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It’s as long as a Mini and as wide as a Hummer…it’s the new vehicle roaming around the red planet.
It’s the car-sized Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity. It’s the ultimate off-roader, able to traverse Mars’ difficult terrain in ways that previous rovers could not.
Here are some key facts about the Martian auto:
Top speed – 1.5 inches per second on flat, hard ground; less when using autonomous hazard-avoidance capability.
Range – Designed and built for more than 12 miles.
Off-road capability – Six-wheel drive. Can roll right over a 20-inch tall rock.
Power – The nuclear battery (radioisotope thermoelectric generator) puts out about 110 watts, around the clock. Two lithium-ion batteries trickle charge from that and can put out more power for shorter durations when driving.
Infotainment system – It can communicate directly with Earth via a high-gain radio in the “X” band of frequencies (7 to 8 gigahertz), but more routinely will send home information via relay to orbiting Mars spacecraft (Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) using the rover’s UHF-band antenna.
Air conditioning and heating – Thermal control system delivers heat to critical components from the radioisotope thermoelectric generator. Electrical heaters provide additional heat when and where needed.
Steering – Four-wheel steering (independent for each wheel).


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