Ford Tests Rollover Risk In F-Series Super Duty Test

f-series super duty test rollover

Ford’s just released a new video that might at first leave you wondering what the heck the automaker is doing. But it turns out there is a perfect explanation for it. It’s merely the automaker’s latest F-Series Super Duty test.

For this stability-control test, Ford wanted to see how the truck handles the rigors of the road when a slide-in camper is attached to the top of it. So engineers built a contraption that simulates one and installed it on top.

The goal of all this was to assess rollover risk. Ford wants to make sure the truck doesn’t rollover when you raise the truck’s center of gravity as you do when you add the slide-in camper contraption.

The custom slide-in weighs over 7,500 pounds. The test include lane changes at high and low speeds and slalom runs. Yep. Slalom. Down-hill zigzagging trails like those run by olympic skies.

Check out the video below to see a demo of the testing at Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds.

Photo Credit: Ford
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