Ford’s Next-Gen Self-Driving Fusion Looks Almost Normal

ford fusion autonomous vehicle

Ford is introducing its next-generation self-driving Fusion Hybrid ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show and next month’s Detroit Auto Show. 

It’s a big step forward in both the looks and the technology department. The next-generation models will have more advanced technology, yet less hardware, so they’re not as covered in bulky gadgetry. 

New LiDAR sensors blend with the exterior lines better. Sensors are smaller and more focused. On top of it all, innovations means the car only needs two sensors instead of the last generation’s four. The sensors along with a laser and camera give a 360-degree view around the car of up to nearly two football fields in all directions.

Ford says the technology is closer to being production ready. Ford’s big picture goal is to develop an autonomous ride-hailing fleet by 2021. Michigan is currently the only state that will allow fully-driverless cars without a person actually sitting behind the wheel. But by Ford’s target date, it’s likely more states will be on board. 

For a closer look at the next-generation self-driving Fusion, check out Ford’s new video below.

Photo Credit: Ford
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