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Mike Earls Mike Earls
General Manager
(281) 245-1176
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Jim Thatcher

I went with grandson, who was just assigned to Coast Guard and needed his first car to commute to his station for duty. Met Mike Early first thing and he personally took us to salesman, Ryan Allen and Sales Manager, Rick Frazier. Mr. Early's instructions were to help us get this young man in his first car. The attention, undivided interest and car knowledge was outstanding. Grandson drove away with his new, safe and reliable Sonata within 2 hours. Everyone there knew were Car Pro customers and treated us as you attest to on your radio show. I strongly recommend Wiesner dealerships in Conroe, TX to everyone.


Excellent - Cars were waiting to demo. Process was transparent and quick.

Donia Kolodziejcyk

Per your recommendation, we went to Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe over Labor Day weekend and we had an awesome experience. Our salesman, Ryan Allen, returned my phone call within 5 minutes and set me up an appointment for later that evening. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable. He helped us find exactly what we were looking for and not something he was trying to sell us. We were very comfortable talking with him because he was honest and upfront about all the options. He also had a great sense of humor which made the whole stressful scenario of buying a car much more enjoyable. Thanks for the recommendation. We would definitely recommend going to Wiesner Hyundai to anyone looking to purchase a Hyundai!

Larry K.


I want to thank you for a great Car Pro experience. In 2016 I purchased a Yukon Denali from Wiesner using the Car Pro VIP process. I was pleasantly surprised with the Car Pro purchase as I hate the car haggling process. I traded a 2009 Traverse that I had appraised months earlier. The Wiesner offer for the Traverse was 1000's of dollars better and the new vehicle was 1000's less than their internet advertised pricing. At the last minute I asked about also trading my 1957 Bentley. Wiesner found a buyer and with a bit of negotiation I also traded the Bentley. Overall, I was very pleased.

Last week my daughter totaled her vehicle. Thank goodness no one was injured. I again submitted an e-mail for the Car Pro VIP program and returned to Wiesner to talk about a new Genesis 80. We reached a very amicable deal that I discussed with my daughter. She drove a similar car in Austin to confirm she liked the car. The dealer in Austin was $8500 higher in purchase price than Wiesner. Saturday she came to Conroe and is now a very happy Genesis owner.

Thanks again to you, the Car Pro program and Wiesner for making car purchasing a fun experience. Keep up the good work.

Karl Brooks

We went in to buy a base model Hyundai Kona SE. We left with a Hyundai Kona SEL...not because of any "upselling" by Ryan Allen, our CarPro sales contact, but, because the price was right. We had a very pleasant experience working with Ryan and with Jason who handled the financing for us.

I will usually visit a dealership two or three times before deciding to buy. This time it was an easy decision to make the purchase on the very first visit. We drove to Conroe from Texas City and passed quite a few other Hyundai dealers along the way. It was well worth the trip!

Russell Pelfrey

Contacted Ron Clark looking for a new 2017 Sonata. He was a great pleasure to work with. We basically settled everything online. Drove from Texas City, TX late afternoon. Upon arrival was greeted by Ron. They had the car prepped. From arrival time to departure was 30-45 minutes. The smoothest and most relaxing auto purchase I have ever made.


I had a great experience at Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe, TX. I worked with Josh Ables. He listened and delivered. It was such a smooth and easy transaction.

Thank you.

Harold Harris

I want to compliment Jason McKeever at Wiesner Hyundai who worked with us in a professional & friendly manner after our 2015 Sonata Limited flooded in our garage. We bought the 2015 from Jason almost 3 years ago & my wife loved it. We had no internet to print out your certificate & Jason said not to worry about it. My wife selected the color she wanted by visiting another lot & I relayed that info to Jason & told him she wanted another Limited with the ultimate package. He had the car in a day & two days later we drove the 48 miles to pick it up. This time we leased the vehicle & our experience in the finance office was 100% better than the previous time. Wish you had a closer dealer but we thank you for having Wiesner on your list as they do a great job.
Harold Harris

