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ford mocks cadillacA couple of weeks ago, we brought you reaction to Cadillac’s ELR commercial that aired first in the Super Bowl. Well now, the Ford advertising agency has filmed a YouTube video that parodies the controversial Cadillac ELR commercial of a middle-aged man boasting about America’s worth ethic and consumer culture by featuring a philosophizing Detroit environmentalist.

The satiric piece was spearheaded by Ford’s ad agency, Team Detroit, and showcases the Ford C-MAX at the end.

Starring in the original Cadillac ad is actor Neal McDonough, who’s filmed walking through a luxurious home. At the center of the faux ad is Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt, a sustainability consultancy and advocacy group, who’s first seen standing amid mounds of dirt and mud and later is shot in a cramped apartment hallway.

“The C-MAX is sending a message about where we’re going in the future and caring about conserving resources. This is a movement about changing Detroit and practicing sustainability. That’s why they came at me,” Murray said, explaining how Team Detroit chose her.

Detroit Dirt has done work for both Ford and GM, but she isn’t nervous about the latter giving her the ax.

“I don’t think General Motors will be bothered by this at all, because they know who I am and what their heart is. They know we’re all on the same mission.”

GM could not be reached for immediate comment.
You can watch the video here:


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