Detroit Jeep Plant Marks 6 Millionth Milestone

jeep grand cherokee 6 millionth

Party on motor city. Jeep’s 6 millionth vehicle just rolled out of Fiat Chrysler’s North Assembly Plant in Detroit. Yup. Six millionth. A 75th anniversary edition Grand Cherokee claimed the honor this week.

The plant opened back in 1992. The first vehicle rolled out on January 14, 1992. Staying true to tradition, a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee did the honors then just as the latest Cherokee gets to now.

Jeep brags all those six million vehicles can circle earth one and a half times. So plenty of Jeeps to go around. The last millionth were built in the past three years since August 13, 2013 when the plant celebrated its five millionth model. Of course, that model was also a Grand Cherokee. Jeep donated the 2014 model to the USO.  

“Reaching this milestone is a reflection of this plant’s commitment to supporting the continued growth of the Jeep brand around the world,” says Curt Towne, Jefferson North Plant Manager. He says Jeep and the employees are proud of their role in the “comeback of Detroit.”

There are around 4,500 employees working in the 3-million-square-foot plant who made the milestone happen. Each employee works a 10-hour shift in three rotating crews six days a week to keep up with the rapid production pace. Last year the plant cranked out 365,542 vehicles. Each Jeep takes a day and a half to go from the start at the body shop to finishing the assembly line.

The six millionth model Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary edition packs a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine connected to 4×4. The birthday party style shows in the Satin Bronze wheels, Bronze and Orange exterior accents, and 75th Anniversary badging. Power channels through eight-speed transmission. The model starts at $36,775. The specific six millionth model also got the Off-Road Adventure II package. The base, non-anniversary edition, Cherokee 4×4 starts at $31,995.

The plant also makes the Dodge Durango.

Photo Credit: Jeep
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