Pam Young

I contacted Wiesner Hyundai late Thursday evening and Mike Dixon called me first thing Friday morning. I made a 1 pm appointment. Mike introduced mt to Frank Galvan who handled by purchase. It was the easiest car purchase I have ever made. I was home with my vehicle by 5:30. I wanted a smaller SUV and the Tucson was perfect for my needs. The price was right and I am completely satisfied. Frank has called me a couple of times to see if there are any issues (none, I am happy to say) and to remind me of free car washes available anytime.

jeff cooper

very helpful

Mark & Janice Canfield

Dear Jerry. I was skeptical at first but we just purchased a 2013 sonata from wiesner in conroe. Meet the sales manager then he put us with johnathan,this was his first day at wiesner).He was great very knownledgable about the car.Overall OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!!! Thank you very much..We will tell everybody about your service.

Chris and Tara Bodin

Mr. Hatfield, My name is Chris Bodin & I just wanted to let you know what an incredible experience we had purchasing a vehicle at your dealership. A little background about us. I was in the Army & stationed in Korea in 1992-1993. I saw first hand the poor quality of the vehicle & never in my life would have thought we would be purchasing one. For the past month we have been looking for a new vehicle for my wife.

We checked all the local dealers up & down I-45 & were truly disappointed. It seemed that if we did get to talk to a sales person, they would start off after introductions stating that they have only been doing this for a month or so. Usually unable to answer our questions. This was very off putting, sometimes salespeople would not even come out. I was finally referred to the Car Pro Show where they recommended your dealership. I started looking on line & my wife wants a SUV so I looked up the Tucson & Santa Fe. With in minutes a representative called to schedule an appointment which would be with Jason Costine. He not only treated us like a friend, but was very professional & knowledgeable of the vehicles. Jason was great. Another person we dealt with was Michael Dixon, who again was very personable & just plain nice. We told him our budget, me being a firefighter & my wife a teacher, we worked out all the details, which was actually not horribly unpleasant as most other times I've purchased vehicles. We were happy with the price, but our kiddos were with us & they needed food. While we were out we decided to go to the couple of other dealerships on the feeder. The same experience we previously had were the same we had again. New salespeople or nobody even coming out after walking a lot for 15 minutes. In all our time looking for vehicles, we found that all the comparable vehicles to the Tucson were both a lot more money & the warranty was no where near what you offer. With my wife happy & satisfied as well as myself, we decided to drive home & get my wives trade in & bring it back to do the deal. We arrived back at the dealership at 5:00 p.m. & all was done & we were on our way by 7:30. I was going to use my fire department credit union for financing, but your finance manager David Runge really sealed the deal. We got the lowest APR I've ever gotten any time in my past. The usage of the flat computer on the desk to sign most of the paperwork was awesome. Even without the flat computer David made us feel welcome & still feeling no pressure. All around I just wanted to express in my long but detailed e mail what a great experience it was & have told several of my friends about your dealership. Thank you so much for such a great experience & to have my mindset totally changed about a brand of vehicle that I had a bad experience with in the past. See you the next time we need a vehicle,


Jeri Russell

Hey Jerry, we did buy a Hyundai Sonata from Wiesner! Love that car! Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Ron Clark, our salesman....Very smooth transaction! Thanks again for your help!!
Take care,
Jeri Russell

-------- Original Message --------
Re: 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2.4L
Thu, 04 Jul 2013 12:40:28 -0500
Jeri Russell
Ron Clark

Hey Ron! Just checking in and wanted to thank you for you service & concern! Thanks also for staying so late so we could drive out with our new car! I'd have to say.....it's the nicest car I have ever had! I drove it last night at night for the first time...what a dash light display! beautiful! I like the way all the controls, even the windows buttons are lit up. Love the homelink garage door opener button...got that programed....the Bluetooth phone accessory too! Both work great! Wasn't sure the advantage to the blulink package that was included since it doesn't feature the items of the other packages. I don't seem to find the $$ of the other available packages either. I also love the seat adjustments as well as the SMOOTH ride! I'm still discovering all the features now and if you know of any little tips n tricks...please share! Thanks again!! yer the best!!

