Elio Will Build E-Series Test Vehicles in Michigan

Paul Elio michigan

Elio Motors is moving on to the next phase in its plan to launch a $6,800 three-wheeled two-seater that gets 84 miles per gallon.

The automotive startup says it is setting up shop in Michigan to build some of its three-wheelers specifically for testing.

Elio is establishing a Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Michigan where it will build its so-called E-Series, (the E stands for engineering.) These models will be used to test safety, system-performance, manufacturability and durability. The first one that rolls off the assembly line will be used to test the anti-lock braking system.

“Beginning the E-Series assembly is another important milestone in our journey toward production, as these test vehicles will allow our engineering and supplier teams to evaluate and validate our design,” says CEO Paul Elio.

Elio’s been on our radar for awhile now and the company’s had an uphill battle. It’s plans have been delayed multiple times due to financial issues. Just last month, Elio announced it would sell 100 pre-production models to raise some cash for its R&D efforts.

Its goal is to build a mass marketable road-ready three-wheeled vehicle. Those vehicles will be built at the company’s assembly plant in Louisiana. Elio says it’s received more than 50,000 pre-orders. The company hopes to finally begin full-scale production in 2017.

Other recent Elio updates include raising nearly $17 million in a Regulation A+ stock sale, trading on the OTCQX market, and announcing its ePlus options ordering system.

Photo Credit: Elio Motors
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