Sewell Infiniti of North Houston

Sewell Infiniti of North Houston
17825 North Freeway (I 45 at FM 1960)HoustonTexas77090

Will BonillaWill Bonilla
General Manager
(903) 202-0831
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Jimmy Miller

I have been listening to Car Pro USA for quite a while. I needed to buy a new car to replace one that was totaled in an accident. Jerry always suggests we use his certified dealers to make the car buying experience much easier, so I decided to try it.

My wife and I did several hours of online research using KBB, Edmunds and automobile company websites. We came up with about 20 vehicles to research and finally narrowed it down to 2 the Infinity QX60 and the Toyota Highlander and had a couple more if these didnt work out. We have friends and family with both and they are very happy with them.

We used Car Pro USA and sent requests to Sewell Infinity in North Houston and to Toyota of Katy in Katy, Texas, late Tuesday evening. My requests gave some detailed information to allow the sales people to do some research on their end.

When I got up Wednesday morning, I had a reply from Patrick Arnold at Sewell Infinity. We emailed back and forth to clear up a few things and made an appointment to see him at 4 PM.

We met Mr. Arnold and looked at some of the showroom cars. We test drove one of the QX60s. One of the things my wife wanted was AWD and Sewell did not have one with our preferred color scheme and trim in stock but it was available in Dallas. They could have it in Houston within two business days once we committed.

We told Mr. Arnold we also wanted to look at the Highlander before making a decision. At no time did he try to pressure us into buying now. He did introduce us to his sales manager. He thanked us for coming by and asked us to let him know our final decision.

We still had not heard from Toyota of Katy at this time so we decided to stop at a nearby Toyota dealer to look at Highlanders. If we liked the Highlander, we could visit with the Katy dealer the next morning.
We were met at the door by a salesman and he took us inside to look at their showroom Highlanders. He took us to a very nice model that had been used by Toyota Executives and were marked down significantly and we would still be the 1st owner of the vehicle. My wife was set on a new one and not interested in these.

We went to the lot and test drove one. We also liked it and it was pretty much a tossup between the two as far as the models and styles. The Highland was cheaper than the QX60 and that was a key consideration. He did seem to go back to the executive vehicles a lot during his conversation. It seemed he was trying to steer us that way.

We went on home to make our decision over night. I still had not heard from Toyota of Katy. I thought there might be a mix-up of some kind so I sent them another request via Car Pro USA and noted it was a second request.

When I got up this morning, there still was no replay form Toyota. After an intense overnight decision making process, my wife decided on the QX60.

We knew Mr. Arnold was off today, but he did say to let us know our decision, so I sent him an email saying we had decided on the QX60. We knew he was out of the office today, but we wanted to do the paper work, and we were fine if someone else took care of it. He said he would be glad to come in just to make sure everything went fine.

We met him at noon and did one more test drive and went back to the dealership. He said the car in Dallas had a couple of extras, and we would get them with no extra charge. He also took my Enterprise rental car keys and he turned the car over to the Enterprise agent in the dealership.

He took us to the finance department and Mrs. Bell processed our loan and we were out of her office in less than 30 minutes. She did offer us extended warrantees that is part of her job but did not push them at all when we declined.

Mr. Arnold met us after and explained some of the options in the loaner we would have until our car arrived from Dallas. He pulled the loaner around and gave my wife a brief introduction to the QX60 and we left.
Some of the things that influenced in choosing the QX60 were its overall appearance; it doesnt seem quite as long as the Highlander which was important to my wife; and the fact that we can get a loaner car for when it goes in for maintenance. And if we want, they will even deliver the loaner car to us, pickup our car, and bring ours back when the maintenance is finished.

I rate this experience very highly. Jerry Reynolds was right. His certified dealers will treat you right. At least Sewell Infinity does. I dont know about Toyota of Katy.

Brian Springfield

Submitted the notice I was coming in to look at the Q60 and received a call from Jason within 20 minutes letting me know he would be waiting to assist me. Jason and Matt Chills were very informative and helpful. We took two cars for test drives and were heading home about 30 minutes after returning from the last drive with our new new car. Great experience, very satisfied Car Pro listener.

Laura Manuel

I'm interested in a white G37 sedan.

