Followup: Jimmy Fallon Down To 4 Choices

Fallon truck warAs reported here a couple of weeks ago, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who last announced – from New York, no less – that he wanted to buy a pickup truck, has narrowed his choices to four big vehicles.

With help from guest Larry Webster, editor-in-chief of Road and Track, Fallon decided to consider the Toyota Tacoma, Ram 1500, and Platinum and King Ranch editions of the Ford F-150, according to Automotive News.

While Fallon, 39, insists that he is truly interested in a pickup, the New York native and veteran of “Saturday Night Live” is clearly not a real truck guy.

Get this, Texans: He says he intends to use the pickup to haul pumpkins and his baby — which probably won’t exceed the trucks’ cargo capacity.
Fallon’s professed interest in pickups also raises the question: Has he ever tried to drive or park one of the 5,500-pound beasts in car-unfriendly New York?

Nonetheless, truck manufacturers and others continue to playfully lobby Fallon on behalf of their vehicle.

After Fallon acknowledged how he planned to use his future truck, Ram sent the late-night TV host a video of its 1500 pickup in a pumpkin-throwing competition, Automotive News said.

In addition, “Top Gear USA” host Rutledge Wood, who owns a Tundra, tweeted Fallon that he loves his big Toyota.

“Co-host Adam Ferrara rode in it tonight!” Wood said in his tweet.

Meanwhile, Road and Track posted a poll for readers to select which truck Fallon should buy. The top two were a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and a “beater from Craigslist,” according to Automotive News.


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