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A Teenís First Car Is a Lesson in Life
   Published June 15, 2021
We spent a good amount of time on the Car Pro Show last weekend talking about Teen Driver Safety Week. It can be a life changer for the parents as well as the child. For most parents, your childís independence is exciting and scary at the same time.

We had a caller to the nationally syndicated show who had a son who wanted a pickup truck. While I like pickups as a first vehicle, this family was on a limited budget. I spoke to the teen on the air to try to explain why he would be better  Read More
Wrong Way Crashes On The Rise Significantly
   Published March 31, 2021
Deadly wrong-way driving crashes are on the rise in the U.S. according to a new study from the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety. In its latest data analysis, there were 2,008 deaths from wrong-way driving crashes on divided highways between 2015 and 2018, an average of approximately 500 deaths a year. That is up 34% from the 375 deaths annually from 2010 to 2014. Researchers found that the odds of being a wrong-way driver increased with alcohol-impairment, older age, and  Read More
Hail Damage, Spring Storms, & Bad Weather Driving
   Published March 3, 2021
In Texas two weeks ago, we had severe winter weather, including a lot of ice and snow. Last week, we had spring storms including thunder, lightning, and many places saw hail.
It is March and spring brings storms and, with them, many places get hail. In my home state, hail is expected in the spring, you just hope and pray it is pea-sized, not softball-sized. Many areas in our Car Pro Show listening audience this time of year experience big amounts of rainfall. This article addresses both weather events.  Read More
Texans: After The Snow, Fear The Pothole
   Published February 24, 2021
If you are in Texas, you got snow last week and likely a lot of it. From the southern tip of the state, to the Panhandle, the entire state was blanketed. We ran this article about a month ago, but after the snow and ice event, I felt it might be helpful to run it again. Trust me, there will be a massive amount of potholes all over the State of Texas. The city of Mesquite in North Texas is already asking for residents to report them in wake of  Read More
When Itís Time To Take Mom And Dadís Keys
   Published February 19, 2021
Odds are, at around 16 years of age, your parents handed you the keys to your very first car. It is a day most of us never forget. Even if it was just a cheap car, it was ugly, and it didnít run all that great, it still meant you had your freedom. Now many years later, you are faced with the decision to have a talk with your parents about their ability to drive. As cruel as it seems, you are in the unenviable position to take away freedom from the very people who gave you yours.

With the  Read More
What To Do If Youíre Involved In a Car Accident
   Published February 8, 2021
Odds are, you remember the first fender bender you ever had. No matter how minor, it stays with you and can even be traumatic. If you are in an accident without serious injury, thank your lucky stars, but also you need to know what to do and what not to do. Here are some tips that might help you should it happen.

Stay CalmFirst, stay calm and stay safe. Then call 9-1-1. It will vary depending on where you are, but make the call and get instructions on what to do. What they tell you may  Read More
5 Ways to Be A Safer Driver in 2021
   Published December 29, 2020
Letís face it. The roads can be downright dangerous out there, filled with distracted, drunk, drowsy or aggressive drivers, not to mention those who feel a need for speed and try to beat red lights. If youíre guilty of any of these behaviors yourself, itís time to make some resolutions to change that. Here are five New Yearís driving resolutions to make for the year ahead that will make the road safer for yourself and other drivers including law enforcement and first responders who risk their lives every day working traffic incidents.  Read More
AAA: Men Are More Aggressive Drivers Than Women
   Published December 9, 2020
Data gathered by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety confirms the perception that men tend to speed, tailgate, merge dangerously, and make rude gestures or honk at other drivers more than women. The survey finds that women also admit to some dangerous driving habits, such as running red lights. Overall, younger male and female drivers tend to be more aggressive than older drivers. With everyday stress already compounded by the pandemic and now the holiday season, which can  Read More
How to Get Your Christmas Tree Home Safely
   Published December 2, 2020
You are likely to see more Christmas trees perched atop car roofs this year. Thatís because Christmas tree sales are expected to be up, as families look for some holiday cheer in whatís been a particularly challenging year. A recent NBC news report cites a recent survey by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board that found 25% of people who had an artificial tree or no tree last year plan to go all out by buying a real one this year.

If youíre one of those planning to mask up and head out to your local tree lot or tree farm, make sure you have the tools to get it home safely. (Or plan to have it delivered to you.) Unsafe transport methods, like putting it unsecured in the trunk or improperly tied down to the roof of the car, can be a recipe for disaster. If it falls out, it becomes hazardous road debris.
  Read More
How To Safely Transport Your Holiday Food
   Published November 16, 2020
At some point, weíve all been tasked with the thankless Thanksgiving job of holding a casserole dish overflowing with piping-hot buttery potatoes on our laps while speeding down the highway over the hills and through the woods to Grandmotherís house.

