Is Ford Bringing Back the Bronco?

2016-Bronco-April-FoolsNot a week goes by that someone doesn’t call the show convinced Ford is bringing back the Bronco. I have asked Ford and there are no plans, at this time, for a new Bronco. It does appear that Ford is enjoying the online publicity. Here is the real scoop:

After years of waiting, fans of the Ford Bronco thought they were finally getting their wish. Enthusiast website FourWheeler used April Fool’s to report that Ford will be resurrecting its popular off-roader for the 2016 model year, stating that the new model would be based on the Ford Atlas. Pictures of the SUV showed a two-door configuration and a beefy, chiseled look that many found believable. The website continued the joke, stating that the production version of the Bronco would not be based on the concept that was shown off in 2004, stating that instead it would be an SVT, like the popular Raptor pickup truck.

Fans of the old Bronco were immediately excited at the news that Ford would be bringing the Bronco back as a hardcore off-road vehicle instead of as a pathetic soccer mom vehicle. Old Broncos are still used by enthusiasts on off-road trails and at one point were even the vehicle of choice for the United States Border Patrol, which is tasked with patrolling some rather remote and rugged areas.

Of course, the Bronco became infamous after O.J. Simpson fled from police in one that traveled at a low rate of speed down a California highway. That wart on the Bronco’s past has not been enough to discourage diehard fans of the SUV, who were all too eager to embrace the possibility of the model returning to the car market.

Understandably, once Bronco fans found out about the ruse they were not amused. Others were amused while at the same time saving some choice words for the publication and the associate online editor who wrote up the April Fool’s prank.

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  1. Jason 4 years ago

    put a diesel in it.

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