Take care,
Jeri Russell

John Kosty & Son

My son within the past year moved from Dallas to Tucson, and was recently interested in trading his 2006 VW GTI for a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 M Track edition. I sent an inquiry to Wiesner through your website and received a response from Valerie, the internet customer representative to tell me I'd be hearing from internet sales. Jason McKeever contacted me, and after several conversations both with me and my son, it was confirmed that he could locate a vehicle of my son's chosen color. Wiesner was able to beat the offers at the Tucson, Phoenix, and LA dealerships by enough to make buying the vehicle in Texas and driving it back worthwhile. All transactions were accomplished by phone or e-mail, (except for FedEx for finalizing the paper work), and Jason even arranged for the car to have window tint and a clear bra applied off site before it was picked up on Friday afternoon. We had a short window -- we wanted to take advantage of the May sales events, but have the car available to pick up on a Friday and drive it back to Tucson over a weekend. Everything worked like clockwork, and Father's day weekend, my son and I drove the car back 1000 miles and 17 hours across Texas, NM, and into Tucson. Couldn't have asked for a better Father's day than spending so much quality time together on the drive. Thanks for turning us on to this dealership!

Charles Barber

As Jerry told me, all businesses make mistakes. What they do after that tells you a lot about them. My experience at Wiesner Hyundai was more than I could have hoped for. I took my mom there car shopping and they were very patient with her and the many visits it took for her to make up her mind on which car she wanted. We ended up getting a Sonata. We got the no haggle Carpro price and at that point I relaxed and she went to finance. Here is the key, after the paper work was signed, and we drove the car home we realized there was a mistake made in finance. The car had been over priced. We called our salesman and he said he didnt know what happened but it would be fixed. We went back up there 2 days later and the Sales manager was waiting for us. The problem was fixed in less than 30 minutes. It was great to see the car dealership stereotype crushed and left behind. These guys make a deal and stick by it even if the ink is already dry. David Runge is great salesman to work with, and the sales manager Tim Van De Steene will make sure things are right.


I've listened to your show for a couple of years now, and when my old Altima finally had to be replaced I went to your site to look up Hyundai dealers. I have been looking at the Sonata for a couple of years and knew what I wanted. After a phone call, found what I wanted and the same day purchased my brand new car with no hassles, easy financing and a great experience. You guys saved me time, money, and stress. Thank you! And hats off to Terry's team at Wiesner. They are fabulous! Mike Hembree is one of the nicest sales guys I've ever met. Down to earth, and he went beyond my expectations to make sure I was happy and knew how the technology in my car worked. Even synched up my phone for me to the car's Bluetooth. And Ed made the financing a breeze. Great experience, and I love my new car!

Bruce Baldwin

After deciding on getting the Santa Fe vs. the other competitors, I wanted to complete the purchase prior to the end of the month. I had obtained the manager's best price from my local dealer in Lake Jackson as a benchmark. Being a CarPro Show listener, I took Jerry Reynold's advice and called Terry Hatfield at Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe. Terry turned me over to Jeff for further sales pricing. I made the deal over the phone and scheduled a pick up later in the afternoon with David Runge. My mother who had been under hospice care for awhile passed away that afternoon which delayed the scheduled pick up. After making the appropriate arrangements regarding my Mom, we were able to make the trip north later in the evening where we were promptly greeted at the door by David. He and the business manager, Ed Griffith, made the effort to have us finished up in short order as it was already after 9:00 pm. David offered several times to show us around the vehicle but I declined as it was already well after closing time and we were exhausted from the day's events and still needing to make an hour and a half drive back home.
I am most appreciative of David's and Ed's attention to our needs.


