Ford Opens Second F150 Assembly Plant

Following reports of F-150 supply constraints, Ford has announced that its new pickup is now being built at a second factory in the US.

Production has already been running for several months at the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan, and now the Kansas City plant is ramping up assembly after spending 13 weeks retooling and building pre-production units to train employees.

The Missouri facility required $1.1 billion in expansion investment to help build the best-selling nameplate in the US market. More than 900 workers were hired, while 500 new robots handle many operations in the new body shop.

The robots are tasked with completing of the joining operations that are unique to the multi-material construction, installing rivets and applying industrial adhesive. Other robots install roof and door panels, apply paint and then scan the body to spot any imperfections.

“The rollout of the all-new Missouri-made F-150 cements our position as America’s truck manufacturing headquarters and marks a historic moment that has been years in the making,” said Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

The company still has plenty of work ahead to catch up with demand, as the new F-150s have been sitting on dealer lots for an average of just 18 days before finding a new home.

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