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Charles WillisCharles Willis
New Car Sales Manager
(832) 240-1598
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Dealer Ratings

Below you can learn more about this dealer by reading other customers' ratings and feedback. If you have connected with this dealer we would like to hear about your experience too. Please complete the "Rate Your VIP Experience" section at the bottom of the page.

George G.

My wife and I visited VW of the Woodlands, Mon., Aug. 26. We looked at a VW Beetle convertible (2013). We drove it and liked it and made a deal. My wife is the only driver since I am blind. The car was delivered later that night by one of the VW of the Woodlands salesmen. He spent time with me and my wife showing us all the features of the car. The service was excellent and the entire staff was very helpful. Jerry, I'll offer you a test drive...I'll direct. Are you in? (grin)

Michael Graves

Everything from the VIP offering, lease, warranty and service have been outstanding. We had a three year lease, we were very pleased with the car and all interactions with VW of The Woodlands.


I just bought a 2018 Tiguan from Volkswagen of the Woodlands. This was by far the easiest vehicle purchase I have made. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They had an exceptional selection of vehicles and were able to provide me with the exact vehicle I wanted at a fair price. I will recommend the Bayway Auto Group, specifically Volkswagen of the Woodlands, to all my friends.

Greg Mason


Since hearing on your show that some VW dealerships were again selling new 2016 Touareg TDIs I couldn't wait to see what was available at VW of the Woodlands. I had time on a Sunday to window shop and after getting back from a trip I met with salesperson Michael Burk since your normal contact was out of town. Michael put me on the golf cart and we went all over the dealership to find the Touareg TDIs that were ready for sale or in make ready or waiting on the TDI fix. Michael found exactly what I wanted and made sure it was ready for delivery for me after my next trip. Everyone I met at VW of the Woodlands from the managers to the parts counter people to the service managers and finance manager were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I love my "new" 2016" Touareg TDI and dealing with VW of the Woodlands was a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for a new or used car. Thanks for you informative radio show!!


Charles Wilcox

Sent an email through Car Pro to VW of the Woodlands and 2 minutes later Scott Moore, the General Manager called me back. Went up there the next day and dealt with Laurel Williams. I bought a VW Jetta. Extremely happy with my purchase. Laurel was a great help. Everybody there seemed down to earth, nice people--considerate. Chatted with Scott Moore for 20 minutes. If you want a no hassle car buying experience go to VW of the Woodlands.

Robert Nutt

In 2013, I took your advice and went to the Volkswagen of the Woodlands dealership. The dealership was great, it was everything you said it would be. I have recommended the dealership, and you, to my friends and coworkers. Even though I got an emissions diesel, I can not blame the dealership for that. I would very much like to go back to them but they are not selling diesels anymore.

Michael Graves

Make me #24 with Five Stars, it was painless, and stress free from picking out the car to the Red Carpet Treatment from Lance Willis, Sean Brady to Charles Bell the Finance Manager. The entire process took less than two hours including searching for the car, model, color and of course the test drive. Everyone was friendly, professional and answered all our questions with no high pressure trying to sell anything. They do not sell cars at VW of the Woodlands, people go there to purchase a vehicle. I can't really describe what a great experience it was, we will be a repeat customer.....Thanks Mike Graves

E. Bryan Robinson

This is my 3rd vehicle that I have purchased from this dealership. I have always been pleased with this dealership, but when I started off using the carpro referral service, the process was unbelievably easier.
I cannot express how great the entire process was. Robert Bogany was fantastic to deal with, Finance men, Mr Chuck and Mr. Willis were very helpful. Walking in with a carpro certificate is better than walking on the red carpet. You have a great service and have worked out a great relationship with this dealership that have honored your referral system. I will highly recommend everyone using the carpro vip referral service and those dealerships that you recommend.

