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As a lover of Escalades, I was excited to hear this week that Cadillac plans to not only keep the Escalade SUV and build a new version, but GM confirmed that Caddy will also keep the name.
That might sound like a no-brainer, but consider how luxury automakers have otherwise completely migrated to confusing alphabet-soup names, like a CTS-V or an ELR. So why not dump the Escalade name, no matter how popular it may be?
“Escalade is an iconic name that we like — and so do its owners,” says Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell in an e-mail. “At this point, we don’t project that we’d tinker with it.”
Fair enough. I have to admire that, especially since it’s one of the last few big SUVs left, the Escalade has found its place in American culture. Rappers love it. Professional golfers love it, and so do limo drivers.
Cadillac isn’t alone when it comes to a holdout among its alpha-garble names. For instance, Ford’s Lincoln has a mess of letter names that all start with MK — the MKT, MKS, MKZ. With the demise of the Town Car, there’s one vehicle left in the line with a real name, the Navigator. Mercedes-Benz, famous for its alpha-numeric combination names, has the Sprinter van. It’s only there, though, because it came over from Dodge when Mercedes parent Daimler jettisoned Chrysler Group.
Then comes Mazda, which still calls its little sports car the Miata, even though its official name these days is the MX-5. The rest of the line has similar letter/number names. I only wish there were more like it.


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