Ford, Mercedes-Benz Recalls; BMW i3 Stop-Sale

bmw ford recalls

BMW i3: STOP-SALE/Recall

  • Models
    • BMW is recalling all i3 EVs in America and issuing a stop-sale order to dealers.
    • Approximately 32,000 model-year 2014-18 BMW i3 electric and hybrid vehicles.
    • BMW says it’s a federal compliance issue involving the driver’s seat.
    • The i3 failed a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 20-25 mph rigid-barrier crash test for 5th-percentile women who are in the driver’s seat and not wearing a seatbelt. (Fifth-percentile women weigh between 100 and 110 pounds and are about five feet tall.)
    • The driver’s seating position could put unbelted, putting smaller drivers at a higher risk of neck injury in a front-end collision.
  • Remedy:
    • There is no fix yet, but BMW says it’s working on it.
  • Notes: 
    • BMW reports no accidents or injuries related to the issue.
    • Owners will be notified beginning Jan. 8, 2018.
    • Owners can call the automaker at 855-269-3361, or go to to check their vehicle identification number and learn more.
    • To check out the NHTSA Recall document click here.


Ford Explorer/Ford F-150

  • Models:
    •  2016 Ford Explorer and 2016 F-150 (approximately 177,000 vehicles).
      • 2016 Ford F-150 vehicles built at Dearborn Assembly Plant, Jan. 22, 2016 to April 19, 2016
      • 2016 Ford F-150 vehicles built at Kansas City Assembly Plant, Jan. 22, 2016 to April 19, 2016
      • 2016 Ford Explorer vehicles built at Chicago Assembly Plant, Jan. 22, 2016 to April 19, 2016
    • The upper left-hand pivot bolt for the power front-seat adjuster may loosen or fall out. A front-seat cushion with a missing upper left-hand pivot bolt may experience increased movement and not properly restrain occupants in a crash, increasing the risk of injury. Ford said it is not aware of any accidents or issues associated with the issue.
  • Remedy: 
    • Dealers will measure the torque of the power seat track upper pivot link bolt. If the bolt passes the torque inspection, dealers will remove and clean the bolt, apply new threadlock, and reinstall the bolt to the specified torque for free.
    • If the bolt fails the torque inspection, threadlock will be added and the bolt will be reinstalled as an interim repair for sold units until the final repair is available. The final repair will include replacement of the lift link with new bushings and fasteners.
  • Notes: 
    • Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.
    • Ford has not announced an owner notification schedule.
    • Owners can call the automaker at 866-436-7332 or go to to check their vehicle identification number and learn more.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class/Mercedes-AMG G63,G65  

  • Models: 
    • Approximately 8,000 model-year 2016-17 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4Matic SUVs and Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65 SUVs.
    • When Distronic Plus is engaged, the electronic stability program may malfunction. If it does, it would cause the engine to not reduce power regardless of the vehicle’s speed, driving situation or brake application. Drivers would need to increase their braking effort or shift to Neutral in order to stop the vehicle. They’d also need to lengthen their stopping distance, all of which increases crash risk.
  • Remedy: 
    • Dealers will reprogram the ESP control unit software for free.
  • Notes:
    • Mercedes-Benz will alert owners beginning in December.
    • Owners can call 800-367-6372 for more info, or go to to check their vehicle identification number.

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class/GLC43

  • Models:
    • 9,374 model-year 2017-18 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class SUVs and Mercedes-AMG GLC43 SUVs.
    • The fixed panoramic moonroof frontal and side plastic panels don’t meet bonding requirements. The result it that panels could separate while driving,  increasing the risk of a crash or injury for traffic behind the vehicle.
  • Remedy:
    •  Dealers will inspect the bonding on the moonroof panels and correct the issue if needed, for free.
  • Notes:
    • Mercedes-Benz will begin notifying owners Dec. 8.
    • Owners can call the automaker at 800-367-6372, or go to to check their vehicle identification number and learn more.
    • Check out the NHTSA Recall Report here.

Photo Credit: iQoncept/Shutterstock

  1. Leigh 11 months ago

    Could you great guys please look into the 2017 Audi Q7 braking problem. It’s a huge problem that hasn’t been publicly addressed.

    Thanks so much!

    • Amy Plemons 10 months ago

      Leigh, Yes, I’ll look into it for sure. Unfortunately, we often cannot get details until it is a full-blown recall. If I can find out something, I’ll add the info here. – Jerry

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