Fun Fact: Jerry Once Owned Austin Powers’ 2002 Shaguar

austin powers 2002 shaguar jaguar

A big Car Pro Happy Birthday shout-out to Austin Powers, aka Mike Myers, on this Wednesday.

You see, we are big fans of the British shag master around here and especially his Union Jack 2002 XK8 “Shaguar”.

Our biggest fan happens to be Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro himself. Reynolds actually once owned the 2002 XK8 Jaguar convertible used in Austin Powers Goldmember. In fact, he was the car’s original post-movie owner. A huge fan of the movie franchise, he bought it in a New Line Cinema online auction in 2002.

“I’m a BIG Austin Powers fan, I’ve seen every movie,” says Reynolds. “I was very excited to see the car online for auction.”

It came with a mere 200 miles on it, along with New Line’s official letter of authenticity. After he bought it, it needed a little bit of work.

“Although it only had 200 miles on it, I had to put new tires and brakes on it before it could be driven,” says Reynolds. “They shot the opening scene so many times, the brakes were shot and the tires had flat spots.  After that, it was fine.”

Reynolds didn’t drive it much, and when he did it was usually in a parade. So it mainly sat on his showroom floor when he was a Ford dealer in Dallas-Fort Worth and they allowed charities to charge people to take pictures with it. (The car was so popular Jaguar XK8 sales shot up 73% in the U.S. after the movie came out.) Reynolds sold it to Sam Pack in 2005, and it now sits in the Pack Automotive Museum.

The car is basically a stock XK with a few embellishments. For instance, every spy needs a button to deploy machine guns and pop up the bullet-proof shield.

There were three Jags made for the film. Each was unique and you could tell them apart if you looked closely at the Union Jack paint scheme because each varied slightly.

On Jerry’s model, the inside passenger side white stripe goes past the hood edge, exposing a little of the blue color past the hood and fender. Also, the chrome bezel surrounding the passenger side headlamp covers up most of the red stripe areas. On the other models you would see a lot more red.

Here are the car’s other spy stats:

  • VIN Number:  SAJDA42C92NA25356
  • Exterior Color:  Red, White & Blue
  • Convertible Top:   Black Canvas
  • Interior Trim:  Charcoal Leather
  • Engine: 4.0 Litre Jaguar 32-Valve DOHC V-8
  • Horsepower: 290 hp
  • 10.75:1 Compression
  • Transmission:  5-Speed Automatic Console Shift

 austin powers 2002 shaguar jaguar


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