Steve Breeding

At the time of this writing there are 22 reviews, 22 reviews with 5 stars. I am not surprised. Now there will be 23 with 5 stars. My family has bought 3 VWs from VW of the Woodlands in the last 2 years. We keep coming back because of the professionalism demonstrated, quality of the vehicles and great service. It is always a pleasure doing business with Dennis Livesay who has gone out of his way to meet our needs. We have come to think of him as a friend. When he has been "too busy", taking care of other customers who arrived before us, he has had an associate (Justin and Chris - Thank You) help us out so we didn't just have to wait. Thanks to all of the staff for making our car buying experiences positive ones. My only regret is I did not post a review sooner.

Happy Customer

I decided a new VW Golf GTi was required.
Your certified dealer is VW of the Woodlands. Contact made.
Dennis Livesay e-mailed me - I sent him my desired specification.
Within 30 minutes he responded that he could locate this Golf.
I drove to them by-passing six dealers, all closer so they could appraise my trade. Within the hour I had an e-mail quote w/cost of new car & trade value. It should be noted this appraisal figure was $2,000 higher than anticipated. Figures all presented, I instructed them to proceed. No discussion, no debate on my part!
This is a wonderful service by the Car-Pro & Dennis & Lance executed flawlessly. I thank you. Your audience should pay sincere attention to what Jerry & Kevin offer.

Mark Wright

Just so you know, this is actually going to be a dual-dealer review.

I have emailed you a couple of times over the past 10 months to get info on the dealer referral program, as well as get information about Audis. I fell in love with Audis and German engineering after a trip last year to Germany. After nearly two years of researching my car purchase - yes, it took me some time - I had narrowed it down to either an Audi (A4 or Q5) or a VW Tiguan or Passat. Last week my old faithful 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis just died. Literally. At a major intersection. I was now forced to buy a car (I was hoping to make it to December).

I am president of credit union and for the past 16 years, anytime I needed a car for my wife or my kids, I called a wholesale dealer friend. He'd find the car, deliver it and the deal was over and done with. I have not had to shop for a car in a long time, and I knew the horror stories of shopping from some of our credit union members. I was not looking forward to car shopping, and truly hoping your referral program worked as well for me as it apparently did for others and as you said it did.

Now I HAD to shop. So Monday afternoon I took off work and headed north from my home up to Audi North Houston - an hour drive, in traffic on I-45 at almost peak traffic time. I had been there before, back in January, just to actually see the Audi A4 and Q5 in person. I obtained my dealer referral from your website the prior week., and I visited with Blake Best on behalf of Tiffany Bishop. I could not give enough accolades to Blake for the service shown to me. He was extremely patient with me and answered all my questions. We reviewed 4 CPOs and one new A4. His attention to my needs, my questions, and his willingness to do whatever he could to assist me, proved why Audi North Houston is on your referral program. Alas, when it was all said and done (in only two hours though), I could not make a decision on an auto. My problem was that I needed to hit a certain price point, and to get the bells and whistles I wanted, I was going to have to go way above my price point. So I left Audi North Houston to get a quick meal and think over the final offer on a 2014 A4 I'd decided on. It was a good deal, but it just didn't feel right for my situation, but I was intent on making it feel right by thinking on it a bit. I told Blake I'd be back in 30 minutes.

I went down the feeder, made a U-turn and headed up to The Woodlands to Volkswagen of the Woodlands. There I met with Dennis Livesay, who'd also contacted me via the dealer referral program. I told him bluntly that I was only there because I had made the appointment with him, but I was on limited time, and we probably couldn't do anything in 30 minutes, right? He was extremely courteous to me, found my email and we began discussing what I was interested in (either a Tiguan or a Passat), what my needs were, why I was shopping, etc. After only 10 minutes I was hooked. We went over the basics of the Tiguan and I realized, now seeing it up close and personal, that it was not really what I wanted. So we turned to the Passat. I sat in the showroom car and I was in love. I then confessed to Dennis all my sins: I was there with the intent of killing time and also to officially rule out VW, and then return to the Audi dealership and finalize that deal. However, after seeing and sitting in the Passat, and hearing Dennis' very knowledgeable and succinct overview of the Passat's features, I had to conclude that the Passat was my car, not the Audi.

