Elio Motors Reveals E1C Engineering Test Prototype

elio e1c

Remember that book, the Little Engine That Could? Well, it kind of reminds one of Elio Motors.  Granted, Elio hasn’t made it over the mountain top just yet, but let’s show some optimism people. Surely that day can’t be too far off.

Elio unveiled its latest pre-production model the E1C Engineering Vehicle at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. It doesn’t look different on the outside, but there are some big changes under the skin. It has an upgraded interior, safety systems and a new frame and suspension system.

elio e1c

The company is building its E-Series vehicles for testing and validation purposes. Elio says its made hundreds of refinements during the vehicle engineering phase. The E1C’s unibody frame is designed to absorb energy better and make turning safer. Elio also modified the suspension for sharper handling and improved aerodynamics. Elio’s engineers also worked to improve long-term durability, improve comfort and reduce noise.

As of an email I just received in my inbox, Elio has 62,192 non-refundable reservations for a locked in base price of $7,300. With a total of 65,000 allotted at that price, that leaves 2,808 left for the current price.

The three-wheeled vehicle is slated to get up to 84 miles per gallon when its hits the road, whenever that ends up being.


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