How about getting all those leftovers home after Thanksgiving dinner? While Auntie Mayís pumpkin pie may seem perfectly pleasant perched atop a lace doily on the dining-room table, it can become a dangerous projectile if not secured properly in  Read More
Police Cracking Down This Week On Texting & Driving
   Published October 14, 2020
October is National Distracted Driving Month -- after being moved from April this year due to COVID-19. To help with education efforts, the U.S. Department of Transportationís National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced it is supporting National Distracted Driving Awareness Week with a $5 million public awareness advertising campaign. During NHTSAís U Drive. U Text. U Pay. high-visibility campaign, law enforcement officers nationwide will be looking for  Read More
AAA On Self-Driving Cars: Donít Buy The Hype
   Published September 16, 2020
Weíre big proponents of driver assist technology at the Car Pro. Features like Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking can help prevent accidents and save lives, both for passenger cars and, as we reported last week, even big rigs. (Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds outlines some of his must-have driver assist safety features here.) But we also know driver assistance features come with limitations and itís important to know what those limitations are.

Thatís the  Read More
Chevy Poll: Americans Are Happy Road Tripping
   Published September 9, 2020
If you took a road trip for Labor Day weekend - or anytime this past summer - you are not alone. And if you have a road trip planned for the holidays, youíre not alone either.

According to a new Chevrolet and Harris Poll study, there is a resurgence in road trips this year due to COVID-19. Researchers say Americans want to get out and see the world after the challenges of quarantine and social distancing.

The poll surveyed over 1,000  Read More
Study: Collision Warning Preventing 18-Wheeler Crashes
   Published September 9, 2020
I shared with you last week my article on sharing the road with 18-wheelers. It appears that bringing some of the technology that is making passenger vehicles safer, can also pay dividends to truckers.

A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that equipping large trucks with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems could eliminate more than 2 out of 5 crashes in which a large truck  Read More
Sharing the Road With Big Rigs
   Published September 3, 2020
My father was a truck driver for as long as I can remember. It was in the days when there were virtually no creature comforts in the cabs of the trucks. I donít think he ever drove a truck with air-conditioning, and there were certainly no CD players, video monitors, or CB radios. One night during the summer, around 10 PM, he was driving between Dallas and San Antonio and fell asleep while driving. He woke up too late to navigate a turn in the highway and turned the big rig on its side,  Read More
Active Driving Assist Does Not Assist, AAA Study Finds
   Published August 12, 2020
We think all the new driver assist features are helping us, but are they? While they are designed to, they donít always, according to new research from the American Automobile Association.

In a new study, AAA automotive researchers found that driving assist features do less to assist drivers and more to interfere. In testing, they say over the course of 4,000 miles of real-world driving, vehicles equipped with active driving assistance systems experienced some type of issue  Read More
Auto Safety Technology People Disable The Most
   Published July 8, 2020
We are big proponents of driver assist features here at the Car Pro and Car Pro Show Host Jerry Reynolds has even given us a rundown of his favorite driver-assist features. Overall, driver assistance features are proven to reduce accidents and keep us all safer on the road. But not everyone is crazy about them and, in fact, some people disable some features they find annoying according to a new survey by Erie Insurance.
  Read More
Capless Gas Tanks Pros and Cons
   Published June 17, 2020
[Editorís Note: This article has been updated since its original posting date.]

More and more, as I review new vehicles, and they need fuel, I open the gas tank flap all set to unscrew the gas cap, but there is not one there. There is a small trap door, that you canít push in with your finger, yet when you stick the gas nozzle from the pump in, it easily inserts. Welcome to capless gas tanks. Ford really pioneered capless fuel fillers on the 2009 Explorer. Other brands currently offering  Read More
Just For Fun: Test Your Reaction Time While Driving
   Published May 27, 2020
This test, from UK-based JustPark, simulates you in the driver's seat of a car. You're driving down a road, when you see a big red hand flash in front of you. You have to put on the brakes.

Then, the Reaction Time Test tells you how old you are, when it comes to driving.

The test is based on reaction times of 2,000 people ages 18 and over. The Reaction Time Test plotted their reaction times by age; it matches your reaction time to those averages.

Some of their results may surprise you. The Reaction Time Test found that left-handed people and men have slightly better reaction times than the average person.
  Read More
Older Men Suffer More When Driving Decreases, Study Finds
   Published May 13, 2020
Itís something weíre all going to face at some point. The need to stop driving as much, or at all, as we get older. Reasons include medical conditions that come up as we age that may make driving unsafe.

As Car Pro Show Host Jerry Reynolds has addressed before, taking the keys from a parent can be difficult, as it means a loss of their freedom and independence. Weíre now finding out it may also have more of an impact on men than women, according to a study from the AAA  Read More