Bill Wright

On Saturday we sent the Email to Sewell infiniti through the Car Pro site and almost immediately received a call from Liz Gonzalez. When we arrived she met us as soon as we walked in and had a car ready for us based on what we wanted. After she had given us a purchase price, we explained that we still had a couple of more places we wanted to visit before deciding on a car. However she asked what we would want as a bottom line price with our trade-in to have us buy the car then. We gave her our bottom line, knowing that we were prepared to actually pay more, but only after we had made our other visits. She came back with the price we had given her and so we did buy the car then and there.

Liz was professional in every way and never put us off with a manger to haggle. The test drive was obviously well planned to give us the best experience in learning about the car. In almost 40 years of car buying I would say this was by far the best experience my wife and I have ever had. Thank you for recommeding Sewell Infiniti.


I had been putting off the chore of buying a new car, mostly to avoid the "car buying experience." My husband listens to the Car Pro Show and suggested we try a different approach this time. We were still undecided in the actual car, so we had to visit a few different dealerships. We finally made it to Sewell Infiniti (car pro dealership) and met Matt Childs at the door. Wow! There was no pressure, no hard sell, no hassle. He just answered our questions, was very patient, gave us time to discuss things, even drove us to their off site inventory lot to view other color and option choices to make sure we were making the right decision. He wasn't just trying to push a car off on us he was trying to get off his lot.

I have never had a pleasant car buying experience (I am pretty sure I have never used pleasant and car buying in the same sentence before.) We didn't even have to haggle over pricing or trade in value. We got a deal thousands less than we were expecting in final price. The entire dealership had an amazing culture you experienced from the front desk to the service crew (whom we met as we were assigned our personal service assistant.)

Anyone looking for a car should consider this dealership if you are looking for the best customer service and car buying experience, not to mention an amazing vehichle. Ask for Matt Childs, and I promise you will be treated to a wonderful car pro experience!

Johnny Jaramillo

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! We had a great experience at Sewell Infiniti. My contact was Christine Snuggs and she was great! We also met the Bryan the manager and he was great too! We purchased a 2009 Nissan Pathfinder and it was loaded! They were so patient with us and the transaction was so easy!! We are very happy that Jerry recommended this dealership! Thank you so much!

Pam G.

I want to thank you for your info and concern. I really do appreciate it and also, that someone cares. You recommended Sewell. I went and talked to Chris, was there an hour, was approved for the ES350 and all I had to put down was 2K. I am now driving the car I originally wanted and had the greatest service in the world. They were so professional, courteous and respectful. The whole experience was unbelievable.
Thanks for your help.
Pam G.

Bill T

I'm almost 65 and have driven Maximas the past few years. My current car is a '97 Maxima with 186K miles and am experiencing the $500 here and $1,000 there mechanical problems. I think I want a rear drive car this time. I've driven the Hyundai Genesis R-Spec. I sort of like it but it's bigger than what I am used to driving. My wife doesn't like it because the outside rear view mirrors are huge and she can't see over them even with the seat adjusted all the way up. We also thought about a BMW but what I want comes out a heck-of-a-lot more than I want to spend. We looked at an Infiniti M but, again, that is a full size car and costs more than $50K. On Monday, 12/26, we are meeting with Barry Bartel at Sewell Infiniti to test drive a G37. I did the build your car thing on the Infiniti website and noticed that in order to get a limited slip rear-end and the stiffer suspension you have to get the sport package plus some other stuff. Would you recommend the sport package? Is there a noticable handling difference with the sport package? This is a guy thing because my wife says I'm stupid and should just get the plain Jane, old fogey setup. Do you like the G37 or would you recommend something different?
Bill T
Houston, TX

Jerry says: "hey Bill, Merry Christmas. I like the G37 a lot if it's big enough for you guys. It doesn't have a lot of backseat room and that may be OK. I like the sport package actually, but I like a car that handles good in curves. I think it's a good choice actually. If it doesn't pan out for some reason, let me know, we'll look at others.
Check in with Erin Yeoman when you get there, she is the Sales Manager, tell her I sent you, you'll be in good hands. Sewell is REALLY a special place!"

Bill wrote back to say this:"Well we bought a G37. Not the S model because the seats were so uncomfortably confining. All in all a good experience but since I haven't purchased a new car in a while, I was surprised at how expensive the extended warranty had become. Thanks again for your help. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2012."

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