Drowsy Driving Tips

With the summer road-trip season hitting high gear, and in the wake of a deadly crash, allegedly caused by drowsy-driving, that critically injured Comedian Tracy Morgan, DME automotive (DMEa) recently surveyed American drivers on the top ways they try to combat sleepiness on the road.

The results are a wake-up call: While the #1 method, drinking caffeinated beverages, can be a temporary, yet not a fully effective fix, drivers report they are more likely to open windows, pull over and exercise/stretch, blast loud music and the air conditioning (which studies indicate have very short-term to no effect), than do what safety experts recommend most: pull over and take a
nap. Pulling over and napping (only 23% reporting) ranked a lowly 7th, on parwith eating or singing (21%).

The DMEa survey of 2,000 car owners also found that a lot of drowsy drivers may be out on the roads these next months. The majority (53%) of U.S. drivers reported that they are taking a road trip this summer, and that they plan to drive at least 7 hours each day – with 1 in 10 reporting they plan to drive more than 12 hours.


1. Drink A Caffeinated Beverage-52.9%
2. Open a Window or Sun Roof-41.7%
3. Switch Drivers-41.5%
4. Pull Over and Exercise/Stretch-35.2%
5. Listen to Loud Music-34.9%
6. Eat-33.0%
7. Sing-31.7%
8. Turn Up the A/C-25.1%
9. Pull Over and Nap-22.6%
10. Listen to Talk Radio-14.2%
11. Talk to Self-10.9%
12. Slap Yourself-10.3%
13. Exercise or Stretch in the Car-10.0%
14. Smoke-9.9%
15. Splash Water on Your Face or Neck-8.3%


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