DIY: Ford Tells Us How to Jump Start a Car Battery

how to jump start a dead car battery

Some things are as easy as riding a bike. For some that includes jump starting a car.  But not everyone has the hang of it, or can remember how. Then there are those drivers who don’t even know how to jump start a dead battery in the first place.

If the latter person is you, not to worry because Ford is coming to the rescue.  For some reason the automaker decided to do a DIY “how-to” video on how to jump start a car.  The timing is pretty perfect, too, in wake of AAA’s recent road rescue report. The auto club rescued a record 32 million drivers in 2015, and dead batteries were one of the top three rescue calls.

Check out the Ford “how-to” video below.

Here we break it down into five easy steps.

How To Jump Start a Car

Step 1:  Park the vehicles close to each other with the hoods up. Make sure both are completely turned off.
Step 2:  Get out those jumper cables. Then connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal of the discharged battery. Repeat process with the other end of the cable on the good battery. Now connect the negative clamp on the negative terminal on the good battery. Then finish by connecting the negative to the ground terminal on the dead one.
Step 3:  Jump start time. Start and rev the car with the good battery. Let it rev moderately between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm. Then start up the dead battery car. Grab a coke and chill for a few minutes with both vehicles running. See, that’s not so hard.
Step 4:  Remove jumpers in the reverse order that they were connected.
Step 5:  Thank the person who helped you out and then hit the road.

Photo Credit: Ford/YouTube
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