My girlfriend and I went to Weisner this weekend to buy a Tuscon. Tim was a wonderful salesperson and was able to make everything that we wanted to happen, happen. Jason walked us through the paperwork and he was just as wonderful as Tim. We got a great deal and a great car! This was my second experience with the Weisner people, as I had taken my sister to buy an SUV from them in April. These people are great and an excellent credit to you and your recommendation!

I won't go anywhere that, YOU, the CAR PRO doesn't recommend ever again! Thanks!!


Marcela Armengol

Hi Jerry,
Just want to thank you. I bought my new Accent last Saturday. Terry was very nice and so was everyone in Wiesner Hyundai. Thanks again!!!

Leo and Margaret Chelette

We want to thank Car Pro Preferred Dealer referral for directing us to Weisner Hyundai in Conroe. This is the best and most friendly group of people you want to buy a new car from. Right off the bat, they offered the best price on the car we selected and it just kept getting better. They gave the Car Pro discount without question, more for the trade-in than we dreamed of, a fantastic finance deal that beat our bank (our bank rate was 2.55%), and discounts off the extended warranty. On top of all this, we drove 100 miles to make the deal. We learned later the car we purchased in Conroe originally came from the Hyundai dealer in our home town in a dealer trade. I would recommend to everyone, if you are interested in a Hyundai, go to Wiesner Hyundai and see Lamar Clements, Jeff, or Michael Dixon for a deal and a car you will love. You also want to meet the finance man who has a great gadget on his desk that makes financing a car at Wiesner Hyundai a real enjoyment and a pleasant experience.
Leo and Margaret Chelette

John Hearne

Im a faithful listener on Saturday mornings in Crosby, TX. Always enjoy your test drives of new cars and interesting commentary.

I had pretty much made up my mind to purchase the 2012 Genesis 3.8L sedan based on various road tests and Consumer Reports magazine reviews. However, after the third trip to a north side Houston dealer in an effort to get the deal done, I felt like they were yanking me around and really didnt care if they earned my business or not. While Conroe is a bit farther up the road, I placed a call to Wiesner Hyundai and told them I would come by the dealership if they could make it worth my while after the bad experience I just had in Houston.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Tim Vandesteene (former sales manager who now concentrates on internet sales). He advised that he believed he had just what I was looking for which could also be discounted it was a demo with 5000 miles on it that one of the Wiesners had been driving as a personal car. Although not enthusiastic about the color blue, I agreed to drive on up the dealership since I was already in North Houston. When I arrived, the car was exactly the model I was looking for and the blue color was very deep (almost black ) with the light interior I was looking for a must for Houston summers! Pretty and unusual color combo.

My wife who has no patience for such things as spending quality time in a car dealership was extremely pleased with how fast the transaction went probably took less than hour to make the deal. Financing took a bit longer primarily due to a thunderstorm that knocked computers off line for a few minutes and a couple of folks ahead. However, Jason was extremely professional and went thru all in detail. He even managed to upsell us on a $1000 warranty as a stop-gap measure for some of the major components such as electrical and a/c that are not covered under the normal warranties.

All in all, it was a very good experience, just wish they were closer so that I could have our cars serviced there when the time comes. Wife drives a 2011 Santa Fe Ltd which she is very happy with.

Thanks again for your input.
John Hearne

Murray Graham

Went to Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe telling them i was recommended by you... Treated me very well by Terri and ended up getting a 2012 ELANTRA used with 6000 miles on it for $15,900.00 and got $4000 for my 2004 volkswagen beetle. Drove about 60 miles to the dealership.....

Rick C. Jr.

I printed your VIP certificate and met with Mark Willis at Wiesner Hyundai yesterday. After some back and forth, I purchased the Genesis for exactly what I wnated to pay ($39,000 with technology pacakage) and actually received more than I hoped for on my trade in. I should be picking up the vehicle on Thrusday as they didn't have the color that I wanted in stock. I was suprised to find out that the VIP certificate even saved me some money on the 120,000 extended warranty that I purchased. I was not sure if this was a wise purchase but bought it due to all of the electronics on the vehicle. We also drove the Equus while we were there. I believe it will be my wife's next vehicle. What a wonderful car!!

