Dodge Brothers Are Back For More TV Ads

The Dodge Brothers are back for another round of ads complete with the brand’s signature wit, and an added dose of cinematic flair.

Dodge began its latest campaign Jan. 3 during NFL broadcasts. The campaign consists of three ads, with two featuring the Dodge Brothers and the other serving as a showcase for the Dodge family of vehicles.

The ads were produced by agency Wieden+Kennedy. The Golden Globe Awards show was among the programming targets last weekend.

One of the Dodge Brothers spots, titled “Old-Man Story,” has a different feel than their previous spots. Over a brooding composition, the narrator recalls a story that some have probably heard over the years about their grandfathers walking to school uphill.

The brand later inserts a tinge of attitude as the narrator says, “We never heard ours complain. The Dodge Brothers just built themselves a car.”

Then the Dodge Brothers, not making a scene like they normally do, pop up driving the Durango. The Journey CUV slides into the ad’s closing shot as well. “Old-Man Story” is an online-only spot.

“It has a more cinematic feel,” said Randy Ortiz, Dodge’s head of advertising, in an interview. “We wanted to have that storytelling-type feel to it and really tell that classic fable story, but have that nice twist at the end.”

The other Dodge Brothers spot isn’t as subtle. John and Horace pull up in a Challenger to pick up a man’s two daughters. No words are spoken in the ad, but the father’s facial expressions tell the story.

The ad closes with the overlaying text “Every man’s favorite car,” followed by “until it comes for his daughters.”

The third ad, called “Wolf Pack,” is a nod to enthusiasts similar to the Hellcat spot that tore up the streets of Miami last summer.

It’s a family affair starring the Scat Pack variants of the Charger and Challenger along with the Viper ACR, Dart GT and Durango R/T. Ortiz said the visceral spot, filmed an hour north of Toronto, lets the vehicles be the stars.

“The idea behind that spot is that whether it’s a Dart or a Challenger or a Charger or a Durango or a Viper, the vehicles are all unique and different and have their own kinds of personalities,” Ortiz said. “They’re all part of the same family and have that same DNA that’s rooted in performance.”

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