Two Ford Recalls: 2017 F-150, 2016 Focus, C-MAX

ford profits safety recalls

Ford is issuing two recalls. One involves a very small number of 2016 Ford Focus and C-MAX vehicles and a larger one involves the 2017 F-150.

2017 Ford F-150 Recall

Ford is recalling 8,000 2017 model year Ford F-150 vehicles over instrument cluster displays that may not work properly after starting up in cold temps. If the display doesn’t light up, driver’s may not be able to see what gear the vehicle is in.  It could also impact other warning lights, chimes and messages.

Ford isn’t aware of any accidents associated with the issue and says it will fix the problem by reprogramming the display.

2016 Ford Focus and C-MAX Recall

Ford is recalling 18 2016 Ford Focus and C-MAX vehicles for a different problem. It involes a structural problem with the front end.

The problem is that “improper left-hand body apron joints” may have reduced front-end structural integrity, increasing the risk of passengers being hurt in a crash. The automaker will inspect and repair left-hand body apron joints located on the floor pan.

The Focus models were built in Michigan between October 26 and 27 of last year. All affected C-MAX vehicles were built in the same location on just one day, October 26, 2016.

Dealers will inspect and repair left-hand body apron joints as required at no cost.

Photo Credit: Ford





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