Upon hearing my confession, Dennis told me this wasn't the first time he'd heard similar stories from customers. And for the next 90 minutes, we had a wonderful time. Dennis continued to explain all the features and options of the Passat - the SEL TDI specifically. We went over the pros and cons of gas vs diesel. We did a test drive. And that, Jerry, was the final nail in the proverbial coffin. I was sold. All that was left was to search inventory and choose my color. I narrowed it down to a 2015 Passat SEL TDI in Night Blue Metallic with Cornsilk Beige interior. I bought their first 2015 Passat. You, sir, are absolutely correct: the Passat is a fantastic car with room, power, features AND a great price!

I can say this without any hesitation at all: Dennis Livesay and VW of the Woodlands deserves a full five star rating, but only because you don't offer more stars than that. He was informative, pleasant, personable. He was not pushy or negative toward Audi or any other make. He SOLD the VW brand by NOT talking down his competition but by talking UP VW. This was, simply put, a most pleasurable experience.

And I haven't even begun to bubble over about the Car Pro pricing and all the wonderful ease of purchasing avenues afforded to me because of the Car Pro program. I was expecting 4-5 hours minimum to "do the deal" at either dealership. Instead, about 2 hours at Audi North Houston (because of the number of autos we test drove and discussed) and about 2 hours total at VW of the Woodlands. I. Was. Blown. Away.

Thank you so much for your radio show, the information you provide, and especially for this week, where your dealer referral program was the winner winner chicken dinner! You have a life-long listener! My credit union members will know about my experience and the Car Pro difference!

Mark Wright

Gregory Taylor


I used your connection and went to VW of the Woodlands in search of a 2015 Passat TDI SEL Premium. I was directed to salesman Dennis Livesay. Dennis was the best, most professional salesman I have ever seen. The environment was pleasant. The big thing with me about Dennis was he was not pushy. He was very relaxed and truly let the car sell itself. I could go on about how pleased I am with my experience. I love the car, service and price received at this dealership. Thanks also goes out to Jeff Brown, sales managers, whom also went the extra mile to make me happy. Wish I had more time. Can not say enough.

Thank you Jerry for recommending VW of the Woodlands and thank you VW of the Woodlands for having professionals like Dennis and Jeff.

Gregory Taylor

Pat Barry

Dennis was a pleasure to work with through the process of purchasing a new GTI for my daughter. I would highly recommend VW of The Woodlands and Dennis to anyone shopping for a VW in the Houston area. The Car Pro Program is the way to go!

Geoff Hollick

Many thanks for the referral to VW of the Woodlands TX who gave me the red-carpet treatment at all levels for a 2015 GTI. I got help from numerous people along the way during three visits and two test-drives. They care for their customers and that is what it is all about.

Incidentally, I was told I was the first Car-Pro customer there for a 2015 GTI. I am adding this fact to my resume, so do I get a plaque? I need backup!

Cheers, Geoff

Wally Warren

By far the best dealer experience of my life.
I've become accustomed to fighting for every nickel in the deal.
These folks offered me a deal far better than even I expected to get!
Now that we've driven the car through much of its first tank of fuel(600+miles!), we are doubly impressed at the entire experience and the 2014 Passat TDI SEL.
Mixed driving around the Houston metro has netted us an average of 46-mpg. After refueling the "range" showed 830-miles. We will laugh all the way to El Paso - un-refueled!!!
Thanks to VW, The Car Pro Show and VWOTW for making it easy and comfortable to own a super fine automobile!!!

