degree, apparently he was sleeping during the interpersonal relationship class. We all have to take a Pysh 101 class no matter what curriculum you study. Maybe that's why he doesn't stay too long in the various dealerships he has worked for in the Dallas area...

I don't mind this being published. I wouldn't mind Rusty seeing it too...


Car Pro Dealer Response:

From what I understand, the first pencil was done just like a regular walk-in upthe desk was swinging for a home run. When the desk realized he was a CarPro customer, Bill Hunt got involved and peeled the deal down. Once in finance, the customer questioned the sales tax amount. We had used tax credits and he noticed the sales tax amount was well below what he thought it should be. The finance guy tried to explain how it works but the customer couldnt get his head around it. Another finance guy tried to explain it and still the customer didnt understand. Thats when Bill went in and explained it from a different perspective and the customer got it.

I think in the end, had we known he was a CarPro customer it would have been handled a little different. From the start.


Lanell Ethridge

Got your name from Looking for a Honda Pilot 2016 or Toyota Highlander 2016.
Thank you.

Bob P

Overall a high rating Paul Sisk & Felton Jones had us in and out in 3 hrs w/a new CR-V even though nothing was pre-selected. One area of disappointment was w/the financial dept. After doing all the paper work and in the vehicle ready to leave, they came out to tell us they had a better interest offer "If we bought this 'add-on'". It should have been discussed during the meeting to finalize and wasn't worth a delay to redo paperwork and get caught in I-35 traffic back to Denton.
Otherwise simple/easy transaction

Joe J.

Mr. Reynolds, I drove away from Rusty Wallis Honda in my new Honda CR-V. I love the car and it seems to be a perfect fit for my wife and me. Thanks so much for your help. Chris Conroy was out when I arrived but I met him later. I primarily dealt with John Hargis and it was the best experience ever at a dealership. I couldn't be sure whether they treated me as a new family member or thought I was kin to you. I now fully comprehend why a new car shopper should FIRST contact you.
God Bless you and Kevin. Very Best Wishes.
Joe J.
Mesquite, TX

Dr. Key

My wife and I bought a new Honda Odyssey late last year from Rusty Wallis Honda. I must say that the over all buying experience was great except for one thing. We bought the vehicle believing that our oil changes would be covered for the first two years under our extended warranty. I went in for the first oil change and learned that it would not be covered. The reason given was that the extended warranty that we bought did not cover oil changes. Honda does indeed offer such a warranty which was pointed out to us in finance. Needless to say, we are greatly disappointed with Rust Wallis Honda. We live in Caddo Mills and when the new Honda store is opened in Rockwall, we will be taking our business there entirely because of the warranty experience. We do want the coverage for oil changes, etc. from Rusty Wallis. The purchase was in the name of my wife Dr. Gloria Key.
Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
Dr. Gene Key


Dr. Key, what would you like me to do to assist? I am sorry for the misunderstanding but I have never heard of an extended warranty that covers oil changes. Those are referred to as maintenance policies generally.

I would assume you read the policy before accepting it. And to be honest, if you plan to take your business to another dealership, there is not much incentive for Rusty Wallis to do anything at this point.

Please email me, and tell me how I can assist.

Jerry Reynolds The Car Pro
President, Car Pro Radio Networks

James Dykes

Hi Jerry,
We had a very good experience with the people at Rusty Wallis Honda. Bobby Williams was very helpful and gave us detailed information about the 2013 Civic. We visited several times to test drive the Civic EX and Civic LX. My daughter decided on the Civic LX, and we had a very good purchasing experience.

Robert Embry

Jerry, I have to say you were right, a couple of years ago I leased a CR-V from Rusty Wallis got a good deal then but it wasn't easy. You said it was due to the shortage of vehicles then and it would be different next time.
It sure was, Tommy Norman in sales and Adam in Finance are top notch guys and they made the transaction enjoyable. Steve Coalson, the Robertson boys were in the background; the trade went as smooth as you would like it to be.

I can see now why Rusty is your recommended Honda dealer I do too. Thanks

Jim Klassen

The Rusty Wallis Honda dealership is outstanding and we highly recommend them! This is the fifth new vehicle we have bought from them--all of the salesmen we have worked with have dealt with us with integrity and been friendly, fair, and helpful. This was the first time that we had the Car Pro certificate and plege. Our salesman yesterday was Jim Beeson and when he showed us the price following the Car Pro protocol we could see instantly that it fit our philosophy which we have used in the past. The only question was regarding the accessories and Jim and his superiors went beyond "the second mile" to accommodate us. The entire experience was positive, friendly, and efficient. When we need another car, we will go back to Rusty Wallis Honda. Thank you Car Pro and Rusty Wallis Honda.

Jim Klassen

Norris Patterson

Yesterday I bought a Honda Coupe from Rusty Wallis. I phoned ahead and talked to the CarPro specialist identified, the Sales Manager. He was not available when I got there, instead I was with a well qualified salesman.

We test drove a car and I told him I was also interested in the Altima Coupe. When the salesman presented his price, he proudly said "For all our CarPro customers we take $2,500 off the sticker." Theire site had better deals than that. I quickly told him that I was severly dissapointed with his "Car Pro price, " because other dealerships were taking $5,000 of sticker for all customers for the same car, and that Nissian had a $1500 incentive for cash and his price was more than others dirve out for the same car.

I then told him where I wanted to be, we found the perfect vehicle, I met the Sales Manager and they gave me the deal I wanted (actually better). I then became very pleased. I believe they made a fair profit also. I was able to drive the car home that afternoon.

Thank you for your referal.

Lan Nguyen

I love Rusty Wallis! They were so helpful when I bought my Civic. I couldn't be happier! - Lan Nguyen

Lynn S.

Hello, Jerry,
We are very satisfied owners of a new Honda CRV-EXL from Rusty Wallis Honda.
Thank you very much for your referral to Chris Conroy. He and his excellent sales person, Elbony Powell, found the car that had everything we wanted.
They made the purchase and trade-in experience painless.
We appreciate your referral. This is our second referral/purchase from Rusty Wallis and we have not been disappointed.
Thanks for all you do to put your listeners in touch with dealers who treat customers so well.
Lynn S.
Denton, TX


I am so happy, I am on Cloud 9. I NOW have a car - thanks to you,
and it is just perfect.
It makes me dizzy thinking about what I would have gone through to
get to where I am without your beyond belief help. I did not have to
make one single call to find a car - imagine that, and one is sitting
in my garage.
You, Mr. Watson, and Mr. Johnson at Rusty Wallis Honda have been a Godsend.
I live west of the football stadium, and Mr. Watson even sent the nicest young
man to get me to pick up the car. I honestly feel I am living in the
50's again. (How much will you pay me to hush)?
Well, to end this, "Queen for A Day" could not compare with the
treatment I have received. God bless each of you, I know He is proud
of you, and I am too.

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