Ford Reveals First Pursuit-Rated Hybrid Police Car

ford police Hybrid Police Car

Ford is introducing the industry’s first pursuit-rated hybrid police car.

It’s the all-new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan. Based on the Ford Fusion Hybrid, it will offer 38 miles per gallon, a feat which will help police departments save money on fuel. The other plus is that it will mean less time spent at the pump for officers, so they can spend more time out on the street finding bad guys.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the LA Police Department is among the first agencies to have one. Ford unveiled the hybrid police car Tuesday both at Los Angeles Police Headquarters as well as in New York City, just in time for the NYC auto show.


The Fusion-based sedan is, of course, tweaked for police duty. It will have stronger brakes, better engine cooling, and a more rugged suspension system. It will also get added curb protection with skid plates underneath.

The new vehicle will be the first hybrid sedan with full pursuit capabilities. That means the car is certified by police agencies to be tough enough to handle police pursuits for longer periods at different speeds and over obstacles such as curbs and flooded intersections.

The new hybrid police cruiser is the second of 13 new electrified vehicles Ford plans to roll out in the next five years. It can be ordered this spring and will be delivered to police departments nationwide next summer.

Ford’s also come up with this nifty little fact-filled video showing the history of its police car lineup. It traces its police car heritage from the 1950 Mainline sedan through to the 1971 Galaxie and the new 2018 model unveiled this week. Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Ford
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