Mark Bowman

I took my 82-year-old mother shopping for cars today. Mom still drives 20,000+ miles per year. I had done my homework ahead of time (using Car-Pro advice, among other things), and had down-selected for her to either the VW Passat SE TDI or the Honda Accord EX-L. Our first stop was VW of the Woodlands, where their Car Pro point of contact, Dennis Livesay, already had a Passat in the trim level and color Mom prefered. After a test drive and thorough "tour" and explanaition of the car, Mom said there was no need to waste time looking at anything else. The Car Pro price was excellent, and 4 hours later we drove off in Mom's new Passat SE TDI - a wonderful car to drive! Dennis and the dealership were outstanding and the whole experience was the easiest car-buying experience I've had. Thanks, Car Pro, Dennis Livesay, and VW of the Woodlands!


We do a lot of traveling between Texas and Kansas and we were looking for a car that could handle the mileage. We were listening to the show last week and heard Jerry's review of the 2014 VW Passat. Took the drive to VW of The Woodlands and by the end of the day Jorge Maysonet had us in a beautiful 2014 Passat TDI SEL Premium. Has everything we need and we are looking forward to that first long trip to Kansas. Even in Houston traffic I am averaging 48mpg. Many thanks to Jorge for a great car buying experience.

Dennis Roach

Dennis Livesay at Volkswagen of The Woodlands really went the extra mile to be sure I got all the answers to my questions and was able to get me the car I wanted and a great deal with little stress !
I bought the last 2013 TDI passat on the last day of the month, the last day of the quarter.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great car pro buying experience!

Dennis Roach

Rich and Lois Schinman


Labor Day weekend we went to Volkswagan of the Woodlands and purchased a 2014 Passat TDI. We couldn't be happier not just about the car but about the dealership.

Dennis Livesay and Jorge treated us like royalty. They have raised the bar on the experience of buying a car. It turned out to be such a FUN experience. We highly recommend the Passat TDI, Volkswagan of the Woodlands and Dennis and Jorge.

Rich and Lois Schinman
Humble, TX

JoAnn Ziifle

Dennis Livesay was our sales associate and he was outstanding. We learned so much about our new car- 2013 Volkswagen Passat SE/Navigation/diesel. We love it. He took so much time with us throughout the course of the day - test driving, the details and attributes of the diesel engine, financial process and then going over every inch of the car with us before we left the dealership. We have never had a more positive experience in all of our years buying cars.
Thank you Jerry for your show...without it I would never have even considered a Volkswagen Passat - now I want my husband to buy the VW SUV! The dealership is top rated and number one in sales in the Houston area and I can sure see why! Outstanding!! Thanks again for your expertise!

Robin Caldwell

Jeff Brown at VW of The Woodlands - best salesman in town!

William Wyss

First time VW buyer.
Dealership was friendly and we enjoyed
our buying experience.
We are a 3 car family and have purchased 30
plus cars/trucks over the years and are
experienced and a little hard to please,
we are happy with VW of the Woodlands
at this point .

Jim Crumm

Just wanted to let you know that we bought our daughter a 2013 Beetle Fender Edition at VW of the Woodlands ( about 60 miles from our house). It was an enjoyable experience. Dave Livesay did a great job. The most knowledgeable car sales person I have ever dealt with and very much the character. Thanks for the referral and I highly recommend this dealership and VW, the new cars are beautiful.
Thanks again.
Alvin, TX


Thanks for recommending VW of the Woodlands for a stress free car buying experience. Our salesperson, Adam, was very friendly, knowledgeable and attuned to what we were looking for. We got a great car at a fantastic price and would recommend them to anyone.

Joyce Ladner

Just wanted to say thanks for your input on hybrids or diesel. And thanks for recommending the folks at VW of the Woodlands. We went in today and purchased a Passat and could not have ask for anyone to be more helpful and friendly. We have never enjoyed buying a car before but we enjoyed buying today. And thanks for the $500.00 promotional deal. We went at the right time and received several good deals. We heard lots of good things about you and your show from everyone we talked to today.

Thanks for everything,
Joyce Ladner

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