EV Owners Targeted by Apartment Complexes – Car Pro News

The next great hurdle for selling electric cars could be to attract new customers from among those who live in apartment complexes.

With many of the initial sales of electric cars going to people who can charge them in their home garages, automakers and electric-car makers are starting to think about how to tap the market for condo or apartment dwellers.

Why? Because it’s where the next great batch of customers could be. In the environmentally conscious, affluent enclave of Santa Monica, Calif., 70% of the residents live in multifamily housing, says Ed Kjaer, Southern California Edison’s electric-car expert. The utility serves 10 million customers.

When it comes to charging and electric car adoption, some interesting patterns are emerging. For instance, an overwhelming number of customers — 93% — are opting for charging plans that give them a price break when they plug in at off-peak hours, Kjaer says. More customers are calling the utility as well to ask about rates.

“It’s a dialogue, not a monologue” when it comes to helping customers get set up with a recharging system for the new cars, Kjaer says.


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