Ford’s New Camera Tech Helps SUVs See Around Corners

2015 Ford Edge Camera

Wouldn’t it be a neat trick to see what’s around the corner when we’re driving, even when it’s not in our line of sight? Well, Ford says its new camera tech will give you a peek of what’s coming in the hopes of preventing accidents.

Ford’s new split-view 180-degree cameras allow drivers to see traffic and obstacles that enter the vehicle’s path from the side, or around corners. The automaker has big plans to roll out the new technology across its lineup.

The first cars getting the split-view camera treatment are the 2015 Edge and the 2016 Explorer. The Edge already offers front split-view, and the 2016 Explorer Limited, which is already on sale, comes standard with front and rear split-view cameras. The 2016 Explorer Platinum, which goes on sale soon, will also come standard with front and rear camera systems.

The split-view system works by using a 1-megapixel wide-angle lens cameras in the grille and tailgate. The camera projects real-time images using a tri-panel display on the 8-inch screen. This allows drivers to quickly and clearly discern objects and traffic approaching from straight on and from the sides. Activating the system requires the mere touch of a button and it automatically shuts off when the car exceeds 6.2 mph. Also, this is cool for the kid in you, the little split-view cameras are kept spotless with tiny telescopic jet washers.

Ford plans to offer, at least as an option, split-view cameras on all its SUVs by 2020. Meanwhile, rear-view cameras will be a standard feature across all of the cars in its lineup by 2018. Currently, they’re only standard on the Focus, Fusion, Explorer, Escape, Edge, and Mustang.

Ford also says its next Super Duty truck will offer its most advanced camera yet. The next Super Duty will get fully ridged with up to, count ‘em, seven cameras. The Super Duty is also getting something that Ford calls a digital architecture that, along with all the cameras, will help make it both easier and safer to maneuver. No release date yet for the next generation Super Duty, but it’s expected to arrive in 2017.

With Ford planning to outfit its trucks with all-new camera systems, the new 2016 F-150 won’t be left out either. Ford plans to spruce it up with a five camera system that will cover the side mirrors, grille, and tailgate. These will provide a 360-degree view around the truck. A fifth camera will be behind the rearview mirror allowing for auto adjusting high beams and lane-keeping assist.

In all, Ford projects that, at this pace, it will put more than 2 million new cameras on the road a year.

Photo Credit: Ford
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