Fiat Chrysler Wants More Dealerships

Fiat Chrysler FCA Dealerships

I’ve said it before, it is time to say it again:  automakers never seem to learn from the mistakes they make.

Fiat Chrysler wants to add almost 400 dealerships to the population.  Truly, they don’t get it.  If there are more dealerships, the company will sell more vehicles, right?  Not necessarily.  Fewer, but better dealers, take better care of their customers, are more profitable, and they are more stable.  Sadly, Fiat Chrysler doesn’t remember less than 10 years ago they were begging the government for money.

Now comes Fiat Chrysler with a plan to add about 380 dealerships to its U.S. network of around 2,500 dealerships.  The plan has run into opposition from dealers who say the move is a threat to their existing businesses, and they are correct.

For full details head to Automotive News.

Photo Credit: FCA
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