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The towing championship now has a lightweight division.
Ford has claimed the tow rating title among entry-level full-size pickups with its latest V6-powered F-150, which is sure to set off a new round of one-upmanship in the increasingly competitive segment.
The automaker now says its 2013 F-150s fitted with the 302 hp 3.7-liter engine 6,700 pounds, a 600-pound increase over last year reached after analyzing data collected in real world use of the trucks. That’s 200 pounds more than the new V6 Ram 1500 can officially handle and 1,800 pounds more than a V6 Toyota Tundra.
The F-150 can also out haul the entry-level Chevy Silverado by 1,300 pounds, but an all new line of GM trucks is on the way next year.
With a renewed focus on fuel economy, more buyers are looking at the latest generation of small-engine pickups, which use advanced technologies like direct fuel injection to provide a better combination of power and efficiency than in years past.
The most fuel efficient F-150 also has a highway rating of 23 mpg, bettered for now only by the new Ram 1500 powered by a 305 hp 3.6-liter V6 matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission.
Meanwhile in the big leagues, Ford’s more powerful EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6 remains a popular choice among F-150 buyers, boasting the top tow-rating among all light duty pickup trucks at 11,300 pounds while delivering 22 mpg on the highway.
Sure you could’ve had a V8, but do you really need one?


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