Ford Focus ST Gets Enhanced Sound – Car Pro News

Most automakers usually want the passenger cabins of their cars to be as quiet as possible, but Ford is taking the opposite tack with its Focus ST. It’s actually using sound trickery to amplify the engine noise. That’s right. It is louder, but don’t think of its noise. Ford thinks performance drivers will consider the sound as sweet as a sparrow’s warble.

Ford says its engineers added a special sound tube to amplify the throaty sounds that get enthusiasts the most excited. What’s making it? A composite paddle vibrates from air intake pulses. Ford says it tried the idea previously on the Mustang, but the Focus ST will be different because it will be electronically controlled, lower in low gear and quieter in upper ones.

“For ST drivers, it’s not enough to have a car that is fast or feels fast. It also has to sound fast,” says Christopher Myers, air induction system engineer. “Part of this is the design of the exhaust, but we went further and engineered (sound maker) both to dial up the nice sounds the EcoBoost (turbocharging system) delivers under the hood but dial back the interior sound volumes at part throttle.”


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