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Dick Van Dyke JaguarDick Van Dyke’s Jaguar went up in smoke, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on another.
After the veteran actor’s Jaguar XJ caught fire on a Los Angeles freeway over the summer and was destroyed, Van Dyke tells syndicated TV entertainment news show Access Hollywood that he had another within a day.
“I have another Jaguar. I have a fire extinguisher in the front seat.” Dick told host Billy Bush. “They sent me a loaner the next morning but I just bought another one. I like Jaguars.”
The fire started with “a little smoke,” Van Dyke says. He wasn’t overly alarmed. He called AAA for help, not 911. He was reaching over gathering things he wanted to save out of the car as the fire became worse.
So, he says it looked like he was slumped over the wheel, but he was never dazed by the fire. He was just searching for important items.
“Yeah. I was picking up my stuff off the floor and a guy came and he said ‘all I saw was this white haired man bent over’ and he yanked me out of the car. You know, he was a good Samaritan. I hadn’t gotten my stuff together,” he said on the TV show.
In true Hollywood fashion, the paparazzi showed up before the fire department.


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