Don’t Listen To All Automotive Experts!

You can’t believe everything you read online, yet people still to this day tend to believe what they read.

Listeners all the time tell me that they read “this car was bad” or “this dealer was bad” and so on and so forth. I hear this often about vehicles and dealers that I know are fine.

The problem is you cannot substantiate claims online, there is no accountability, and let’s face it, the people who are happy with their cars and happy with their dealerships, seldom take the time to document it online.

I also learned in the last week that even respectable publications will put things out there with no regard to the truth. Road & Track published an article titled “10 things you must know about car sales”. I read it in disbelief, and have never seen a more biased article against car dealers. Of course, since Road & Track published it, it was picked up by a number of publications including Fox News.

The writer is a “web assistant” at Road & Track and had a 4-year career in the auto industry selling cars. Obviously, it was not at a good dealership and one has to question why he worked there as long as he did. In the writer’s defense, I assume that he did not know that there are good dealerships out there. He clearly assumed that all dealerships are the same, and this is where I find the problem.

Many people will read this article, and because they have had a bad experience in the past, will probably agree. I disagreed…with basically everything that was written in this article. I wrote a rebuttal to every one of the writer’s points and went into detail explaining each point. You can read the article and the rebuttal on my website,

I write about and call out bad dealerships every chance I get. The essence of my radio show is to promote good dealers and to educate consumers on the bad dealers. Like every profession, there are good and bad people in the business no matter what the business is.

People just need to understand that most car dealers are good people, they are your neighbors, they go to church with you, and they give back to the communities they serve. My experience is that car dealers are some of the most benevolent people in America.

Like every business owner, car dealers are there to make a profit, and profit is not a dirty word. Consumers want the best possible deal, and that’s understandable. I suspect the contentious relationship between car dealers and consumers began when the first dealer discounted a car from the window sticker price. It was all downhill from there.

Generally, the bad dealers will shoot themselves in the foot, and sell their dealership or lose it, but not always. Imagine how disheartening it is for a good dealer to see a bad dealer flourish, and it does happen.

Bottom line, when you read articles like the one in Road & Track, just understand that articles like this paint with a broad brush and tend to paint every car dealer in the same light, and that is just not the case, or fair. Not all car dealers are great ones, but not every one of them is bad either, and I won’t sit idly by and let someone say otherwise.

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  1. Byron Hodges 5 years ago

    You are absolutely correct Jerry! There are good dealers and there are bad dealers, just like every other business. You have to do your homework and your knowledge in telling the consumer goes along way in informing the buying public what they need to know before they buy a car.

    Thank you for your service. Keep on telling like it is.

    Byron Hodges

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