Ford Serves Up Turkey With Side of Holiday Burnout

turkey ford mustang

“This year, we’re not cooking our holiday bird in a boring old oven.”

Turkey Day might be behind us. But the official crowning of the best cooked turkey remains to be decided. This year, we’re giving the award to Ford. It got its Mustang RTR involved in some very fancy turkey smoking.

Ford reached out to none other than the infamous Vaughn Gittin Jr. to do the honor. In a video spoof  ‘Gittin in the Kitchen,’ he shows us a whole new side of the Mustangs chops. That’s right. He smokes a turkey in the exhaust.

His best line: “Don’t worry about the flames! They’re going to give us that crispy skin we all love.” Well crispy skin might be a preference, but Gitten certainly knows how to make us smile.

The video simultaneously amuses and shows off the Mustang RTR’s beautiful pur. Ford, can you send Gitten and the Mustang to our house for Christmas?

Personally, the Mustang RTR in and of itself really gets hunger going. The beast packs 900-horsepower. Gitten gave the 2016 Competition-Spec model a run earlier this year in the first round of the Formula Drift Championship. He gives it two thumbs up for its “nine-second” drag that turns left and right “on a dime.” Sweet falling off the bone goodness.

The RTR gets its drifting and smoking power from the 436-cubic-inch Ford Performance/Roush Yates Racing engine. It only weighs 2800 lbs. In Turkey talk, about 175 Turkeys with each weighing the Thanksgiving average of 16 pounds.

If you went for the ham this year and the video makes you crave Turkey, no worries. Christmas is right around the corner. But we can’t recommend trying the Gitten style of turkey cooking. (Yes, the flames do concern us.) So check out Kevin’s holiday recipes for the always tasty Late, Great, David Wade’s Turkey in a Bag.

Photo Credit: Ford/Youtube
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