February National Auto Sales Results

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The sales numbers for February 2017 starting rolling in Wednesday morning and I watched them closely.  February felt like a really weird month and never seemed to get traction in some markets, while some seemed to be doing OK in spite of weather issues in some of the bigger metro areas.  All the numbers below compare February 2017 to February 2016.

General Motors reported its sales we up 4.2% overall.  Buick sales were down 9.4%, while Cadillac tumbled 8.6%.  On the bright side for Detroit-based GM, Chevy gained 3.4% on stronger truck sales, but the real star of the group was GMC, up a huge 17.4%.

Across town, rival Ford Motor Company sales fell 4% overall.  The Ford brand was down 4.5%, but its luxury arm, the Lincoln Motor Company was up 8.8% on strong sales of the new Continental.

Mazda reported a sales increase of 5.9%. 

Nissan USA group was up 3.7% with a huge increase of 32.5% from Infiniti.  The Nissan brand was basically flat, up 1%. 

Tesla sold an even 3000 vehicles in February, which was up 32.5% from last year.

The VW group was up 13% as a company.  Audi sales were up 17.3%, 155 people bought Bentley models, up from just 62 last February, 88 lucky people bought Lamborghini cars, Porsche was up 2.1%, the embattled VW brand showed a 12.7% increase from a year ago.

Fiat Chrysler tumbled 10.1% from last February.  Breaking it down, Chrysler brand was down 28.1%, Dodge fell 6.6%, Fiat was down 19.1% while Jeep dropped 14.7%.  The only bright side was Ram trucks; with heavy incentives it gained 3.6%. 443 people bought Alfa Romeo cars last month, up from 47 in February 2016.

Honda Motor Company eked out a 2.3% increase with Honda cars and SUVS rising 4.3%, but the Acura brand fell 14.9% from a year ago.

Toyota Motor Company, including Lexus, had a rough month – down a combined 7.2%.  The Lexus brand fell just over 20% and Toyota-branded vehicles went down 4.4%.  As a side note, the loss of the Scion brand contributed to the overall decline.

Jaguar Land Rover was up 16.4%.  Land Rover sales dropped 10.4%, while sales of the Jaguar skyrocketed 130%, primarily on sales of its first-ever SUV, the F-Pace.

Mitsubishi Motors sales have been on a roll of late, for February they reported an increase of 38.8% to almost 11,000 sales.

BMW of North America dropped 2.4% overall.  The BMW brand was up just slightly, but Mini sales dropped nearly 25%, and barely outsold Fiat.  105 people in the U.S. bought Rolls-Royce vehicles last month for a 2.9% increase.

Hyundai-Kia dropped 6.9% as a group.  Hyundai sales were down 3%, but Genesis is being accounted for separately, which skews the numbers a little.  Kia struggled to a 14.2% sales decline.

Mercedes-Benz sales were up 7.2%.  348 people bought Smart cars last month versus 442 in February 2016.

Subaru sales of 45,500 last month represented an 8.3% increase, in spite of the fact that Subaru spent fewer dollars per car on incentives last month than any other auto maker.

Volvo sales were off 11.6% at 4,651 sales.

As a whole, 1,333,128 new vehicles were sold in February 2017.  In February 2016, 1,348,401 vehicles were sold resulting 15,273 fewer sales, a decrease of 1.1%.

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