First Coda All-Electric Rolls Off – Car Pro News

Just days after receiving its official EPA numbers, the first Sedan from Coda Automotive has rolled off the line at the company’s facility in Benicia, CA. The milestone had originally been expected to be reached as early as 2010, but as with many other automotive startups, there have been some delays. Contrary to much naysaying however – along with accusations of being part of a communists plot – Job One has now been achieved and reservation holders should soon start taking delivery of their vehicles.

The first Sedans will come with a 31-kWh battery pack and are priced (before rebates) at $37,250, a figure that Coda says makes it the least expensive electric vehicle per mile of range available today. Production of the company’s 35-kWh battery model is expected later this summer. Vehicles are being sold through dealerships such as the Marvin K. Brown Auto Center in San Diego and the Del Grande Dealer Group in Silicon Valley with more locations being announced soon.

If you place a reservation through the company’s website today, don’t expect to be able to receive a vehicle immediately. Though Coda won’t be specific about its projected production and sales volumes, it says that it will take a while to satisfy its current customer backlog.


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