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A month or so ago, I told you in the Car Pro Weekly that Chevrolet is working on a secret new car and has yet to reveal anything about it, other than the fact that it will be the basis for next year’s NASCAR entry.

No word if it’s a coupe or sedan, rear or all-wheel-drive, what kind of engine it has or even what its name is.

Actually, you might be able to scratch that last one off the list.

Tech blogger and Pontiac G6 owner Christopher Price was checking his OnStar account and pulled up a list of GM cars that offer a feature called RemoteLink. Browsing through the site he came across a listing under the 2014 model year for a car called SS Performance.

The thing is, no car by that name exists. At least not yet.

Short for Super Sport, SS has been used in the past by Chevy to denote high performance versions of specific models, such as the Camaro and Chevelle, but the automaker recently trademarked it, apparently for use as a standalone name, although no plans to do so have been announced.

Maybe this time around it means Super Secret.

When asked by at the New York Auto Show if there will be an SS version of the all-new 2014 Impala, GM North America President Mark Reuss cryptically answered “what we do with SS will be very special for Chevrolet.”

Rumor has it that the car will be an updated take on the Pontiac G8 Sedan, which died along with that brand in 2009. A larger version of that Australian-built car is currently sold to law enforcement by Chevrolet as the Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle, but is not available to the general public.

There’s still no confirmation from GM that SS Performance is indeed the name of the mysterious car, but Price also found listed on the website the 2014 Cadillac ELR, an extended range luxury coupe based on the Chevrolet Volt that has been confirmed for production, although a date had not been previously attached.

Ironically, it wasn’t too long ago that customers were worried that OnStar would be sharing their private information with others, not the other way around. This is either the latter or a case of very clever viral marketing.

We’ll know for sure later this year.


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