Driver Escapes Death When Steel Beam Impales Windshield

bmw steel beem slices california

There’s a driver in California who is very, very, very lucky man. That’s because he was driving a BMW SUV when a giant steel ramp sliced through the windshield last week and miraculously, it missed him by mere inches.

From the picture you can see this was no small beam. If it had hit just a few inches further to the right, this would have been a totally different story. Instead, it landed right between the two front seats and the driver walked away with just a scrape to his arm.

San Francisco Bay Area news stations report that the metal tray loader crashed through through the man’s SUV last Friday while he was driving down highway 280 that runs through Silicon Valley.

The San Jose Fire Department responded and posted this unbelievable picture online.

The unidentified man gets a gold star for keeping his wits about him in what must have been a shocking experience. He was able to pull over safely to the side of the road and no other vehicles were involved.  It’s safe to say, things could have been much worse.

As you might imagine, the San Jose Fire Department is urging drivers to keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of them.

Photo Credit: San Jose Firefighters/Facebook
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