Edmunds Best Resale Value Winners

Car research site Edmunds.com announced 2012 winners of its Best Retained Value awards — the brands and new car models that Edmunds forecasts will keep in five years the biggest percentage of what you paid to drive it away new.Listeners of the Car Pro Show know I place a lot of emphasis on resale value. Depreciation is the biggest single expense in car ownership.

American Honda, struggling in the new car marketplace and in need of some good news these days, was the big winner for resale values:

The top mainstream brand was Honda, with an average retained value of 47.9% after five years.

The top premium brand was Acura, with an average retained value of 44.6% after five years.
Among the model-level wins in 23 market segments, Honda took four, beaten only by Ford, with five top models for holding their resale value.

“Honda has long had a reputation for dependable used vehicles,” Joe Spina, director of remarketing at Edmunds, said in a statement. The wins by the Honda and Acura brands “continue to expand the company’s status as one of the best values.”

Some segment surprises: Ford’s Mustang scored three wins, one as a coupe and its Shelby GT 500 model both as a coupe and convertible, and the top hybrid was not a Prius, but was Honda’s Civic.

The fine print: 2012 models launched by the end of last year and with sales in February of at least 20% of average sales in their market segment (based on body style and average segment price) were eligible. All nameplates with sales of 100,000 or more in 2011 were eligible for the brand awards.
Winning individual 2012 models by market segment:

Category, brand/model, retained value
Compact truck: Toyota Tacoma, 57.3%
Convertible $35K-$45K: Lexus IS 250 C, 46.8%
Convertible over $45K: Ford Shelby GT500, 46.5%
Convertible under $35K: Mini Cooper, 48.9%
Coupe $25K-$35K: Ford Mustang 46.8%
Coupe $35K-$45K: 2012 BMW3 Series 44.0%
Coupe over $45K: 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 47.5%
Coupe under $25K: Mini Cooper, 50%
Hybrid: Honda Civic, 46.1%
Large HD truck: Ford F-350 Super Duty, 48.6%
Large light truck: Ford F-150, 48.4%
Sedan $20K-$30K: Subaru Impreza, 45.3%
Sedan $30K-$40K: Lexus IS 250, 46.3%
Sedan over $40K: Cadillac CTS, 42.0%
Sedan under $20K: Honda Civic, 50%
SUV $25K-$35K: Honda CR-V, 54.6%
SUV $35K-$45K: GMC Acadia, 46%
SUV over $45K: Acura MDX, 44.2%
SUV under $25K: Subaru Forester, 44.6%
Compact truck: Toyota Tacoma, 57.3%
Convertible $35K-$45K: Lexus IS 250 C, 46.8%


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