Ford Night Vision Coming to 2018 F-150, Mustang

ford night vision

It’s okay to be afraid of the dark. After all, it’s a survival fear that dates back to our ancestors. To help us adapt in this modern era, Ford is evolving the ultimate solution to cure the dark driving fears.

The automaker is rolling out new night vision pedestrian detection technology. The tech builds on Ford’s current pedestrian detection system and adds the night vision element. It will not only detect pedestrians in the dark, but also automatically brake if necessary.

The system gathers info about the car’s surroundings with the help of a bumper-mounted radar and a windshield-mounted camera. Both scan for objects in the road ahead. Special software will differentiate between people and other objects. It also actually stores an entire database of possible ‘human shapes’ to aid detection.

Ford says the cameras are effective in lighting as low as your own headlights on a country road. The one on the windshield takes over 30 snaps a second for a consistent real-time reading of the path ahead.

Ford thinks night vision detection is something drivers will go for, citing studies about people’s fear of the dark. The automaker says some surveys actually show that adults are more afraid of the dark than children. And when it comes to driving the fear roots in going night blind and hitting pedestrians. Or hitting something

If that’s you, you’ll be happy to know the new night vision system will arrive soon on the next-generation 2018 Ford F-150 and Mustang due out in the fall.

2018 Ford Mustang V8 GT

2018 ford f-150
Photo Credit: Ford


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