Dodge Viper Fans, These Limited-Editions Are For You

It’s hard to believe it, but the Dodge Viper, the production car that holds the most track records ever, is nearing the finish line for good. (That is, unless Dodge brings it back as Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne hinted it could.) But until that day arrives, we’re going to go with Dodge’s announcement that 2017 will indeed be the last year of the iconic sports car.  The automaker isn’t letting it go out quietly, either.

Dodge is releasing five special limited-edition 2017 Dodge Viper models to mark the sports cars final production year. It also happens to fall on the supercar’s 25th anniversary.

Each limited-edition honors a special Viper of the past. The automaker will make between 25 and 100 of them depending on the model and demand. They all come with special serialized instrument panel badges showcasing the name of the edition and the driver’s name. Each one also comes with a custom car cover that matches the exterior paint and has the owner’s name above the driver’s side door.

1:28 Edition ACR

2010 dodge viper acr

The name honors the 2016 production model single lap record of 1:28.65. Randy Pobst completed the lap last October in the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA.

The design goes black with a rear wing red ACR stripes. The model gets the Extreme Aero Package, Carbon Ceramic brakes, 1:28 Edition exterior sill decal, and an ACR interior with red accent stitching. The unit number of 28 follows suit.

GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR

dodge viper gts

Paying honor to the most recognized Viper of all time, these 100 units recreate the 1998 GTS-R GT2 Championship Edition.

Each features Pearl White with Blue Pearl stripes. The exterior includes Extreme Aero Package, Carbon Ceramic brakes, Carbon Package, and red Styker badge decal, GTS-R sill decals, and USA flag B-pillar decals.

The ACR interior stays on theme with red stitching and seat belts.

VoooDoo II Edition ACR

dodge viper ACR 2010

Honing back to the 2010 VooDoo model, these 31 special editions feature black exterior paint with a graphite metallic with a red tracer outline ACR driver’s stripe.

The look includes Extreme Aero Package, Carbon Ceramic brakes, and VoooDoo II sill decals. There is silver stitching in the interior.

Snakeskin Edition GTC

2010 Dodge Viper

These limited-edition 25 models channel the 2010 Snakeskin ACR.

The exterior is a new Snakeskin Green with a snakeskin pattern SRT stripe. It features Advanced Aerodynamics Package and GT black interior.

Dodge Dealer Edition ACR

Dodge will build up to 33 Dealer ACR Editions. They’ll only be available from two dealerships in the country. The cars are Viper White with a Competition Blue center stripe and an Adrenaline Red driver stripe. They’re also outfitted with Carbon Ceramic brakes, Extreme Aero Package, and ACR interior with red stitching.

There’s no time to waste if you want one of the above snakes. Mark your calendar for June 24th when ordering starts.

Photo Credit: Dodge
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