Ford Econoline Discontinued in 2013-Car Pro Article

For a couple of generations, the Ford Econoline van has been as much a part of the landscape as, well, a Lincoln Town Car. But like the Town Car, the Econoline — now known as the E-Series — is being killed off.

It’s not because of flagging sales. The E-Series has owned the big commercial van segment for more than three decades. Ford will try to hold onto that with the replacement, a Sprinter-style, high-roof van called Transit that Ford already sells in Europe. It will get 25% better fuel economy, is far lighter than the E Series, and Ford can see efficiencies from having a single global design.

The Econoline is sure to be missed by many when it goes away in 2013. It’s been made at Ford’s Ohio Assembly plant in Avon Lake that opened in 1974, while the Transit will be made at Ford’s renovated Kansas City (Mo.) Plant. The Econoline was popular not only for cable guys and plumbers, but as a car pool get-to-work vehicle as well.

For the moment, Ford’s job is to get its Transit — already popular in Europe — ready for America. It is being put through three months of intense durability testing including climbing the curbs on the specialized test road at the proving grounds. The Transit will climb the curbs thousands of times on top of navigating the bumpy and pothole-ridden road surface commercial vehicles are sometimes required to endure, Ford says.

Shouldn’t be hard: Ford has already made 6 million of them for the rest of the world.

  1. Van Man 6 years ago

    Yeah… bringing over the Eurotrash vans… that will end well for Ford’s sales.

    How did that work for Dodge?

    Come on, Ford, get your head back in the game. Americans won’t buy those top heavy, under performing, under built rolling tackle boxes any better than our police departments are buying the Taurus.

    • Ronald Amon 6 years ago

      I agree 100%. I pass a lot of TV crews on the street and they hate the Eurotrash design. It’s top heavy, the smaller tires blow when driving up on and over a curb, and they have to hunt like mad for a station that sells diesel. All I hear is that they’re going back to the Econoline style vans which I guess will mean Chevy as that will be the only full size van remaining. Here’s hopiing the Econoline will live forever. No more Dodges left. And now the Econoline? Rather than concentrating on making more profits off the Eurotrash platform Ford needs to enjoy current market dominance and be satisfied with what they’re now getting.

  2. Linde O. Mann 6 years ago

    Yeah. keep given it to Junkota, Pissan, et al.

    Ford needs it’s head examined, just like General Motors Closing Down forever the GMAD Shreveport Plant, several days ago forever.

  3. Andrew Mauro 5 years ago

    Ford needs to get its head out of the clouds and come to earth. LOOK AROUND…..All the service companies, contractors, medical services, class C campers are for the most part Ford and GM. Why fool with success. I know it is a changing world, but did they ever survey the CUSTOMER?.

    The size and durability of these vehicles are great.. If they have to meet guidelines and requirements on fuel economy improve the vans they have now. That will prove successful. I have a 2013 Econoline and love it. If they are not going to be available in the future I’m going to the GM product. Contractors like good dependable tools and those top heavy under performer vehicles just don’t cut it.

  4. Leonardo Impastato 4 years ago

    You are at the top of the game with the E series.
    Letting it go for a proven failure in America is something Ford’s upper management does not understand. Learn from Dodge with the Sprinter. Understand if the Transit worked in Europe it does not mean it will work in America. Soccer is the #1 sport in Europe; not America. Advertise the E series as the longest running, longest lasting #1 seller in the market. American design. I can see a commercial with a High school football team dressed in uniform opening a sliding door on an E series and running out into the field in slow motion.
    Want to improve on the E series? Introduce non combustion power plant and be the first, industry leading company to do so.
    ” The E series not only is it built FORD touch, Its built FORD smart “.

  5. jeb 4 years ago

    Dodge has a new series of BIG Ram vans that will take over from Ford! They say the Transit will replace the econoline? I hope they’re not talking about those tiny little overpriced boxes!

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