Dodge Puts Restraints On Hellcat Allocation

hellcatChrysler dealers are getting their first chance to secure the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but the automaker has reportedly established tight controls to manage distribution of its latest halo car.

Unsurprisingly, the company is preparing to initially provide the largest number of Hellcat units to dealers with the highest number of Dodge sales in the previous six months.

“You sell a lot of Darts for me, Journeys for me, Durangos for me, I’m going to give you the rights to this one, too, because this is a halo of the brand,” Dodge brand chief Tim Kuniskis told Automotive News.

Notably, however, the company wants to dissuade dealers from inflating the selling price to line their own pockets. Many dealers will be tempted to charge a premium for the attention-grabbing Hellcats, which could easily fetch well above MSRP due to limited production numbers.

Once the Hellcat-powered Challengers arrive in showrooms, the allocation formula will then reward dealers who are the quickest at selling the 707-horsepower cars. Dealers still have a right to inflate the asking price, but they may have a harder time getting additional Hellcat inventory if they choose such pricing strategies.

The most powerful vehicle in Chrysler’s lineup is expected to be limited to as few as 1,200 units, representing one car for every two Dodge franchises in the US. If the company is successful in encouraging dealers to sell the model at MSRP, buyers will soon be able to pick one up for $60,990.


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