Ford Is Making It Harder to Spot Its Police Interceptor

If you thought police vehicles were hard to spot now, hidden behind medians and so on, just wait. Ford is about to make it even harder for you to see them whether in front of you or in your rearview mirror.

The automaker is offering a new “covert” option that gives departments the option to ditch police lights on top of its police explorer SUV entirely. In their place, instead, would be a new so-called “No Profile” front visor light bar. We’re talking super-low as to enable a “stealth appearance”.

The whole idea being to make its Police Interceptor harder to spot. Something we’re totally behind if police are out catching the bad guys, but if they’re pulling us, ahem I mean me, over for speeding, not so much.

You can see what we’re talking about in the pictures below.

ford suv visor light spot police

The interior visor light can also be programmed from full intensity down to 20 percent and also provides auto-dimming capability.

There are some aftermarket lights like this in use on some police cars today, but Ford says its factory-equipped version isn’t quite so bulky. Ford says its design also offers another plus for police officers, too, and that’s better overall visibility. That’s because the new interior light gets ride of the dark band you now get at the top of the windshield and replaces it by clear glass, giving officers a better, brighter view.

Police departments looking to get into on the stealth visor action can order the option on the 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility.

Photo Credit: Ford
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