I thank you for your show and the VIP assistance that you gave me on this vehicle purchase. I'll continue to listen (on my awesome car stereo) and tell all of my friends to listen to your show before they make another car purchase.

Have a great week!!
Thank you,

Rick C. Jr.

Kay C.


I recently took my sister, Gay Lynn Dillard, to Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe. She needed a Tucson and I wanted her to go to the best dealership around. Jerry and the finance guy Michael were patient, helpful, and altogether wonderful to her. She had special issues to deal with and they were still able to get her in a car with an above average trade in on her truck and monthly payments she could afford. She is no longer upside down and feels very happy about her experience. They are AWESOME! It was such a great experience that I wished I wanted a Hyundai so I could get one too!

Many thanks for your show...I listen to almost every Saturday!

Kay C.

Happy Costumer

Bought a new Genesis 5.0 from Wiesner Hyundai, sales pro Jarod Pitts..I have purchased over 35 new cars and trucks, and without a doubt this was the most professional car buying experience ever. I walked in, walked out in 1 hour with new car..and paid exactly what was suggested on line.
Great people..new building...Go Wiesner

Dennis A.

Jerry, thank you for improving your web-site! It is very user-friendly, clean, and intuitive. Not to say I didn't appreciate all the info you provided on your previous design, but it was a bit tedious. Now this one is so streamlined and easy to navigate! I also enjoy your radio broadcasts on Saturdays while driving in my 2011 Hyundai Azera you helped me get from Wiesner Hyundai!
Your fan from Cypress, TX
Dennis A.

David S.

We listen to you every weekend. So, when it came time to buy we went to your Car Pro Hyundai dealer, Wiesner. What a great experience. No pressure, honest, we can do that, we can not do that. We were pre- qualified from the credit union and they said what if we can do better and they did. Our salesman Jerry Robertson, was first class, a real gentleman. We where brought back to the "car salesman" world when we went down the street to test drive a Rav4. The ride and seat comfort was no where near the Santa Fe and we were dealing with a "car salesman". We quickly hurried back to see Jerry and buy the Santa Fe. Thanks Car Pro.

David S.


Dear Carpro,

You referred me to Terry Hatfield at Wiesner Hyundai in Conroe to purchase a new Hyundai SUV. I thought I would be able to afford a Santa Fe, but they made me an excellent deal on a new 2011 Veracruz and I was thrilled. Better yet, my wife was thrilled also. They were very nice with no hassles. Thank you.

Conroe, TX

Daniel V.

Dear Jerry,
Few weeks ago I wrote you about this widowed lady, friend of mine, who was overwhelmed with car problems and car purchase. Quickly you figured out she'd be happier with a Genesis than a Sonata (my suggestion), and you referred us to Hyundai Wiesner in Conroe, TX.
She fell in love with the Genesis, and yesterday she took delivery of a beautiful, 2012, 3.8 Genesis. I just can't say enough of the people at Wiesner in Conroe, the most professional. courteous and polite bunch you can find anywhere. They gave her an unbeatable price on the vehicle with no gimmicks, adds-on, or any of that sort. They didn't have the exact car she wanted, so they found it in Dallas, and drove it to Conroe at no expense to her. The also paid her a fair price for the trade-in. My best experience ever in over 40 years of buying new cars. Many thanks to the folks at Wiesner; Terry, Mike, Jeff, Tim, and especially Jarod who was very helpful in every respect, and of course my deepest appreciation to you Jerry, for guiding us to the right vehicle, and for referring us to Wiesner, which has to be one of the best dealers in the country. Finally, many thanks for helping me to help my friend.
Daniel V.
Pearland, Texas

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