You Don’t Want To Ride In This Ford

ford prison transportFord’s new Transit commercial van is very modern and refined, but there’s one version of it you definitely don’t want to take a ride in, at least not in the back.

The Ford Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle is a concept that’s been customized by Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions with one of its modular systems of ‘VIP’ cells.

In this case, the cargo bay of the long wheelbase, tall roof version of the Transit has been fitted with three sections accessible individually through the rear and side sliding doors, with room for 12 prisoners, each provided their own hose-down seat and a strap to grab on to with their handcuffed hands. Law enforcement can divvy up the criminals among compartments based on their security needs.

Suited up in police regalia, the Transit definitely takes on a futuristic-authoritative look. Ford is hoping that departments already using its top selling Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility and Taurus-based Police Interceptor Sedan will consider adding the deputized van to their fleets.


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