Free Vehicle Appraisals From The Sam Pack Dealerships


From time to time, the Sam Pack Auto Group will provide free cash offers to Car Pro Show listeners, so you can get a true value on your vehicle.  This is especially helpful for those who are in the market to trade.  As I say on the air all the time, the online websites are consistently off, both high and low.  I also remind people that a car is worth what someone is willing to write a check for, no more or no less.  This is your opportunity to find out your vehicle’s value in a non-confrontational, quick and easy way.

A couple of years ago we had a listener who got the free appraisal from one of the Sam Pack stores and less than a week later the car was totaled in an accident.  The insurance company offer to settle was almost $2000 less than the Sam Pack appraisal.  The insurance company immediately upped its offer to match and settled the claim.

The free appraisal applies to any make and model, no exclusions. 

5 Sam Pack locations will offer this service until March 18th, 2017.  They are open 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday. 

Here are contacts at each store, and you can get directions at

  • Carrollton- Bobby Richardson, Dennis White or Mike May 972 242-6415. 
  • N Richland Hills– Shawn Maples, Myron Martinez or Josh Ingram 817 498-8838.
  • Lewisville- Donnie Sommers or Amos Bowen. 972 221-2900. 
  • Plano– Brian Rhee or Corey Dalgetty. 972 985 3600.
  • Grapevine- Tony Hooman, Ryan Helinger or David Chenet.  817 438-1700.

Photo Credit: argus/Shutterstock
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