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Fisker Automotive has good news and bad news about the fire earlier this month that destroyed one of its hybrid Karma cars in Woodside, Calif.
The good news: Fisker says it has isolated the problem and that it doesn’t involve the car’s battery or hybrid powertrain. That’s really good news. The fire on the car’s left-front side was traced to a faulty cooling fan.
The bad news is that Fisker, a fledgling Orange County, Calif.-based maker that’s embattled for having taken federal loans, is recalling the Karma to make sure it fixes the fans in all its cars. The “sealed component” has an internal fault that could cause it to start a slow-burning fire, Fisker concluded.
Fisker quotes the owner of the car, Rudy Burger, as saying: “I have been incredibly impressed with the way Fisker has handled this incident. I have personally started seven technology companies and know from direct experience that the U.S. needs more innovative companies of this type, especially in the automobile sector.”


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